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  1. Count to 1,000

    Except that's actually 926. A better 927 is my score on the busted version of Repair the Automatic (Caution) Doors, with 928 being the bold time on the same level
  2. My official level pack!

    Yes, that's because the downloads section is only accessible to members- so anyone logged out wouldn't have permissions to get there. Further, you kept linking to embeds instead of the download page itself. To protect against malicious uploads, only the uploader has permission to download an embed like that. The download page that I linked can be used by anyone, and is what you should link.
  3. My official level pack!

    Try this link instead.
  4. April 2018 Create Competition - Pushing New Ideas

    Thanks again for everyone who entered this competition, the average level of quality here was incredibly high and ranking these came down to the slimmest of margins. Literally any of the levels in the top half could easily have been the winner, and very minor changes to levels could also have resulted in several place changes. Onwards to the results! 12th place: 11th place: 10th place: 9th place: 8th place: 7th place: 6th place: 5th place: 4th place: 3rd place: 2nd place: 1st place: Thanks again to everyone who entered, I know I'm looking forward to seeing what's on offer for Tyler's Create! Final results:
  5. April 2018 Create Competition - Pushing New Ideas

    No results, but here's the first impressions stream! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/258248563
  6. April 2018 Create Competition - Pushing New Ideas

    Submissions are now officially closed, with the release of the submitted levels. Fixes are still allowed until I post results. As for the judging... I'll be starting a stream within about 10 minutes here showing my first impressions of the levels. I will be trying to solve all of them, but I make no promises about actually doing so on-stream (though I will before posting results).
  7. Version 2


    For more details and the eventual rankings, check the competition thread! http://cczone.invisionzone.com/topic/1467-april-2018-create-competition-pushing-new-ideas
  8. April 2018 Create Levels - Pushing New Ideas View File For more details and the eventual rankings, check the competition thread! http://cczone.invisionzone.com/topic/1467-april-2018-create-competition-pushing-new-ideas Submitter Ihavenoname248 Submitted 05/05/2018 Category Competitions  
  9. April 2018 Create Competition - Pushing New Ideas

    And submissions are now unofficially closed! I've received levels from twelve different participants, so I'd consider this competition a huge success! Now, I know I said I'd stream playing the levels today over on the Discord, but tomorrow evening just works better. So I'll be posting the submitted levels (11+2 CC1, 13 CC2) right before I start the playthrough stream, and you can still get in a last minute level or change before then
  10. IHNN's scores

    CC1 (MS) 064: 548 (+1, b) [Spooks] 133: [931] (+6, b-18) [Blobdance] 134: [218] (+72, b) [Pain] 136: [903] (+30, b-23) [Doublemaze] 5,977,530 (140 bolds) CCLP4 (MS) 033: 215 (+5, b) [Tool Shed] 6,088,350 (81 bolds) Block N Roll next I guess, that 437 I have is my worst level rank in CC1. edit: a couple more tries later...with 2 seconds lost in the 7 blob room O_O CC1 (MS) 133: [943] (+12, b-6) [Blobdance]
  11. Unsolvable Level Reports

  12. IHNN's scores

    CCLP4 (MS) 062: 356 (+37, b) [Block Unpuzzle] tyJBintheLP 6,088,300 (80 bolds)
  13. IHNN's scores

    CC2 049: 163 (+34, b) | 26130 (+340, b) [CAITLYN'S MAZE] 100: 0 (N/A) | 154000 (+100000, b) [CRAZY] 181: 113 (+30, b) | 91630 (+300, b) [DEADMEAT] 14,333,074
  14. IHNN's levels feedback/discussion (New inside: Walls of CCLP4!)

    Blockslide knowledge tidbits: 1 ice tile: Death unless slide delay is involved. 2 ice tiles: Can step onto the block tile and step off safely. 3 ice tiles: Same as 2 ice tiles, but a half wait allows following the block and sidestepping. In Lynx, that just works. 4 ice tiles: Can follow the block, sidestep, and intercept the block as it returns. 5 ice tiles: Same as 4. 6+ ice tiles: Can loop around and push another block into the place the first block originally was.
  15. IHNN's scores

    CCLP1 (MS) 127: 421 (+1, b) [In the Pink] (FINALLY PUBLIC THANK YOU KACPER) 6,005,910 (143 bolds) (typed when J.B. got it but CCZone glitch, gg James) Also 873 (+8, b-53) on Doublemaze lol