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  1. Walls of CCLP3 discussion

    I liked the time limit and the teeth/hidden wall concept- was actually pretty fun. The level 9 hint is reachable- flippers to green key to hint. And you're correct that blocks were added, but meh- slightly loose adaptation, I guess?
  2. IHNN's scores

    CCLP4 (Lynx) 81 Estranged for a Season 275 82 Puzzle Box [891] 84 Forsythia 386 85 Nectar Meadow 426 86 Cyprus 294 88 Empty Rooms 277 89 Diametric Opposition 343 90 Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy 384 91 How to Retune Your Harp 363 92 Fire Is My Enemy 422 93 Bombs Are a Beautiful Thing 363 94 Ditchdigger 481 95 Ravaged 491 96 Lean Thinking [813] 97 Lockdown 258 98 Clay Tunnel 456 99 Ice Cavern 283 100 One Tank's Adventure 819 101 Condo Management 394 102 The Key Issue 304 103 Malachite 546 104 Dual 178 105 Living Things 401 106 Gridlock 233 (b) 107 Combinations [875] 108 Scatterbrained 480 109 Shemozzle 19 (b) 3,463,990 So, I may have played a lot more of the set tonight.
  3. IHNN's scores

    CCLP1 (MS) 116: 521 (+1, bc) [Communism of Routes] 6,005,930 (143 bolds) CCLP4 (Lynx) 72 Sewerway 341 73 Sealed Doors in the Spacecraft 247 74 Technopathic 314 75 Unmitigated Hint Factory Disaster 412 (b) 76 Flow State 380 77 Brick Block Facility 489 78 Aquatic Ruins 467 79 Spring 352 80 Monster Swapper 282 2,237,970
  4. IHNN's scores

    CCLP4 (Lynx) 57 Bisection 426 58 Ruinous Plaza 299 59 Blockpick 319 60 Flippant 196 61 Blue Tooth 522 62 Block Unpuzzle 318 63 Pneumatic Diversity Vents 485 64 Excuse Me 291 65 Duplex 532 66 Anaconda 264 (b) 67 Nuclear Energy for Dummies 291 68 Cold Fusion Reactor [963] (b+3) 69 Ball in an Awkward Place 386 70 Science Museum 333 71 Puuf 175 (I swear I reported this ages ago, back when I got the bold in MS at least...) 1,863,130 Even more casual scores.
  5. IHNN's scores

    CCLP4 (Lynx) 44 Blobfield 390 45 Seven Layer Salad 335 46 Exclusive Or 217 47 Antidisruptive Caves 347 48 Key Insight 272 49 Block Parking [861] 50 Secret Underground Society 308 51 Ice in a Blender 342 52 It Suits the Purpose 57 53 Protect Your Fortress 275 54 Split Path 190 55 If I Ran the Zoo 491 56 Fireworks Factory 509 1,372,010 Bunch more casual scores because I should finish this.
  6. IHNN's scores

    CCLP4 (MS) 069: 399 (+1, b) [Timesaver in an Awkward Place] 6,088,360 (83 bolds)
  7. IHNN's scores

    CCLP4 (MS) 068: [980] (+12, b+4) [Cold Fusion Reactor] 6,088,350 (82 bolds)
  8. Other puzzle game recommendations

    I would be very surprised, given the past dominance of Flash, if nobody created a tool designed to run Flash specifically in environments that don't directly support it.
  9. I promised I'd post this on the 1st but forgot oops. Anyway, my attention has been split slightly lately, with people visiting (hi Jessi, hi James, hi Shane) and I figure better late than never on this. Anyway, CC2 has this lovely feature called splitscreen multiplayer. It's horribly underused. Let's fix that somewhat. Guidelines: 1. The level should be new, at the very least I shouldn't have seen it before. 2. The level must use the splitscreen feature of CC2. 3. The level does not have to be solvable but must have some sort of goal. If it's not solvable, a hint stating this in the level would be appreciated. Some non-solvable ideas can include a sort of versus mode, a race, even just trying to survive. Be creative! 4. The deadline is September 3rd, 11:59 PM or whenever I post the submitted levels, whichever is later. I'll give feedback on any obvious busts or flaws I see when submitted, but otherwise won't be giving thoughts until judging. 5. Submit your levels to either my Discord (IHNN#3459) or email (jbardonjr [at] charter [dot] net). There is no limit on the number of submissions, as non-solvable ideas may work better in a small set with several maps for that idea. 6. The levels will be played by me and my brother, who goes by 263739 here. You might remember him as the creator of TOTALLY RANDOM MAZE, and some of the potential ideas outlined above were inspired by things he's done. I look forward to seeing what gets created here!
  10. Gimmick Isle

    The hint is, in fact, a hint, and the socket is necessary to solve the level. With what you know about the items in the level, is there any way to expend less resources than you have been? As for the yellow keys, the extra one is just that: extra, as part of the puzzle in the area to determine how to collect enough.
  11. Propaganda

    "If I use the block, I render the block unusable for detonating the bomb up top." "I don't see any other way to detonate that bomb, so I need to save the block." "If I use the tank, then the tank turns around when I hit the blue button" These 3 statements are all true. And yet, there is a solution to this seeming paradox. Further hint in the spoiler tag and exact answer nested deeper.
  12. How many CC Steam players are there?

    I suspect the majority of that is the nostalgia for the Windows version combined with a general unawareness that Tile World exists- it's not hard to find if you look, but for most people trying to play Chip's Challenge again after decades, they'd probably be satisfied with the Steam version. Especially given that the Windows version doesn't work on modern systems. It's just easier to grab the Steam version for cheap than try troubleshooting an exe from the early 90s or try to find an alternative.
  13. IHNN's scores

    CCLP1 (MS) 127: 422 (+1, bc I guess?) [In the Public Bold Route Thanks to Kacper for pieguy-proofing the level no seriously also I can't wait to see what you come up with for Lynx) 6,005,920 (143 bolds)
  14. is level creation a form of art?

    Yes. There's absolutely no way that it's not an art or form of expression- otherwise, everyone doing it would be making very very similar things. And even within common design tropes and variety levels, there's still a huge variance between designers. No. If I'm feeling bleh I'm not trying to make levels. I'm doing something that's either relatively mindless, or takes all my focus to attempt to complete. Not usually but every once in a while something I've recently done or said or heard just makes me pause and say "wow, that would be a great level title". Obviously there are stories involved with some levels- both in the creation process and in the game-sense that there's a *story* for Chip to be progressing through. Some entire sets have been made around that idea.
  15. Any way to make monsters skate?

    Wires can't be placed on ice, and so would require replacing more ice. Likewise, gliders can reverse on ice but not turn as was originally asked.