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  1. What song are you listening to right now?

    My Woman, My Woman, My Wife - Marty Robbins
  2. Did you learn a new word today?

    Maybe we should have a "share your creative writings" thread.
  3. For anyone who is on the CCLP4 staff

    Exactly!!!!!!!! Don't sell yourself short.
  4. The Wannabe Longest Thread

    Doesn't feel like summer here, dang it.
  5. 300 posts!

    Meet the new boss...
  6. The Wannabe Longest Thread

    Oooh, I envy you. The beach sounds good at this time. Instead, I'm holed up in the computer lab, wasting entire consecutive days on Chesstempo.com. I mean, I could probably hitch a bus out to the beach, or something like that, but I keep telling myself "Just one more problem, just one more." I suppose there are more deletrious addictions out there... So, we're less than a month away from the official start of summer (in the northern hemisphere)!!! How's everyone feel about that?
  7. Maybe someone should try it out (with watercolours, or perhaps crayons) and give us a definitive answer.
  8. For anyone who is on the CCLP4 staff

    Of course the future is unsure! But we're* counting on you to push the community into CCLP4, CCLP5, and beyond. *Well, I guess I really can't speak for anyone else, but I'm counting on you to accomplish this task.
  9. Did you learn a new word today?

    I've finished 6 novel-length works. Unfortunately: 1. I lack the requisite motivation to seek publication for any of them 2. Truthfully speaking, none of them are worth publishing. What kind of jobs are you applying for? (If you don't mind me asking.)
  10. Did you learn a new word today?

    Because I doubted you (sorry!), I verified it as well. 'Tis a good word. I plan to work it into my next Great American Novel.
  11. For anyone who is on the CCLP4 staff

    Dave, you have to stick around! Without you, who would there be to push for more level packs?
  12. Thread to complain about the MPAA rating system

    Maybe nudity wouldn't automatically link to sex if our culture (perhaps spearheaded by movies) didn't equate the two. There are cultures where women walk around topless all the time; do you think the heterosexual males in those cultures are perpetually distracted by thoughts of sex (I mean more than they'd usually be)? I know Cameron had to argue with the MPAA over the nude scene in Titanic; he eventually convinced them that it was artistic. Frankly, when I saw that film (at eight years old), I was far more traumatized by the scenes of people getting trapped in rooms that were rapidly filling up with water... But hey. That was just me.
  13. For anyone who is on the CCLP4 staff

  14. Thread to complain about the MPAA rating system

    ^Yeah. Exactly. I think the cap for "the 'f' word" might actually be two or three, but the point still stands...
  15. Thread to complain about the MPAA rating system

    Motion Picture Association of America. Responsible for the rating system and the accordant indirect censorship of the movie industry.