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    The End

    I'm glad I was able to playtest C1059-2.dat for you. Unfortunately, I don't stop by CC Zone as much as I used to, otherwise I would have responded sooner. I've found that even though I haven't been playing CC as much now as I was a couple years ago, I still love the game and I don't think I could actually leave the game completely. In any event, I hope you'll stop by from time to time.
  2. It is an original composition, and I did have Warehouse II in mind when designing it. Warehouse II is one of my favorite CCLP2 levels and I wanted to make something similar to it.
  3. A few more nominations Ida3 #9 - Various #32 - Save the Bug! #39 - Mini Challenges Ida4 #8 - Round and Round the Garden #13 - Skate Park #23 - Frog DanielB-CCLP4 #15 - Popwall #42 - Smokescreen #58 - Northhaven #64 - Boggle Toggle BHLSSubmissions #14 - Green Balls #29 - Monsters in the Closet #34 - Codeebreaker Geodave4 #21 - Just the Two of Us #31 - Under Pressure funfair0 #2 - Simple Swap #12 - Dodecaphobia #15 - A Slapstick Tragedy bigoto7 #17 - Wormhole Blockage #24 - Ice Bridge #92 - The Companion Block ArchieP1 #19 - Backfire #36 - More Than Just a Block #74 - Chip Crossing #102 - Switch Side #118 - Ballroom MikeSL1 #11 Dodging and Weaving #15 - Blobweb #21 - Four Corners #25 - Flame On
  4. Here's a few more nominations. Cybersmack #1 - Beehive #13 - Campaign #16 - Seeing Red #27 - Sunken Treasure #31 - Hotbox AndrewR1 #7 - Forcing #8 - Forcing II #10 - Finding #18 - Mixing #25 - Puzzling Also, it would be much appreciated if any of these levels from my set, Zzt.dat, could get nominated. #13 - Dowitchers in the Diamond Mine #15 - Smash the Bug #35 - Cloverleaf #37 - Rank and File #41 - The Modern End #44 - Ediacara #49 - System of a Down #56 - The Room Without Space #58 - Chop Suey I will keep looking through the submissions before the nominations period ends.
  5. A few more nominations CCLP4 Subs Syzygy #34 - Flyers #51 - Argyle Tartan #60 - CPU #62 - Scrambled Data #65 - Zodiac 3 #90 - Block Tracking #99 - Merry-Go-Round II BowmanCCLP4 #3 - Labyrinthine #7 - End of the Road CCSignifinicatlyLargerLP #13 - Ruined Canal #15 - Continuum #16 - Discontinuum #22 - Transmogrifier: Prototype #24 - Blue Waffle #32 - Tracing Constellations
  6. Here are a few more nominations. TomB1 #32 - Blue Diamond #47 - Ice Blocks #51 - Island Hopping #64 - World Border #66 - Block House ZK4 submissions #29 - Falling Short #36 - Pink and Blue #50 - Train Stations Pit of 100 Tiles #40 - Courage #47 - Touch Force Floor, Get Dizzy #96 - Chip Away
  7. Here are a few nominations. C1059-CCLP4 #8 - Block Parking #13 - Chainloader #15 - Collapsing Elevator Shafts #20 - Decisions #21 - Exit Smiling #24 - Flooded Warehouse #43 - Open Your Sokoban #56 - Patience and Sequence #72 - The Moment of Tooth ZK3 submissions #17 - Satellite #23 - Activities #24 - Cooldown IHNN1-CCLP4 mix #136 - OldAbandoned Old Abandoned Maze #212 - Unconventional Passages of Wisdom #213 - Construct-a-Sokoban #248 - Ruminations Rock-Alpha #42 - The Seventh Bearded Lotus #56 - Sokobug #60 - Dominion KeyboardMaster119CCLP4 #3 - Grand Piano #6 - Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy #12 - Dept. 42 #22 - Lily Of The Valley #25 - Seaside Rendezvous #27 - Waracle #35 - Dextral I will make more nominations over the next several days, as I look through more sets. Also, it would be much appreciated if the following levels from my levelset, Zzt.dat, would get nominated. I would be very grateful. #13 - Dowitchers in the Diamond Mine #15 - Smash the Bug #35 - Cloverleaf #37 - Rank and File #41 - The Modern End #44 - Ediacara #49 - System of a Down #56 - The Room Without Space #58 - Chop Suey
  8. I fixed the levels that were marked as unequal or busted on the speadsheet. -Level 1: Added gravel to (16, 18) to fix bust -Level 3: Fixed exit area to prevent block slapping onto trap button at (9, 26) -Level 5: Replaced red door at (18, 18) with a wall, fires at (4, 15) and (4, 17) with gravel, and removed the block at (6, 16) to remove minor ruleset inequality of the paramecium dying in the fire in MS -Level 49: Removed gliders at (15, 26) and (16, 25) to eliminate bust, forcing Chip to clone fireballs -level 60: Moved trap button to (22, 28) to (21, 30) and removed bomb at (28, 30) to make ending section beatable in Lynx
  9. The visual impact of a level's first few seconds of play can have a big effect on the overall experience of playing through the level, and monster movements can greatly add to that visual impact. A quirky, whimsical title that goes along with the aesthetics also plays a vital role in how the level is experienced. With these statements in mind, I designed my level for this competition. I tried to keep it fairly simple and flexible, but also challenging. Chip will need to keep his wits about him in order to get through this level.
  10. Cyberdog


    Version 1.5


    This is a CC1 levelset with 61 levels, all of which are solvable in MS, and should be Lynx compatible (except the last level). I would like these levels to be considered for CCLP4 (except levels 30 and 53). The difficulty of the levels ranges from easy to hard. If any busts or other issues are discovered, I'll be sure to fix them as quickly as possible. I want to thank Michael for his help playtesting the set. I hope everyone enjoys. B)
  11. As the playtester of this set, I recommend playing it. I enjoyed playtesting it and it has a lot of good levels. I hope some of them can make it into CCLP4.
  12. So far, I have 1, 3, 5, 11, 14, 15, and 21 beaten. I haven't beaten much of the set yet, but I like the levels. I particularly like the wide variety of pop-up wall levels, and it's quite a challenge to find solutions to them, even with a level editor.
  13. I like both, but I generally prefer chip01.mid, although to an extent, it depends on the level. For instance, I've always thought that chip02.mid fits very well with TORTURECHAMBER but I would have preferred chip01.mid on JUMPING SWARM.
  14. Thank you for your feedback on my Lynx level.
  15. I've been skipping around the set, but I like the levels I've played so far. 118 is my favorite so far, and I love the title. I like the concept of level 131, although my luck wasn't that good so it took several tries to beat it. 136 was also a fun concept. 123 is a really awesome concept. I think that 61 should have had a few more walkers for a bit more of a challenge, given how much open space there is. Regardless, it's always good to have a few simple monster dodging levels like this one. 110 also seemed a little underwhelming. I like the idea but it's to easy to not get lost. I would try having smaller, but more chambers to pass through. Your level titles are awesome. It's hard to beat titles like Unmitigated Hint Factory Disaster and Occlusion of Collusion. In addition, I like the idea of out of the way hints with passwords. This is a fun set with some nice compositions.
  16. Blazes [13] -2 Pocket Puzzle [3] Water Trap [21] Rotation [23] +1
  17. Cyberdog

    CCLP2 in MS


    This tws file is my proof that I beat CCLP2 in the MS ruleset. All levels have been solved.
  18. I sent in mine. It's based on level 89, The Ghetto Defender.
  19. These are some nice designs, especially the one with the teleports and tanks. That one looks like it will be a tough puzzle. Another suggestion for the second level would be to remove the gravel and then have the paramecia follow the chips instead of the walls, although this would increase the level's difficulty by quite a bit. Yet another suggestion would be to remove the doors off the gravel and keep the gravel, and then replace the ice with doors. That way you can keep the paramecia following the walls. To make things a bit more interesting, have just one or two paramecia follow their respective chips, similar to Loop Holes, the 64th level of CCLP2. With this second idea, you can also have bugs in half the rooms and paramecia in half the rooms, to help vary things a little.
  20. Oops, it looks like I initially downloaded the wrong version of the set. I downloaded the version that had 2.0 as the last level, which would have been way to easy. I just downloaded the finished version.
  21. A few levels I would like to see include: Piecewise 1.9b from Piecewise.dat Double Time Warehouse and Unlocking the Drawbridge from Ultimate_Chip_4.dat Tank Race by MikeL3.dat Takedown and Cooldown from ZK3.dat
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