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  1. My official level pack!

    Another update with 30 levels in total coming soon 7 out of the 10 new levels will have more than one playable character in them. 1 of the new levels I have ported over from my CC1 levelpack Would you agree it would be a good idea to replace level 19 "killer bees nest" with another level? That level was ported over from my levelpack for CC1 and I think it belongs in that pack rather than this one in which I am aiming to keep to puzzle-solving and clever monster manipulation rather than frantic monster dodging.
  2. http://cczone.invisionzone.com/files/file/651-gavind_cc2zip-110/ 20 levels - Added a .c2g file - Removed a couple of poor levels, added some new levels and tidied up some existing levels I have tried to keep frustration to a minimum, so unlike my CC1 levelset there is no snatching a chip from a ball confined to 2 spaces for example.
  3. It's a trend that has pros and cons. Take the Grand Theft Auto series for example. Think about how tricky and frustrating some of the missions from earlier games like Vice City and San Andreas were. Then think about how easy GTA5 is. GTA5's difficulty has definitely been dumbed down to appeal to a wider audience and there is a bit of "hand holding" at times that make some parts of the game so easy it ruins what should have felt like a challenge. Which makes me wonder if I should make my levels easier to appeal to more players? My CheeseT1 set for CC1 had levels so difficult even I felt the difficulty actually ruined the fun and some levels in that pack I've only ever solved once because they just took so many attempts. But if a level is too easy and can be solved first attempt with little problem then it has little appeal and little replay value. Getting the fun:difficulty ratio balance just right can take a lot of practice.
  4. This one is a little more involved than most previous ones so if anyone wants to playtest it to give feedback on the fun:difficulty ratio would be appreciated before I include it in my main set. The idea is that the level would be very easy if it were just 1 character, but having to get all 3 characters through the level becomes tricky. Solving it includes putting the characters into certain orders to be toggled through. Also the first level of mine to include a hook item. 027-blacksheep.c2m
  5. Anyone else experienced this?
  6. Ask a dumb question, get a dumb answer

    Well the enemies don't have any pockets, and the keys disappear from sight. 'tis a mystery where they put them. What do the enemies do with their time when the clubhouse is closed and noone is playing the levels?
  7. Ask a dumb question, get a dumb answer

    There was, but the ants ate it. Will CC3 feature Chiplette, the offspring of Chip and Melinda?
  8. Since I posted this thread I have came up with a few new levels I'm happy with so I'm reassured that my creativity is still there. I think it's also a case that I went several years without playing CC and took a little time of getting back into the game and getting a feel and appreciation for the new elements CC2 has to offer.
  9. I'm now in my early 30s. I can still come up with levels and still do so for CC amongst other games but the ideas don't seem to flow as thick as they did back when I was in my teens. Even giving levels titles I find myself having to think a little whereas over a decade ago a fitting title would just appear in my mind.
  10. new tile ideas

    Laserguns (not an item, but a solid object) Laserguns fire a laser when a button is held down. Lasers could destroy Chip, monsters (another way to get rid of monsters, and I would personally prefer having Chip figure out a way for a monster to move into the path of a laser rather than directly fire a weapon himself) and ice-blocks (but not standard blocks which could be used to block the lasers). The laserguns could also be pushed around, and if a button is held down that would arise some interesting puzzles where you push laserguns but only able to approach them from certain directions. See levels 18-22 for examples http://www.fastswf.com/2Ra-gvs
  11. new tile ideas

    A suggestion I would like to make for the level editor is to be able to "shift" the entire level's contents up, down, left or right. Either that or to be able to adjust the horizontal and vertical size so all empty space around the level is taken out. This would save time having to measure and manually do this yourself. Also to be able to maximise the level editor level to see more of the level at once.
  12. new tile ideas

    I had a similar idea but in my case the player picks up a North, South or Neutral magnetic charge from standing on a thing that gives you a magnetic charge whatever it's called (inductor, conductor? a physics person might know) The way it works is if Chip has say a North charge, then every South magnet he is aligned with horizontally or vertically will be attracted to him and move in a straight line towards him until they hit him or something. Will be easier to understand if you have a look at levels 11, 12, 15, 16 of my game: http://www.fastswf.com/2Ra-gvs
  13. new tile ideas

    How about round boulders. When pushed, they roll and keep moving in a straight line until they hit something. Easy to implement and goes well with the puzzle theme of the game and would add a nice twist to the classic block-pushing themed levels. You can see this feature here in a flash game I made http://www.fastswf.com/2Ra-gvs (levels 4, 5, 6, 7, 14, 23 demonstrate some puzzles that can be made of this)
  14. MIDIs not working since the update

    Since the new update music works for CC1 and CC2 main levels, but appears not to for custom CC2 level packs. btw re logic I wish there was a way to hide wires and gates but still keep pink/purple buttons visible. My new sokoban level will look messy will wires and gates everywhere.
  15. MIDIs not working since the update

    Thanks. And yes I meant MP3
  16. Ask a dumb question, get a dumb answer

    because CC is too much fun If random 8 fails his test, should he sue Chuck Sommerville for making a game so fun it interfered with his study?
  17. Not sure how to create one using the built-in editor. I placed someone else's level directory in CC2 -> data-> games so it is alongside the main level set. However when I play the custom levels they appear to be sharing the same score file as the one used for the main game
  18. Can I share an existing levelset to the workshop? Or does the workshop require levels to be verified and to have these steps followed?
  19. One thing I have noticed for me at least is that creativity can't be forced. You harder you try the harder it becomes. Creativity just seems to come when you are relaxed, and the mind is relaxed. The hard part is getting started; having a theme for the level and thinking about what kind of puzzle/obstacle course it's going to be. After that's done filling it out is the fun, easier part. I do wish CC2 had been released a good few years sooner that it did. But not to worry, it is here. And so are we. New levels await!
  20. Count to 1,000

    7( 9(9*1*7) + 1(9*1*7) + 7(9*1*7) ) ------------------------------------------ + 7(7+7+7+1) 9
  21. It's something we haven't done yet, and there are still enough of us to pull it off and make it worthwhile
  22. 500

    Aqual Castellum is my fav so far. I like levels that include both Chip and Melinda.
  23. Ask a dumb question, get a dumb answer

    Critics say yes. Was that answer worth waiting a year and a half for?
  24. Count to 1,000

    2*5*7*13 + 1 or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KiNRIR8tjFc
  25. In CC1 (MS version) if a blue tank is moving and then stops when it touches an obstacle (say a chip), if that chip was then taken away the tank would remain stationary, but in CC2 the tank will continue moving after the chip was taken.