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  1. Sorry for being out (once again) too long... I don't really play CC1 or CC2 these days. And I was surprised that the newsgroup is finally gone. Anyway... I have had played CC1 on Lynx and MS (through TW and the latter through the original 16-bit version), and as a Steam game. What do you think which engine is the closest best to the original gameplay as intended? Thoughts, opinions and differences do count.
  2. One of the first things I have noticed in both the Steam version of CC1 as well as CC2 is that the keyboard controls are vastly different from what we grew up with playing either MSCC/TW (i.e. the arrow keys.) I seldom play CC these days but I have difficulty adjusting to the new-style keyboard controls (i.e. many other Steam games use the same pattern found in the Steam versions of CC.) Although we can adjust the controls to our taste, but why were the keyboard controls changed from the what the original versions had?
  3. I checked today, and only CC2 has an Editor for levels (CC1/CC2 rules, but I'm not aware of any portability). So that means, Tile World is here to stay for the community levels of MS CC?
  4. One day to go! (Sorry it's my first post here, stopped playing CC1 / TW a while back due to time constraints) What will the price be? Any predictions? A third mode may be possible for Tile World to be implemented... but the bigger question is, can third-party CC1 levelsets (created with the MS CC-based editors) be played with the Steam version at all? (CC1 wise) On topic (CC2): I think two new modes will have to be implemented for Tile World once the Steam games are released. We'll see if CC2's gameplay is really different from CC1's.
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