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    Never played, but I can't deny its endurability. I prefer Mario or Yugioh.
  2. I only use the mouse on that one CC1 level where it makes the dodging timing perfect.
  3. Just replayed my solution in Lynx -- never had to dodge a fireball at all. I think you're taking the wrong approach. Remember walkers are predictable in Lynx.
  4. Granted, but CCLP1 is easy for everyone else except you. I wish my levels were more aesthetically pleasing.
  5. Do not remember that. Never die in the pink balls.
  6. I don't remember this being too bad. The insane part to me was figuring out the bridge. Once I got that it was okay. Maybe you did a different solution?
  7. oops -- that was weird. Okay I pick Magic Trick. Granny Smith or HoneyCrisp??
  8. Monopoly! I never win at clue. Tangerines or Clementines?
  9. What sort of format do you need to create an animated smiley? Is it gif? Don't remember if I still have a gif animator....
  10. geodave

    CC Lynx site

    Still in development, but here's the link: http://geodave.webatu.com/cclynx.html
  11. Well, there's that freaky six-fingered picture on the commercial break on Fringe. Also, I knew a guy who was born with 12 but they amputated the extras as a kid. From what I understand it's a dominant gene, so eventually it may disappear completely. Once it's gone it's gone forever. And I believe one of Goliath's cousins had 12....
  12. geodave3.dat is completed. 99 levels submitted for CCLP1. A large number are pedantic. Levels that do not make CCLP1 may reappear in geodave4.ccl, if I deem them worthy. I will probably rework some older levels for that levelset. I also have some tribute/sequel levels that will be there. You can get geodave3.dat at Yahoo! groups or http://geodave.webatu.com/geodave3.dat
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