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  1. ITS RELEASED!!!!!! just in time for the beginning of april hehe . wait read that again now really, see my message on the description of the download it's pretty important You can get it under the recent downloads page, or just search for Nomadise Raging. or access it through my profile
  2. Version 0.0


    This set shall be considered for inclusion in CCLP1. for this I request that the current version of ccl1 be recalled and removed from all websites and the levels voted on such that these levels can be factored into redecision and recreation of cclp1. Thank you and enjoy the levels.
  3. --consider announced. Efective at midnight tonight the set discussed last week on my EdLevelsGin blog goin up. tried to make it 14 lvls but my fire died low and could only burn 12. Look for incomeplete refrences in there However i'd say pretty g00d for first set...? And here it is http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/382-nomadise-raging/
  4. Its the best way to make leves, you all know it. You begin with a big fire and throw random objects in until your inspiration falls out the buttom, when all your other ideas are all gone. As i write I am going thru this very method - not only from fire but the surrounding world, the Tv I watch, the music i listen to - it's not difficult unless you make it. My current levelset is at 11levels and I will release sooner- not later. It is a great honor to participate in the Cclp4 design process and as such i honor my good friend michael in his enthusiam to take the responsibilty of staff (but I haven't even talked to him at all - we should talk sometime!). I nominate Michael hereby to be a part of this and if the admins are willing-- maybe I could participate? who knows. Im just a newbie here (or a n00b as many say) after finding my old Win95 'compu' and discoveing what remains of this great nostalgia.
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