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  1. February 2018 Create Competition - Walls of CCLP4

    (19, 20) and (19, 21) are walls in the original level, but not here. Tanks on top of a wall are still a wall! As always, some very nice levels submitted. And hey, I even managed to win It was quite the challenge to work on- I had a headache from trying to keep in mind both sides of the level while constructing (forgetting to eat due to not wanting to break the creative flow didn't help) and ultimately, I started building the level just to see if I could make a level that played out totally differently with the same layout, as a personal challenge. I'm very happy to see it getting some appreciation- and hopefully it makes it into an official set someday, even with the NW blockslide resetting being a bit of a hassle.
  2. February 2018 Time Trial

    I had a couple of 375-376 paced runs on the first level die to the block, and just never felt like pushing for just a little more time. With the blob level, well, I just wanted to complete it with a solid time, so I grinded for the start and then kept that for my submission (250) and then later got an extra second with a few extra tactics. I'm very glad to hear that Sludge Report was enjoyed! It helps that I stole concepts from every past official set, but I also spent a lot of time tweaking each area to make sure it was reasonable
  3. new tile ideas

    Multiple different colors of blocks and switches that require the color to be held down to open doors, exactly like in Chuck's Challenge. Block shuffling puzzles were interesting enough already with only needing to get blocks to buttons, imagine having to get specific blocks to specific buttons, too!
  4. Facing the Future: What's Next for Official Sets?

    I'm going to bump this thread again because I think it's the best place for it, and the idea spawned from re-reading this thread. With CCLP4 having been out for more than 7 months and the CC2 editor starting to get rolling, CC2 community packs are on the way, but still probably most of the year out for really getting started. It's a valid concern that CC2 is being neglected here, but that doesn't need to be the case. After all, a CC2 port of CCLP4 and CCLP1 was tossed around a decent bit 2.5 years ago, but nothing concrete or semi-official was done for this. So tonight, I assembled a spreadsheet and google drive (linked at the bottom of this post) specifically meant for trying to make one or both of these ports a reality. CC2 Steam workshop support is coming which will make sharing CC2 levels with the wider community easier than ever, perhaps even easier than sharing CC1 levels ever was. The community should support this, and what better way to do so than by re-releasing some of the best content the community has created over the years? What better starting sets could there be on the Steam workshop than the community packs that have had years of collaborative effort go into them? What better introduction to the world of fanmade content could there possibly be for those just finding custom levels through the workshop for the first time? Ideally, the original designers would port their own levels with some feedback/small tweaks when edits were made for compatibility, with the set staff stepping in as a backup in case the original designer is inactive or lacks CC2. Let's make this project a success- the devs are showing support for the community. Let's show some support back. CCLPn ports to CC2: https://goo.gl/iXPE6i Google Drive: https://goo.gl/L6caZb There is also discussion for this taking place on the Discord server.
  5. Ask a dumb question, get a dumb answer

    I would tell you, but the test results are a year and a half away. Why is chocolate content measured it percent but alcohol content measured in half percents?
  6. Railroads would be a level edit
  7. That's actually how tanks work in Lynx- they try to move every game tick. CC2 is much closer to the Lynx ruleset than MS, except when it goes and does its own thing, which tanks actually do have 2 behaviors that are unique to CC2. 1. In MS, monsters are always on exactly 1 tile. In Lynx, there are 3 intermediary steps between tiles, and CC2 is the same. The difference is that in Lynx, tanks only reverse if they are fully on a tile, while in CC2 the tank will reverse when it next is completely on a tile, rather than ignoring the press. 2. Following from the above, in both MS and Lynx a sliding tank ignores all tank button presses. In CC2, tanks still listen for tank button presses and will reverse once when they stop sliding. This would break any attempt to port Propaganda from CCLP4 without some level edits.
  8. IHNN's scores

    CC1 (MS) 146: 712 (+12, b-5) [Cake Walk] 5,977,500 (138 bolds) and 5th place, solidly
  9. IHNN's scores

    CC1 (MS) 116: 714 (+1, b) [Block Buster II] 5,977,380 (138 bolds)
  10. Facing the Future: What's Next for Official Sets?

    At the moment, I would lean very slightly towards another CC1 set, but as nothing really needs to be started for another year or so, that could easily change with CC2 content in that time. There just aren't enough new levels for another CC1 set without it being CCLP4Rejects+a few unsubmitted levels, or enough CC2 levels yet. As for level count, I think 150 is good for CC2 sets. 100 feels small to me with the wealth of mechanics in CC2, 200 would get very heavy with more complex designs than the original game had. 150 strikes a nice balance- that it's close to the CC1 standard of 149 just speaks to the standard itself being good.
  11. IHNN's scores

    CC1 (MS) 089: 402 (+2, b) [Block Buster] 5,977,370 (137 bolds) Some stats... I attempted this a lot a couple years ago, during my initial CC1 push. I had 0 successful green keys (on pace) but managed to get it once after a couple hours and played out the level for a 387. My score stayed there until yesterday. I grinded for about 2 hours and didn't get the green key at all, but through careful analysis of the 402 video, I was able to slowly but surely figure out common mistakes and avoid them. Then I got the green key and immediately messed up the second room. A while later, I'd gotten more green keys, bu no second room successes. Then I got one that was a move behind- died at third room. Then I got one on pace that ran into a wall immediately after the 4D. That was discouraging. What wasn't discouraging was the fact that I was starting to get the green key much more often, so losing attempts past it didn't hurt as much. Then I finally reached the last room on 402 pace... and immediately missed the first block intercept. I played it out and ended up with a 385, which didn't even improve. A few green keys later, I got back... and missed the final half wait. Day 1: Green Keys: 35 Second Rooms: 12 (6, 12, 16, 19, 21, 24, 27, 28, 30, 31, 33, 35) (bolded numbers oofed after 4D) (italics is technically a fail) Third Rooms: 7 (16, 21, 24, 27, 30, 31, 35) Fourth Rooms: 0 After that set of attempts, I wanted to keep going, but my hand was too fatigued to get the DDDUULUR chain at the end at this point, so I stopped for the night. The next morning I tried for another hour, and after 2 consecutive failures to the DULUR to get the second block at the end, I took a pause. I'd been inputting at full speed and thinking I was going too slow. But a quick analysis showed that it was actually DUL (small pause) UR! With that gotcha realized, I had a few other boosting mistakes on the last 2 blocks, but I was consistent enough at getting to the end that it hardly mattered. I even got to the last 2 blocks on two consecutive attempts! Day 2: Green Keys: 17 Second Rooms: 10 (1, 2, 7, 9, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17) Third Rooms: 10 (1, 2, 7, 9, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17) (bolded numbers are 401s that mis-executed the final boosting chain, but were perfect until after the last blockslide) Fourth Rooms: 1 (17) Total green keys to success: 52. Total successful second rooms: 22 (yeah, 30 failures on the half waits and UU[1/2]UU stuff, + 4 5D instead of 4D) Total attempts at the last room: 17.
  12. IHNN's scores

    CC1 (MS) 089: 400 (+13, b-2) [Block Buster] 5,977,350 (136 bolds)
  13. Count to 1,000

  14. Jessi.dat

    Jessi plz
  15. Jessi.dat

    Jessi.dat View File The bluff was called. There was no bluff. Submitter Ihavenoname248 Submitted 12/21/2017 Category CC1 Levelsets