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  1. The 2X was too hard to use.  However, I have recently been convinced that we should convert the CCLP4 levels to CC2 rules.  I'm working on geodave4.  The hardest part is button wiring.  Also you have to redo all the cloners because they lose direction info after conversion.


    My levels are not dependent on ms or lynx glitches, so not much of an issue there.  I'm pretty sure I'll need to change one level because it's too dependent on initial creature movement.  I needed to do that anyway.


    If we can get a majority of designers on board we could move forward with "CC2 The Challenge Continues", or whatever we want to call this set.

  2. I second and third the variety point.  The fact that you and I almost never agree on what levels we like is a GOOD THING.  In the original CC it never seemed like you were playing two similar levels (except TOTALLY UNFAIR -- and that had a point.)  We need to strive for that kind of variety.  We don't need super-complex levels like those in CCLP3, but we do need to present the player with all the vast possibilities available from what is really a pretty small starting set of game functions. 

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