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  1. Other puzzle game recommendations

    I learned flash+actionscript in a uni module back in 2013 and made that game around that time, even back then I was surprised they were teaching it. I would like to recreate it in Java as a mobile app
  2. Other puzzle game recommendations

    Try this block-pushing game I made in flash http://www.fastswf.com/2Ra-gvs
  3. My official level pack!

    any feedback on the newer levels?
  4. http://cczone.invisionzone.com/files/file/651-gavind_cc2zip-110/ 20 levels - Added a .c2g file - Removed a couple of poor levels, added some new levels and tidied up some existing levels I have tried to keep frustration to a minimum, so unlike my CC1 levelset there is no snatching a chip from a ball confined to 2 spaces for example.
  5. ajmiam CC2 Levels (20 so far)

    I'll have a look
  6. I used the levelset -> share option but it says "preview image is missing, add one using the level set editor". If I go to levelset -> edit it says "this level set uses advanced fun features, please open with a text editor". Does this mean I need to edit the .c2g file to add a preview image? How?
  7. My official level pack!

    Update! 42 levels http://cczone.invisionzone.com/files/file/651-gavind_cc2zip-120/
  8. My official level pack!

    Did you guys manage to download and play the latest update ok (32 levels)? Update with 42 levels in total coming soon
  9. Any way to make monsters skate?

    I put one teleporter on the ice loop, and another teleporter elsewhere that is blocked so chip and the glider won't be able to leave the loop until another player unblocks the other teleporter. This seems the best way to achieve what I want to do.
  10. Say I want a glider to turn left when it hits something (whilst it is on ice) instead of just bounching back the way it came even if the tile to the left is vacant. There's no way to do this is there? A WIP level I have a glider going clockwise around a loop (every tile is ice or ice-turns), I want the solution to involve the player making the glider go anti-clockwise but this puzzle will only work if there is a way for the glider to somehow leave the loop. And every tile in the loop has to be ice btw because for the puzzle to work there has to be a Chip character going round and round the loop too without interruption.
  11. suggestions

    can there be a way to bookmark/favourite community levels we like? and/or an option to show you the community levels you have last played. Otherwise if you play a community level, then give up but later decide you want to try again, you won't be able to unless you wrote down the name/ID or remembered how you found it. After completing a level you get the chance to give a like or dislike, is there any possibility of expanding on this eg being able to leave a comment or something or give it a rating from 1-5 perhaps a rating for fun and then another for difficulty?
  12. I was going to change my name for levels I create but will this really mean I will lose all progress for the built-in levels? edit: It's ok I found I can just rename myself.
  13. Chip's Challenge 1 35,574 Chip's Challenge 2 12,364 Chuck's Challenge 3D 15,739 https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2018/07/steam-data-leak-reveals-precise-player-count-for-thousands-of-games/ Now you know
  14. Drugs

    Ever made a level whilst drunk or stoned?
  15. Would you say what we create is a form of expression? Would you say how you feel affects the level you make? Do you ever give levels titles that are actually a reference to something going on in your own life? Do you think some created levels are more than just a fun puzzle to play? Thousands upon thousands have been made so I would imagine some of them have a "story" behind them
  16. What other games do you play that allow you to create and share levels? One other I like is Artsoft's Rocks and Diamonds. https://www.artsoft.org/rocksndiamonds/
  17. Other games with level editors

    Electric Box can now be found online here btw https://www.kongregate.com/games/TwinkleStarGames/electric-box-2
  18. Other games with level editors

    LaserTank yes I forgot about that. fun fact: The "Waste of Space" level that is in CCLP3 I originally designed it for LaserTank using its built-in editor. Also a game called Frozen Fruits. http://www.blueskied.com/fruits.htm I've played Little Big Planet and tried to put a level together but it just takes so long and it seems so fiddly. Also made 23 Sokoban levels.
  19. Super Meat Boy Retraux Music Pack

    I have Winzip 15.5 Pro
  20. Super Meat Boy Retraux Music Pack

    I'm having issues extracting them "Extracting Win\dan_ch1retro.mp3 Unknown compression method"
  21. Any way to make monsters skate?

    teleporters can't be placed on ice, otherwise I would have done that
  22. CC2 editor Q

    Little bug in the built-in editor. The yellow-winged shoes are lablled "floor mimic" on the mouse-over.
  23. CC2 editor Q

    How do I use the colourful walls/floors in my level design? And if I want more than 1 hint in my level each with its own content how do I do that?
  24. My official level pack!

    Roger and thanks
  25. My official level pack!

    That link works for me if I'm logged in, but not if I'm logged out. For some reason members other than myself don't have permissions to download my recent uploads Same happened here http://cczone.invisionzone.com/topic/1474-anyone-want-to-playtest-my-new-level/