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  1. I'm posting because I notice a glitch of sorts with level sets where more than one version has been uploaded. The level set I notice the problem on is Elementary Particles. I apologize for signaling this person/set out because there are 1 or 2 others by different people that have I noticed doing this and Steven's Elementary set is just the most recent. The problem is that with multiple version listed it is impossible to tell which is the most recent. I click on the level set and then click download and there are three different sets to download. After downloading all three and comparing the sets to what Steven lists is new for the current version I discovered that the 2nd of the 3 is the most recent. This is ridiculous either the newest version should always be the last or first listed or the person uploading the set should be forced to change the name to reflect the new version such as adding a number. This is just something that bothered me that I thought I would post about. Thanks
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