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  1. geodave
    Just finished voting on CCLP4. And by "finished" I mean finished with the first round. I intend to go back and update.
    Some basics:
    1. I don't have to finish a level to rate it. This explains why I finished first. Finishing levels can be very time consuming. If I can't figure out what the level is about in a few tries, I mark it with 3s and move on.
    2. Any level I've played before may not get played at all before voting. I probably already know how I feel about it.
    3. A level ending in ing is scored with great skepticism. If you don't know why...lucky you.
    4. I didn't rate all of my own levels a 5...wait, maybe I did. I took care to submit only levels I personally thought were very fun this time around.
    Given enough time, I'll go back and perhaps update my votes, but they are good enough if I don't.
  2. geodave
    I guess it did take a year but now CCLP4 is sort of happening yay.
    Also I'm getting much more into cc2. The tutorial challenge was awesome!
    My personal life has gotten to be quite the complicated thing (more than usual...) but I am starting to free up a little time here and there. As the year goes on I should be around a little more often.
    Anything in CC2 you wish was there but isn't? Someday we may have a tileworld version of CC2...might be able to enhance it a bit. Or maybe Chuck will take suggestions (which will probably end up in Chuck's Challenge).
    Anyway -- when do we vote????
  3. geodave
    I know, I know. You're all on steam.
    But this is exactly what I (and possibly J.B.) was talking about. We "put off" CCLP4 and suddenly interest in good ol' Charlie Brown, I mean Chip's Challenge, loses the interest of people.
    OK, so we can take a bit more time enjoying the fabulous release of CC2. (The luster is sort of fading for me personally.) But the truth is still true -- we have LITERALLY THOUSANDS of levels that would be good candidates for CCLP4.
    Can we at least THINK about starting on this thing?
    Let's not wait another year. Or two.
  4. geodave
    So we are just about to the end of releasing the voting packs. Voting will remain open for a while, but seriously, will anyone vote after Halloween?
    So, the next piece of this puzzle is to narrow down the levels to a couple hundred. Then the staff will duel with swords to determine what makes it in and what doesn't. Okay, pistols at 50 paces.
    Honestly, we have a big task in front of us. We want something with decent lesson levels, a nice, reasonable difficulty curve (with occasional respite), and fun levels. But we also want to be sure this thing isn't too easy, either.
    So, needless to say, this will lead to a lively debate internally. Those of you who aren't on staff -- first, thanks for reading my blog, and second, we'll try to keep you all out of it. Sometimes we get intense defending what we believe in. And fortunately for the set, we don't all agree with each other.
    For example, I like mazes. But I don't like invisible walls --- AT ALL. So when there's an invisible wall maze showing up I may not like it, but if the rest of the staff does it will probably get in. As long as we get a good variety of fun levels that's what really counts.
    So, let's finish up voting and start the hard work, shall we?
  5. geodave
    Okay, so I've played through about half the packs, and generally I start at 4 and go up and down from there. An atrocious level may still get a 2 from me, because I'm nice like that. However, a few levels left such a bad taste in my mouth that they got the "kiss of death". As follows:
    Yoshi Coal Mine -- Flouncy Level 8
    I found this level exceedingly dull and tedious. It's not complicated, but it has really no redeeming value. I've made plenty of levels like this and I'm not proud.
    Water Slide -- Flouncy Level 44
    These slide-type levels are not my favorites to begin with, but this one in particular is annoyingly hard. I think we do need some TORTURE CHAMBER-style levels, but not this one.
    Finding -- Giraffe Level 18 and Puzzling -- Helmet Level 29
    Okay, this was mostly just on principle. However, I have played these levels before and yes, I hated them then also.
    Death Box -- Giraffe Level 32
    Could not figure this out. Seems like a re-hash of "Commit Suicide?" with no solution. I'm sure it's there somewhere, I was just not interested in figuring it out.
    Blocked Block -- Lipstick Level 13
    This level is, for me, completely unsolvable. And not in a good MORTON "there's some trick to this right?" kind of way.
    The Inner Plague -- Vermillion Level 23
    Flareon -- Dragon Level 6
    Really? Pokémon? I mean, it's not even a fun level to play.
    Teknopathetic -- Roadcone Level 42
    Honestly, this is supposedly a great level. I could not get off the start tile in Lynx. It passed testing, so I'm sure it's possible, but if my old fingers cannot manage it, then it has a BA of 0 and that's just how it is.
    In conclusion, I judge levels based almost solely on how I feel about them, rather than some external list of features or requirements. So, if you happen to make me ill, you will feel my wrath.
  6. geodave
    As we recognize the 20th anniversary of Chip's Challenge in MS, and the 10th anniversary of CCLP2, we also see the birth of Chuck's Challenge. We all hope that it will be everything CC2 was supposed to be, and more.
    It's been 1½ years since CCLP3 came into existence, and likely another year until CCLP1 is ready for the world. And, if we can figure out how, there should be a remix of CCLP2 that you can play in Lynx later this year.
    So, with so much to talk about, why isn't anybody talking? The blogs have dried up! Doesn't anyone read blogs anymore? I seriously do not get this Twitter thing.
    Anyway, with so many revenge levels out there now, I'm wondering if we should plan a CCLPEVIL or something. Even pieguy would be challenged!
    Also, the Treasure Hunter is a great idea, but maybe there's another competition thought out there. Any ideas?
  7. geodave
    Shortly after I finished playing CCLP3, I started calling for CCLP4. Larry, in his infinite wisdom, said (and I'm paraphrasing) "Slow down there, young Newly! You don't wanna go off half-cocked."
    In the intervening years we got a very nice set put together (CCLP1), and it resolved the "we must do SOMETHING" feeling inside me. However....
    Now we are at a bit of a crossroads. It takes at least a year to make a set. We went four years between CCLP3 and CCLP1. That is the outside limit in my mind.
    If we don't make a plan now, THIS YEAR, then CCLP4 will languish like CCLP3 did, and it'll take new "annoying boys" to get it going again.
    So, let's "DO SOMETHING!!!"
  8. geodave
    Okay, so for the last few days y'all have been making me look bad because, oh wait, I HAVE A LIFE. Well, a job anyway.
    Chip's Challenge 2 is pretty fun so far, but I'm only about a third through so we'll see.
    I would imagine that the call for new level packs will come in time. Some of you have already finished all 200 levels. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?
    I really hope we see some way to import levels into the editor, or make complete level packs in another tool.
    In the meantime, there is no reason to drop CCLP4. It might, in fact, play a supplementary role to CC2. People play all the level packs and say "isn't there more than this?" YES THERE IS.
  9. geodave
    Okay, so far I've only converted CC1-type levels and added some wiring and custom walls/floors.
    I am starting to warm to the new elements and I WILL be using them going forward.
    Keep your eyes open and I will put out some new levels
    Meanwhile, I'm having fun figuring all this stuff out. I hope you are as well.
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