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  1. How do I run it? I've extracted the jar file but what next?
  2. No but it does have 2 circular rooms at the bottom full of slime. Here is a map of the level. I didn't begin making it intending for it to come out that way, that's just how it happened https://i.postimg.cc/j2f2H0pk/054.png
  3. Would a penis-shaped level called "balls deep" be suitable?
  4. The ball with lit fuse design may have been chosen for the graphic because it can be instantly recognised by everyone, plus it's a very simple design which is handy because CC graphics are small and have limited pixels. The tool thief probably makes money from selling the tools he steals from you, but what does the key thief do with all those keys? Noone is going to buy a random key.
  5. Glasses, bald head, square manly chin, nose bent to the side because of a past fight, big black bushy beard. If, instead of Chip losing the level and having to restart after just one hit, he had an energy bar allowing him to take multiple hits; would that be a great idea or a terrible idea?
  6. If you look at Chip (facing downward) then if you look at a tank facing downward, you can see that the tank is from a top-down bird's-eye orientation whilst Chip looks like he is standing upright. Does that mean all this time Chip has actually been lying on the ground, and instead of walking he just shuffles along on his back/front/side?
  7. Thanks that's good to know. And yes using key thieves will work for this purpose. I may even remove the fire completely and only use key thieves and have that as the level's theme.
  8. How do you slap blocks? The number of keys in the second column was a genuine mistake, but it's intentinal for one block to not have a key (the hint tells you exactly which one). For the ice blocks I've had another look and using spies instead of fire looks like it would work. edit: or maybe not- I guess there's nothing to stop the player leaving an item down before doing the puzzle then picking it back up after.
  9. I gave it a rethink and instead came up with a level that does have hidden items underneath blocks (good+bad) but there are hints contained within the level so you can figure out which ones. If anyone wants to try it out and let me know if this sort of idea is well received or not, and if it's worth expanding on :) http://cczone.invisionzone.com/files/file/730-newspaper-puzzle-column-a-cc2-level/
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Newspaper puzzle column- a CC2 level
  11. It involves fatal items hidden under blocks, and junctions that have exits that lead to dead-ends with no way back. So basically not possible without a tonne of guesswork. But the hint tells you to where to find a map of the level online, and then play the level whilst reading the map to tell you where to go.
  12. CC2, and the same everytime. Although it would certainly be more of a challenge if it was different each time to prevent the player memorising the pattern from replaying the level.
  13. I submit my set of 51 levels. http://cczone.invisionzone.com/files/file/651-gavind/
  14. My idea for a level is basically you start by watching a series of monsters pass over a button paying attention to the timing. Then, after a trigger, you have to press a button repeating precisely how the other button was pressed by the monsters. And only doing this correctly would allow you to progress to the exit. I have an idea involving a green button and toggle doors that might work but does anyone have any ideas?
  15. I should have my set with 50 levels ready in time
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