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  1. Okay I didn't read EVERYTHING above, so I might be repeating some stuff.

    Let's get creative with the name...like CC2 Ragnarok.

    169 levels is my vote.

    100x100 no. 100x4 sure. Limit the total area to 2000 tiles.

    CC1 boots is probably a bad idea.

    10x10 viewport. Let's be CC2.

    I also would consider split-screen levels.

    Weird tiles okay...but severly limited.


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  2. Alternately, couldn't it be possible that life used to exist, but the conditions that permitted it to exist long ago became unstable and disappeared?


    Highly likely. But it's also possible that life is all over the place, but doesn't possess the technology to contact us.

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  3. Here is my review of this set.



    Acropolis review:
    1. As Two Paths Become One.
    I loved this level!  Beyond the (unintentional?) Spice Girls reference, it's just a good CC level.  Fairly easy (I gave it a 2), but nicely combining basic CC concepts with an interesting twist.  And exit under a block is still fun, if not clever any more.  5
    2. Twin Pines Mall.
    It's difficult to follow a level I really liked, but I've played this level before and never really ?liked it.  I've just seen so many Pigeon-Holes-style levels, and this one isn't as good as others.  Sorry. 2
    3. The Fourth Dimension.
    Here is the first case where my ?initial impression was wrong.  I got frustrated with mty fingers and blew by this level the first time, giving it a 3.  It's actually rather clever and a good little maze.  I'll be updating my scores on this one.  4
    4. Triplicate
    Excellent use of thin walls.  Nice use of the number 3 throughout.  Reasonable and interesting to solve.  5
    5. Frozen Pipelines
    I.C.You meets Kinetic Aesthetic.  How can I argue with that?  5
    6. Divinding
    I swear I did not AUTOMATICALLY assume the author of this level and grade accordingly.  HOWEVER, this is a terrible level.  1
    7. Milliardaire
    A weird little level that feels suspiciously like a Treasury Hunt creation.  Nothing terrible but nothing redeeming.  3
    8. Running for the Toggle Switch
    I'll admit I can't quite solve this one -- it looks straightforward enough, but if the title is to be believed, I cannot execute the solution.  And I don't see any other solution.  4
    9. Serving Fast Food
    Too hard to execute, too easy to die.  Concept isn't bad but just too frustrating.  2
    10.  Old Fashion
    Well, it is an old-fashioned maze, all right.  And well executed.  4
    11. Conveyor Craze
    An interesting take of ROAD SIGN on crack.  A wee bit frustrating, but that's okay.  4
    12. Tropical Paradise
    A fun little jaunt.  4
    13. Traffic Control
    Not completely clear on how to complete this.  Seems ok.  3
    14. The Crossing of the Styx
    A little tricky to not kill the teeth, or letting it kill me.  An interesting challenge.  4
    15. Don't Stop
    A little twist on BEWARE OF BUG.  You read the hint you probably die the first time, but once you get it it's easy.  3
    16. Comparing
    Not exactly sure WHAT I'm comparing, or if this was designed by the King of Ing, but it's okay.  A little too much "move or die" for me.  3
    17. Panic Pushing
    OK, I have a really strong dislike of levels with a Joyride in them.  That put me off right away.  There's no way to go back and recover on this level.  Not a horrific level, but not exactly a fun one.  2
    18.  Riding
    The worst of both worlds.  A ridiculous Joyride and a level ending in Ing.  Oh, and just to make things MORE awful, and really stupid time limit.  1
    19.  Exconnunicated
    Oh what a relief after the previous level!  I've played this particular level many times before and it continues to be a delight.  I don't know if Tyler invented the block removal device at the start but this is the first place I ever saw it.  Excellent.  5
    20.  Exchangement Palace
    Not sure "exchangement" is a word, but I don't "sustainment" is either and they use it in my industry.  At least there are no "masonary columes" to worry about.  This is a fairly standard swapping and maze level.  3
    21.  Pursued by Shadows
    Took me a while to get the hang of this one, but I give it merit for being interesting.  If it makes it in it'll take me a long time to complete because I just don't have the dexterity any more.  4
    22. Cool Box
    Pretty Cool!  Also a pretty ?interesting puzzle with some fun red herrings.  5
    23. The Boss
    I hated this level the first two times I played it.  Still do.  Stupid teeth.  1
    24. Molasses and Black Marker
    An interesting game, Professor.  The only winning move is not to play.  But I played anyway and I'm intrigued.  5
    25.  Closed Track
    I thought this was going to be another of those stupid "don't use up too many popup walls" levels, but surprisingly it isn't.  It's a much more interesting little puzzle.  4
    26. Honor Among Thieves
    A clone of Thief, You've Taken All That Was Me this is not.  But it is fun.  5
    27. Union
    Well the hint is quite clear.  If I could just execute it!  Nicely done.  5
    28. Minor Infection
    I found this one to be initially quite anooying, but it got a bit better.  3
    29. Thinner
    Ah, the keytrade level.  Not bad.  4
    30. Who Ate My Blue Key
    Nice.  Challenging but interesting.  5
    31. Better Safe Than...
    I liked this one.  Nice little puzzle -- not too complex but interesting.  5
    32. Chocolate Covered Chocolate
    Well, I like the title.  And most of the rest of it.  Just didn't put me over the top.  4
    33. Sequence 2
    It appears that this is actually impossible in Lynx.  1
    34. Forest Guarian's Maze
    Change the title to Gate Guardian's Maze and I'll give it a 5.  Meanwhile, it's pretty good.  4
    35. Ball in an Awkward Place
    Love the title!  Also love the level.  So fun.  5
    36. Incisive Paragon
    If Memory serves, there have been many such levels in the past.  This one is another one.  3
    37. Slacker
    Yes I am; thanks for noticing!  Pretty interesting.  4
    38. Sokomaze
    So basically an Oracle level with bits of Warehouse and bombs.  Cool.  5
    39.  Galaxies
    Oh the bouncing!  Not a bad design but I'm not shouting either.  4
    40.  Overload
    Nice to see a walker level that's actually fun!  5
    41. Keys to the Kingdom
    A fun combination of ideas.  4
    42. Rew
    Totally designed to make me angry.  1
    43. So Close...
    Well that was fun.  5
    44. Impulse
    A clever level layout. 4
    45. In the Line of Fire
    Not really sure what to do here, but really annoyed.  2
    46. Keyrithmetic
    Well there's key swaping.  3
    47. Silicon Mine
    Silicon Yours.  Can't we all just get along?  4
    48. Reflecting
    Don't exactly LIKE this level, but it's pretty well done.  4
    49. Twilight Harbor
    Feels suspiciously like that level with the unpronouncable name.  4
    50  R.A.I.D. Array
    RAID never lived up to its hype.  Neither did this level.  2


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  4. I personally think this is a great idea. I would play it, and I think you leading the project makes perfect sense. It would probably NOT have much impact on cclp4, as most people can separate the two I would think. I'd recommend laying the groundwork now and opening submissions in a couple months, maybe near the end of cclp4 voting. I don't have much time to help, but I'll help if I can.

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