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  1. Whoops missed Hash's post. Noone sheds a tear for Chip when he dies, but Melinda and all the other girls think it's really hot that he lives such a dangerous lifestyle with constant risk of death. Did you really think all this time Chip signed up to the clubhouse just because he liked solving puzzles? Now you know.
  2. It gets judged by the ice-god. If it's good ice, it gets to stay as ice for eternity in the icy-cold heaven. If it's bad ice, it goes to the fiery pits of hell where it vaporises into steam and disappears. Why hasn't Chip learned to swim after all this time? And why does he need a pair of flippers to cross a little square pool of water he could jump or even step across?
  3. Only explanation for that is witchcraft- Melinda is a witch and puts anti-shock spells on Chip before each level that has live wires. Would you want to see a Witch's hat item in CC3, that when collected by Melinda lets her possess creatures and take control over how they move?
  4. Spinach is Popeye's trademark, and Chuck was unable to get permission from Popeye to feature spinach in CC. If Chip is such a nerd, he wouldn't need to collect all chips to open the end-of-level socket, wouldn't he just be able to hack it open?
  5. CC1 release date: 1989, CC2 release date: 2015, Predicated CC3 release date: 2041 You know what new item CC3 needs- alcohol. Imagine Chip picks up a can of beer, (or Vladimir picks up a bottle of vodka) and for the rest of the level you can't move them in a straight line as they will randomly take steps to the side Then we could make levels where we have to move a drunk player across a narrow bridge without them stumbling-drunk into the water. Sound good?
  6. All the characters drawn anime-style. If CC3 was released and one of the new features was letting you make your own tile (can be anything you want- a new item, a gimmick that does something or a monster that moves how you want it to) what would you first want to create?
  7. They're all bullies, and when they catch Chip they usually give him a wedgie and laugh. The reason we don't see that is because when CC was first released there wasn't enough computing power to show what the monsters did to Chip when they catch him animation. If the Teeth monsters existed in real life, do you think (if they could be tamed and trained not to bite you and eat everything in your house) they would make good pets?
  8. Plot twist- Do you really think Chip is on call to solve Clubhouse puzzles 24/7? He does take time off, and during his time off a body-double is used for him. So some of the times you've played CC, it might have been John or Fred who was actually on screen. Are the rumours true about the red Teeth being racist to the blue Teeth because they have a different skin colour? Is that why we rarely see the blue Teeth because they have to hide when the red Teeth show up?
  9. Chuck's Challenge provides the terrible answer to that question- they are in fact alive, but every second of living is torture for them and they can't stop screaming. Woop (the hero of Chuck's Challenge) has cutscenes that give us an idea of his personality. But other than being a geek we know very little of what Chip is like. Do you reckon Chip is shy? Outgoing? Has a sense of humour? Do you think Chip would call Chuck a monkey if they met?
  10. They're in a levelset called CC: The Lost Levels. Which got lost after Chuck's computer crashed. If Chips Challenge were to be made into 3D, do you think a TripleMaze level would sound fun?
  11. F6 takes me to a random level in the set while F7 takes me back either 2 or 3 levels. This is confusing is there a way to make them go forward and back just 1 level at a time?
  12. How do I run it? I've extracted the jar file but what next?
  13. No but it does have 2 circular rooms at the bottom full of slime. Here is a map of the level. I didn't begin making it intending for it to come out that way, that's just how it happened https://i.postimg.cc/j2f2H0pk/054.png
  14. Would a penis-shaped level called "balls deep" be suitable?
  15. The ball with lit fuse design may have been chosen for the graphic because it can be instantly recognised by everyone, plus it's a very simple design which is handy because CC graphics are small and have limited pixels. The tool thief probably makes money from selling the tools he steals from you, but what does the key thief do with all those keys? Noone is going to buy a random key.
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