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  1. Man, Christmas Armament from UC6 would have been perfect for this
  2. Count to 1,000

  3. Unsolvable Level Reports

    http://chipschallenge.wikia.com/wiki/Controller_and_Boss_Glitch And for this specific case, it's actually outlined on the wiki page for the level. http://chipschallenge.wikia.com/wiki/Go_Back_to_Start
  4. IHNN's scores

    CCLP4 (MS) 100: 911 (+18, b+18) [One Tank's Adventure] 6,087,930 (81 bolds) No, I'm not making this up.
  5. IHNN's scores

    CCLP4 (MS) 068: [968] (+28, b-8) [Cold Fusion Reactor] 128: 517 (+70, b+11) [Mindless Self-Indulgence] 137: [862] (+6, b-6) [The Wrongest Track] 6,087,750 (81 bolds) I got bored and played out a loose route (no map shenanigans, just playing the level and developing a route) for Cold Fusion Reactor a week ago. Then I played The Longest Track once to try an idea a couple days ago- I do lose 4 moves to being dumb in that 862, but I since it's not bold, I don't care. Then MSI lol.
  6. AndrewR1 feedback and discussion

    Yes, for the 579 I only flicked off of the bottom thin walls. Using the socket path and all keys, I just played out an unoptimized 427. I did run into an issue after getting the green key of how to get back to the NW room, but again resolved that with a flick (onto the water at 2, 8). With how few options there are at any given point, I'm pretty sure this is the intended solution unless there's something subtle I overlooked: but with the NW room, you either need to save the flippers (impossible given thieves) or flick. And you're correct that certain cyclic indicators can work for each of the ice slides where a monster can appear from offscreen, with no luck at all- but developing that cue can require subjecting yourself to lucky timing, most notably at the beginning with the fireballs. Further- a few of the cycles do change slightly over time due to slide delay, albeit only in small ways that fix themselves.
  7. AndrewR1 feedback and discussion

    Enduring only requires one collision- step left, then up 3, then right until you're 2R3U from the clone button, then down 4 and right. Then you can go make a loop wherever for the 5 gliders and wait out the mechanism. I was looking at Misdirecting under the assumption that it was meant to be solvable in Lynx, and trying to find a solution that broke as few Lynx rules as possible, so I could easily have missed something about the end stages of the level. In fact, on looking again I see exactly what I overlooked and how to solve the level (my intended path play got up to the element room, and the remaining steps aren't too bad). So, for the intended solution- I don't like the blind ice slide across the fireball room (though it's at the start so it's okay I guess) and I really don't like the slide to get the fire boots, as there is an element of lucky timing to it. Most of the level is kind of just... there. I do very much like the green key room and seemingly irrelevant socket, as that's a pretty neat interaction with the ice.
  8. AndrewR1 feedback and discussion

    So, 3 new levels... Enduring is either a clever puzzle to find the solution, or completely busted, as I was able to find a way to stop the cloning. Syncing is a level that suffers from taking up the entire map. The central dodging section is neat, but the long winding hallways wear thin, and the recessed wall above the blue lock is an unneeded and potentially cheap trap- though with the low time limit, choosing wrong would lead to failure anyway... Misdirecting doesn't seem to be doable in Lynx, unless I've missed something major. At the flippers, you can't take them in Lynx (you can in MS) and appear to be stuck in the second room with the teeth/fireballs without them. Also in MS, you can get the green key early using a flick and bust the level, with which I obtained a time of 579. I'm also unsure of how to approach this without the bust. Other Lynx issues I spotted are, well, the element room (which isn't guesswork this time, as what you can observe forces flippers+fire!) where the chip can't be collected in Lynx.
  9. Ultimate Chip 5

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  12. IHNN-Ultimate

  13. Slightly Less Secret Project Progress: 50%. Making good pace.

  14. IHNN's scores

    CCLP4 (MS) 138: 470 (+28, bc) [Zipper] 139: [977] (+4, b) [unravel] 6,087,050 (80 bolds) editing with Unravel bold because it doesn't deserve a new post