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  1. Because Chip wears green pants. Why does Chip wear green pants? Was that the fashion when CC first came out?
  2. You might remember a while back I made a game like this in Gamemaker, here it is again in Flash. New levels and some new features. Play online in a Flash supported browser. Note the game allows you to skip levels but to get the most fun it is recommended to play the levels in order. http://www.fastswf.com/Z7pw5QY
  3. Good coffee break sized levels but the control scheme can make certain levels very frustrating that would be easy if you could use a PC keyboard. And sometimes the iphone doesn't seem to acknowledge my taps which is crucial if I happen to be on a force-floor and want to move off it at a precise moment or have a monster chasing me. Level-design I liked noticing references to Chip's Challenge- some levels from the Clottie and Dobos pack are clearly little versions of levels from the original CC. Summary I like the puzzle-based levels but not so much the action-levels (example "Incoming from the Clottie pack). With any of the control schemes I am unable to run for so long with bugs following so closely, I lose time at every turn (and even when I'm trying to just keep running in a straight line). I have solved all the main levels apart from 2: "Just in time" from Clottie I see the exit but just can't see how to reach it. "Let me out" from Dobos It appears I have to move from the blue pressure pad to the red one but I can't do so quickly enough.
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