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  1. Shrek is life! If I looked up love in a dictionary, would I see Shrek's face?
  2. Gavin


    The part choosing which green doors to open to lead the fireballs to the bombs looks fun
  3. Only Morton knows the answer to that one, but noone wants to approach him to ask because the rumours are he has rabies and he bites. Is it true the teeth monsters have been around for centuries, and in the Medieval era they were used as guillotines to execute criminals because they can literally open their mouths wide enough to bite down on a humans head?
  4. package arraysstrings; import java.util.Arrays; public class ArraysStrings { public static void main(String[] args) { // Display the number 942 String[] aryString = new String[3]; aryString[0] = "9"; aryString[1] = "4"; aryString[2] = "2"; int i; for (i = 0; i < aryString.length; i++){ System.out.println(aryString); } } }
  5. 5 REM display the number 941 10 LET a$ = "9" 20 LET b$ = "4" 30 LET c$ = "1" 40 LET d$ = a$ + b$ + c$ 50 LET number = VAL(d$) 60 PRINT number
  6. baby don't hurt me CC1 had 149 levels. Does this mean the clubhouse building had 149 different physical rooms, one for each level? Or did the clubhouse just have a handful of rooms and once Chip completed a level they had to dismantle the level so they could build a new one? Are there multiple clubhouses? What we do know is that the Blobnet level 23 was so overrun with blobs it couldn't be dismantled and had to be walled off. And how long does it take them to prepare a level for Chip to play considering there are 31^2=961 tiles. Do you think the people who put the Tossled Salad level together got into trouble for leaving the chip socket at the warehouse? Are the rumours true that Chip vomited all over the ForceField level and the vomit is still there to this day because noone wanted to clean it up? Are the rumours true that Chip has a phobia of pink bouncy balls and for these levels you actually play as a Chip lookalike? And did the Clubhouse really give Chip $100,000 payout in a lawsuit compensation for the injuries Chip sustained from being bitten by teeth or burnt by fire? Do monsters help to physically build the levels for Chip to play, or do they have a smoke break when they aren't monstering? So many questions.
  7. Too many to choose from, here are some off the top of my head. Sonic the Hedgehog series of games Super Mario series of games Geometry Wars series of games Chips Challenge 1+2 Dizzy series of games (puzzle solving games featuring an egg for older systems) GTA Vice City Terraria Rocks'N'Diamonds https://www.artsoft.org/
  8. as if by magic *ding* the number 936 appeared
  9. Wouldn't it just be easier to use a virtual machine? I use and would recommend Oracle VM
  10. Gavin

    Anders Kaseorg

    I remember him on the old newsgroup. Good to put the face to the name.
  11. I learned flash+actionscript in a uni module back in 2013 and made that game around that time, even back then I was surprised they were teaching it. I would like to recreate it in Java as a mobile app
  12. Try this block-pushing game I made in flash http://www.fastswf.com/2Ra-gvs
  13. any feedback on the newer levels?
  14. I used the levelset -> share option but it says "preview image is missing, add one using the level set editor". If I go to levelset -> edit it says "this level set uses advanced fun features, please open with a text editor". Does this mean I need to edit the .c2g file to add a preview image? How?
  15. Update! 42 levels http://cczone.invisionzone.com/files/file/651-gavind_cc2zip-120/
  16. Did you guys manage to download and play the latest update ok (32 levels)? Update with 42 levels in total coming soon
  17. I put one teleporter on the ice loop, and another teleporter elsewhere that is blocked so chip and the glider won't be able to leave the loop until another player unblocks the other teleporter. This seems the best way to achieve what I want to do.
  18. can there be a way to bookmark/favourite community levels we like? and/or an option to show you the community levels you have last played. Otherwise if you play a community level, then give up but later decide you want to try again, you won't be able to unless you wrote down the name/ID or remembered how you found it. After completing a level you get the chance to give a like or dislike, is there any possibility of expanding on this eg being able to leave a comment or something or give it a rating from 1-5 perhaps a rating for fun and then another for difficulty?
  19. I was going to change my name for levels I create but will this really mean I will lose all progress for the built-in levels? edit: It's ok I found I can just rename myself.
  20. Chip's Challenge 1 35,574 Chip's Challenge 2 12,364 Chuck's Challenge 3D 15,739 https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2018/07/steam-data-leak-reveals-precise-player-count-for-thousands-of-games/ Now you know
  21. Electric Box can now be found online here btw https://www.kongregate.com/games/TwinkleStarGames/electric-box-2
  22. LaserTank yes I forgot about that. fun fact: The "Waste of Space" level that is in CCLP3 I originally designed it for LaserTank using its built-in editor. Also a game called Frozen Fruits. http://www.blueskied.com/fruits.htm I've played Little Big Planet and tried to put a level together but it just takes so long and it seems so fiddly. Also made 23 Sokoban levels.
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