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  1. ((12345.678*1000) mod 1000) - (1+2+4)
  2. The twentieth triangle number plus the number of yards in one quarter of a mile.
  3. I don't think this tablet can USB charge (it's an older model). I will be trying again on Friday or Saturday. It's charged now but I don't have it with me.
  4. and the saga continues...I downloaded the ubuntu package directly to the tablet....and the battery died. I don't have the charger with me either!
  5. oh so frustrating! I wrote to tabletexpress and they said "it's too old we don't MAKE a driver". So then I loaded Ubuntu on a virtual machine on my laptop. UBUNTU CAN'T SEE IT EITHER.
  6. Well so far I've gotten someone else to root it, downloaded the jdk and android sdk -- and now I'm stuck because windows won't recognize the tablet. Wrote to the manufacturer to see if they have a good USB driver.
  7. I doubt very much that the processor is x86 (although I am going to find out). Steam has an Ubuntu version -- but I guess that's steam, not necessarily the "games" of steam. Sounds like if I new QEMU I should use KVM as well. But if I have to go to all that trouble, shouldn't I just emulate Windows instead?
  8. So, I'm about to start on a grand adventure. Seeing how it's me, this may take a long time. However, I could use some input. I have an Android table (a couple years old) that I plan to root, then load Ubuntu onto. With luck (and time) I should have a working instance of Ubuntu. Then (according to various sources) I should be able to run Tile World and Steam on it. And voila! I can play CC on my tablet!!!!! So, the things that I have yet to figure out: 1. Can I find a root kit? 2. Is my tablet good enough to handle this? 3. Does Ubuntu have a virtual keyboard? 4. There is no four, but, you know (if you don't know then you haven't known me long enough). So, any info?
  9. Well if I HAD a cool thousand to spend on a handheld (and any clue how compile tileworld) I might be tempted. Pretty awesome though. If I had any time I suppose I could read through the tileworld source code, but I tried this before and just got super-confuzzled. And I'm older now so the synapses are even slower. It would be awesome (and probably will never happen) if you could just have a table with object type, movable, pushable, interaction rules, etc. Maybe next life I will come back in 1992 and start working on it.
  10. I actually know the answer to that puzzle. I hope someone posts a let's play trying to figure it out. :-)
  11. Okay, so far I've only converted CC1-type levels and added some wiring and custom walls/floors. HOWEVER I am starting to warm to the new elements and I WILL be using them going forward. SO Keep your eyes open and I will put out some new levels EVENTUALLY. Meanwhile, I'm having fun figuring all this stuff out. I hope you are as well.
  12. Shortstop - 2nd Base - Catcher TRIPLE PLAY! Did you see that!?
  13. The end that I "think" we all want is an emulator that will do what CC2 now does on Steam, in case we ever lose Steam. Keeping the existing MS, Lynx and Pedantic modes as-is seems completely reasonable, as you can then play any set in its intended mode. Of course what I REALLY want is a version I can play on a hand-held (even if that means a PSP with Unix). I know playing on my phone (even my Windows phone) is just not realistic -- which makes me sad but is understandable. If there were a way to make Tile World extensible that would be awesome, but I understand that's a horse of a completely different color. I also understand that adding CC2-items to TileWorld is a large undertaking...one that I don't have the time or understanding to manage.
  14. There are certainly ways to make them "start NEAR the exit" levels. I don't suppose you can place an exit beneath a pink toggle door and then set Chip on top of it?
  15. Now available as a playable levelset! Plus I updated the second teeth (the important one) in LIGHT ANSWER.
  16. "And I just discovered something else: you can actually win instantly if you start on the exit!" Well that breaks "Start at the End" - type levels, doesn't it?
  17. so a little feedback: 1. My aren't we annoying with the oobleck? Good level! 2. Daaaaaang. Good idea but hard to navigate. 3. Well I didn't WANT to learn how to use the hook, but I did. 4. Love it! A Chip cloner! 5. Ehhhhhhxcellent! Nice use of key on door.
  18. somehow I played these in alphabetical order. Here's my feedback so far: 1. access denied - got bored and quite 2. airport security - good idea I haven't figured out the sequence yet 3. be the block - neat concept 4. black shield - holy crap....but a nice idea 5. niko, let's go bowline - I can only say I have no idea how the second ball found a bomb.
  19. (3+3)*(10*10)+(3+3)*5+(3+3+3)-1
  20. http://static.tumblr.com/9sadqdj/Lm6lhcizo/616_noose.jpeg
  21. Possum Kingdom by the Toadies Sweet Holy Spirit by New World son Skin Trade by Duran Duran
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