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  1. Steam TileWorld Android and Ubuntu

    Well so far I've gotten someone else to root it, downloaded the jdk and android sdk -- and now I'm stuck because windows won't recognize the tablet. Wrote to the manufacturer to see if they have a good USB driver.
  2. Steam TileWorld Android and Ubuntu

    I doubt very much that the processor is x86 (although I am going to find out). Steam has an Ubuntu version -- but I guess that's steam, not necessarily the "games" of steam. Sounds like if I new QEMU I should use KVM as well. But if I have to go to all that trouble, shouldn't I just emulate Windows instead?
  3. Well if I HAD a cool thousand to spend on a handheld (and any clue how compile tileworld) I might be tempted. Pretty awesome though. If I had any time I suppose I could read through the tileworld source code, but I tried this before and just got super-confuzzled. And I'm older now so the synapses are even slower. It would be awesome (and probably will never happen) if you could just have a table with object type, movable, pushable, interaction rules, etc. Maybe next life I will come back in 1992 and start working on it.
  4. Feedback thread gm5

    I actually know the answer to that puzzle. I hope someone posts a let's play trying to figure it out. :-)
  5. I promise I will do better

    Okay, so far I've only converted CC1-type levels and added some wiring and custom walls/floors. HOWEVER I am starting to warm to the new elements and I WILL be using them going forward. SO Keep your eyes open and I will put out some new levels EVENTUALLY. Meanwhile, I'm having fun figuring all this stuff out. I hope you are as well.
  6. Count to 1,000

    Shortstop - 2nd Base - Catcher TRIPLE PLAY! Did you see that!?
  7. The end that I "think" we all want is an emulator that will do what CC2 now does on Steam, in case we ever lose Steam. Keeping the existing MS, Lynx and Pedantic modes as-is seems completely reasonable, as you can then play any set in its intended mode. Of course what I REALLY want is a version I can play on a hand-held (even if that means a PSP with Unix). I know playing on my phone (even my Windows phone) is just not realistic -- which makes me sad but is understandable. If there were a way to make Tile World extensible that would be awesome, but I understand that's a horse of a completely different color. I also understand that adding CC2-items to TileWorld is a large undertaking...one that I don't have the time or understanding to manage.
  8. There are certainly ways to make them "start NEAR the exit" levels. I don't suppose you can place an exit beneath a pink toggle door and then set Chip on top of it?
  9. OK so now it's time -- what can be improved on these levels so far?
  10. OracleOfLight Feedback thread

    Now available as a playable levelset! Plus I updated the second teeth (the important one) in LIGHT ANSWER.
  11. "And I just discovered something else: you can actually win instantly if you start on the exit!" Well that breaks "Start at the End" - type levels, doesn't it?
  12. Flareon1 feedback & discussion thread

    so a little feedback: 1. My aren't we annoying with the oobleck? Good level! 2. Daaaaaang. Good idea but hard to navigate. 3. Well I didn't WANT to learn how to use the hook, but I did. 4. Love it! A Chip cloner! 5. Ehhhhhhxcellent! Nice use of key on door.
  13. "Bronze" (CC2 set) feedback thread

    somehow I played these in alphabetical order. Here's my feedback so far: 1. access denied - got bored and quite 2. airport security - good idea I haven't figured out the sequence yet 3. be the block - neat concept 4. black shield - holy crap....but a nice idea 5. niko, let's go bowline - I can only say I have no idea how the second ball found a bomb.
  14. Count to 1,000

  15. Count to 1,000

  16. Count to 1,000

    (25 + 1)(25 - 1)
  17. Count to 1,000

  18. What song are you listening to right now?

    Possum Kingdom by the Toadies Sweet Holy Spirit by New World son Skin Trade by Duran Duran
  19. Count to 1,000

  20. Count to 1,000

  21. Count to 1,000

    thirty-score and two
  22. Hurt and Hurt

    Aleph [6] Beta [4] Chesire [5] Cthulhu [5] Dinosaur [6] Elephant [4] Felicitations [8] Gorgon [8] Heffalump [9] Juvenile [5] Kilt [3] Layette [7] Matron [4] Mnemonic [6] Outer [8] Physics [5] Pituitary [3] Pneumonia [5] -2 Quiet [8] Risome [0] -1 DEAD Sour [5] Science [10] Shield [10] Stool [6] Tap [5] Thought [6] Trill [5] Under [4] Vaporize [9] Xyzzy [5] Yellow [10] Zephyr [7]
  23. Count to 1,000

    555 + 5(5+555/185)
  24. Oracle Of Light

    Version 0.5.5


    This is a CC2 levelset. Enjoy!
  25. Hurt and Hurt

    Aleph [6] Beta [4] Caliph [2] Chesire [5] Cthulhu [6] Dinosaur [6] Elephant [4] Felicitations [8] Gorgon [8] -2 Heffalump [9] Juvenile [5] Kilt [3] Layette [7] Matron [4] Mnemonic [6] Novel [0] -1 DEAD Outer [8] Physics [5] Pituitary [3] Pneumonia [9] Psychic [2] Qatar [1] Quiet [8] Risome [3] Sour [5] Science [10] Shield [10] Stool [6] Tap [5] Thought [6] Trill [5] Under [4] Vaporize [9] Weak [1] Xyzzy [5] Yellow [10] Zephyr [7]