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  1. 500

    Aqual Castellum is my fav so far. I like levels that include both Chip and Melinda.
  2. Ask a dumb question, get a dumb answer

    Critics say yes. Was that answer worth waiting a year and a half for?
  3. Count to 1,000

    2*5*7*13 + 1
  4. http://cczone.invisionzone.com/files/file/651-gavind_cc2zip-110/ 20 levels - Added a .c2g file - Removed a couple of poor levels, added some new levels and tidied up some existing levels I have tried to keep frustration to a minimum, so unlike my CC1 levelset there is no snatching a chip from a ball confined to 2 spaces for example.
  5. In CC1 (MS version) if a blue tank is moving and then stops when it touches an obstacle (say a chip), if that chip was then taken away the tank would remain stationary, but in CC2 the tank will continue moving after the chip was taken.
  6. GavinD_CC2.zip 1.1.0

    Version 1.1.1


    20 custom levels for CC2 by Gavin Duncan
  7. Thanks. I think I'm getting the hang of this now
  8. Not sure how to create one using the built-in editor. I placed someone else's level directory in CC2 -> data-> games so it is alongside the main level set. However when I play the custom levels they appear to be sharing the same score file as the one used for the main game
  9. I would like to see an official level pack for CC2.
  10. I made 17 levels for CC2

    Thanks for the feedback. I will remove the level one hint, it's straight-forward enough for players to figure out. DETENTION CENTRE ESCAPE+KILLER ANT'S NEST: These are actually meant to be less-tedious versions of the equivalent levels I made for CC1. ESCORT MISSION: Looking at the level again I see my mistake. I had meant to intend that no blocks should have been able to be carried past the green slime room.
  11. http://cczone.invisionzone.com/files/file/649-gavind_cc2zip/Give them a try. I also made CheeseT1.dat for CC1
  12. Version 1.0.0


    17 custom levels for CC2 by Gavin Duncan
  13. CC2 editor Q

    How do I use the colourful walls/floors in my level design? And if I want more than 1 hint in my level each with its own content how do I do that?
  14. CC2 editor Q

    Thanks for reply. I am using the built-in editor. I actually did find out how to get the coloured walls (by rotating the custom wall) but still unsure how to implement more than 1 hint.
  15. I'm now in my early 30s. I can still come up with levels and still do so for CC amongst other games but the ideas don't seem to flow as thick as they did back when I was in my teens. Even giving levels titles I find myself having to think a little whereas over a decade ago a fitting title would just appear in my mind.
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xJnxS09eYc&index=1&list=PL34gFa8o9I8WI4vS5ZuLc5we1McpGo3D3 Videos by Youtube user starfishgurl1984
  17. CheeseT1

    CheeseT1 View File Levelset for CC1 by Gavin Duncan. Submitter Gavin Submitted 01/18/2018 Category CC1 Levelsets  
  18. CheeseT1

    Version 1.0.0


    Levelset for CC1 by Gavin Duncan. 87 levels.
  19. http://www.fastswf.com/2Ra-gvs Block Manoeuvres. As it's name suggests carefully moving blocks around is a prominent feature
  20. You might remember a while back I made a game like this in Gamemaker, here it is again in Flash. New levels and some new features. Play online in a Flash supported browser. Note the game allows you to skip levels but to get the most fun it is recommended to play the levels in order. http://www.fastswf.com/Z7pw5QY
  21. Online game I made- Block Maneouvres

    It's all done for fun. Level 10 I wanted to be hard. Level 11 introduces an original concept involving magnets and inductor objects. And level 17 has guns that shoot lasers when any red button is held down (a feature that is also used for sokoban levels).
  22. Ask a dumb question, get a dumb answer

    Because Chip wears green pants. Why does Chip wear green pants? Was that the fashion when CC first came out?
  23. Good coffee break sized levels but the control scheme can make certain levels very frustrating that would be easy if you could use a PC keyboard. And sometimes the iphone doesn't seem to acknowledge my taps which is crucial if I happen to be on a force-floor and want to move off it at a precise moment or have a monster chasing me. Level-design I liked noticing references to Chip's Challenge- some levels from the Clottie and Dobos pack are clearly little versions of levels from the original CC. Summary I like the puzzle-based levels but not so much the action-levels (example "Incoming from the Clottie pack). With any of the control schemes I am unable to run for so long with bugs following so closely, I lose time at every turn (and even when I'm trying to just keep running in a straight line). I have solved all the main levels apart from 2: "Just in time" from Clottie I see the exit but just can't see how to reach it. "Let me out" from Dobos It appears I have to move from the blue pressure pad to the red one but I can't do so quickly enough.