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  1. I'm picking out these 3 parts of the message to respond to because I feel like those are the important parts. Bitbusters.club does exist now, but it doesn't contain a forum and in fact links to CCZone in many places. It also doesn't host sets itself (barring the contents of the now defunct Yahoo groups). Nobody is going to make you continue paying for CCZone, but that doesn't mean that full ownership of the site couldn't be transferred to someone who would- I know that interests come and go and the community greatly appreciates what you've done for it over the years. As for backing everything up- a few people have been trying to do exactly that by getting in contact with you, to get a database backup, knowing that the site was a financial burden!
  2. CCLP4 (MS) 083: 464 (+1, b-1, pc) [Over] 121: 440 (+3, b) [Icedeath and Icedestruction] 6,111,370 (147 bolds)
  3. CC1 Lynx 77: 479 (lolcollisions) CC1 Steam 77: 479 (lolcollisions round 2) CCLP4 first place tie coming soon™
  4. CCLP4 (MS) 103: 605 (+1, bc) [Malachite] 6,111,330 (147 bolds)
  5. CCLP3 (MS) 027: 235 (+64, b) [Jumble] 104: 317 (+170, b) [Civilization of Creatures] 120: 628 (+256, b) [Twisted Chambers] 6,070,540 (128 bolds) 711 total MS bolds. I believe that's tied first
  6. CCLP3 (MS) 109: 410 (+1, bc) [Hidden Depths] 6,065,640 (125 bolds) CCLP4 (MS) 138: 471 (+1, b) [Zipper] 6,111,320 (147 bolds)
  7. CCLP3 (MS) 064: 326 (+74, b) [Producing] 101: 615 (+220, b) [The Ghosts at the Massingham Mansion] 127: 437 (+51, b) [Beat the Heat] 133: 830 (+199, b) [Think Tank] 134: 211 (+2, b-9, pc) [We'll Be Right Back] 6,065,630 (125 bolds)
  8. CCLP3 (Lynx) 134: 209 (+14, b+14) [The Stupid Glitch Will Be Right Back] bad score, few bolds
  9. CCLP3 (MS) 092: 405 (+79, b) [Bolkonski] 131: 656 (+125, b) [Mental Blocks] 6,060,170 (121 bolds)
  10. CCLP3 (MS) 087: 397 (+1, b) [Block and Key] 6,058,130 (119 bolds) Thanks Shane for being my rubber duck for this route.
  11. CCLP3 (MS) 111: 629 (+5, bc) [Bustin' Out] 6,058,120 (118 bolds)
  12. Two quick things- 1. The main way the scorekeepers that there's a score to update is the new post notification. It's better to type the scores into, say, a notepad file and then paste the contents into a post all at once (allowing multiple days of scores to be aggregated). CCZone also saves posts in progress, now that I'm thinking about it, so Notepad is unneeded. 2. Negative scores are treated as "0", which just means solved for an untimed level. This is because untimed levels having times stems from T-Chip, which gave a time limit of 999 in MSCC. Obviously, a score of 0 or below would run out of time under T-Chip, and so lower scores aren't tracked. (My Pain Lynx score is about -20, fwiw)
  13. To play CC1 custom levels, Tile World is the easiest option.
  14. CCLP4 (MS) 077: 504 (+4, bc) [Brick Block Facility] 6,111,310 (147 bolds)
  15. CC1 (Lynx) 125: [822] (+72, b+1) [Mixed Nuts] I thought there was a record here way back in 2014. Didn't expect it to be in Lynx.
  16. The solution is embedded in the level file. If you open it in the editor and then hit F3 (or select "Replay" under the appropriate menu) it will play back that solution.
  17. You'll need to: Unzip the folder of levels. If you're on Windows, then right clicking and selecting Extract All will do this. If you're not, then download 7-Zip and use that to extract. Place that folder into your CC2 "games" folder. This can be found wherever it's installed- by default on Windows, this is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Chip's Challenge 2\data\games. If you're not on Windows, then it should be the same after finding the Steam folder. At this point you'll be able to select the pack from within CC2's Level Set menu, and start playing! Do note that the voting packs on the voting website are in a random order with renamed filenames. I would recommend using Tyler's mirror of all the voting packs, to be able to easily find a level to watch a replay of.
  18. CCLP1 (MS) 026: 174 (+1, b+1) [Trafalgar Square] 6,006,050 (149 bolds)
  19. Because the puzzle purse is always empty. When will there be a new update to any CC game?
  20. CCLP1 (MS) 076: 384 (+1) [Unfunfair, ty Bacorn for the route] 6,006,040 (149 bolds)
  21. CCLP3 (MS)134: 209 (+13, bc) [We'll Be Right Back]6,058,070 (119 bolds)
  22. CCLP3 (MS)134: 196 (+55, b) [We'll Be Right Back]6,057,940 (119 bolds) 702 total. CCLP3 (Lynx)134: 195 (+89, b+1) [We'll Be Right Back]
  23. CCLP3 (MS) 111: 624 (+1, bc) [Bustin' Out] 142: 535 (+3, b) [Mudpie] 6,057,390 (118 bolds) Maybe now I'll stop dropping to 699 total
  24. CCLP3 (MS) 071: 432 (+2, b+1) [How To Get a Collab With Pieguy] (joint bold with pieguy and James) 6,057,350 (117 bolds) Yes, even though pieguy hasn't reported his yet his name should be first.
  25. CCLP4 (MS) 065: 629 (+2, b+2) [Doomplex] (joint bold with J.B.) 6,111,270 (147 bolds)
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