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  1. Yeah policemen are quiet intimidating hehe, but it's not worst than any driving examination ^^... Those people who are working as examinators just love their sadistic mission to make us fail !!!
  2. Yes, it's the rule here in Jordan, two policemen in the car, the one behind just looks to your eyes going or not on mirrors and he's writting down all your mistakes ^^
  3. I don't know how to speak English but in french we can say "j'ai failli shooter un piéton" so I hoped it was same in English, but whatever the language, I almost killed a poor soul crossing the road... Thx God the policeman stopped the car and told me "I am sorry, you failed".
  4. About me, I do prefer frogs and paramecia, but as a third animal, I would choose a cat ^^
  5. Now I can do parallel parking but I failed my exam this wednesday I almost shot a pedestrian (a stupid lady who maybe got her exam and was going out from the driving center without watching) and a taxi which did not stop before the door of the center... 4 seconds and I knew it was dead for me ^^... I am so weak on driving !!!
  6. This morning I did the level 133 Blobdances, and I made a test : if you go to any corner of the first room, the blob will take approximately six seconds to four seconds to reach you, so it's not random at all, they do choose to be closer to Chip in a random way... I think that being totally random would make them quiet boring since they could be anywhere at the same chance, it would be so easy to pass them...
  7. Haha ! Right for paramecia !!! I think that frogs follow her like dogs !
  8. Please can you come and do it for me ? I hate parallel parking, I am learning it since yesterday, and the teacher expected me to success at the very first time since he got so angry when I failed the three tries.... Meeeaaoooow !!!
  9. Excellent green kitten ! C'est incroyable tous les gens qui parlent français je suis étonnée !!!! Car nous les Français nous parlons si peu les autres langues !!! So many people who can speak French, Amazinnnnng
  10. Uuuh so cold !!! glaglagla
  11. Melinda9

    Your vices

    I am absolutly addicted to chocolate but thanks God I don't get fat (I pray for this to continue) I used to love videogames but I could not play too much because the tv screen made me sick ^^ I dont smoke nor drinking alcohol, I never get interested to those stuffs since I prefer to wast my money in so many other ways hehe I used also to be addicted to Harry Potter's books
  12. COOOOOOL but maybe cold will come back soon ! it's always like that !
  13. Actually I was thinking when I was 8 that Chip could survive in the game by eating those chocolate things and I did not like to leave him in a level where they were not present ^^ lol
  14. @Rockded I am curious to hear the names in French you used to give them ^^ About me : - Teeth : Frogs, toads (grenouilles, crapauds) - Gliders : spatula (spatules) - Paramecia : worms (vers) - Bees : fleas (puces) - Tanks : tanks. - Pink balls : purples pearls (perles violettes). - Walkers : blue pearls with a stick on their a... back ! lol (perles bleues avec un bâton dans leur posterieur ^^) - Fireballs : ninja stars (étoiles ninja) - Blobs : no name... horrible random things, UFO spunges (éponges extraterrestres) - Thiefs : detective (détective) -Socket (The grey thing you can take only if you took all the chips before the end) : cinema band or photo band (it's look like a little bit) : (pellicule de film ou de photo). -Force field : green ways/arrows (frèches vertes) -gravel : gravel (gravier) or (snow, neige) in French, the term snow can fit when we turn on tv without any channel and we see black and white gravel like this. -Hint : the question point (since I could not understand what was written) -Force succion boots : pressure chooses (chaussures à pression) -Trap : sucker (ventouse). -At the very beginning, I believed FIRE was three red burnt orchidea flowers which were burning Chips (look at it carrefully maybe you will see them)... -Brown block : pieces of chocolate I think that's all
  15. Oh vraiment ? Il y a tant de neige que ça ? Combien en est-il tombé ? Un mètre ? Chez moi ici c'est le désert, il fait chaud la journée mais très frois la nuit . La neige me manque ! Cool, Madhav, Namaste ! let's talk French essayons de parler français bien que je sache que c'est une langue difficile ! I also think that it's important to learn other languages but it requires such a lot of efforts, especially to be fluent, it takes ages ! I feel it's very difficult to learn Arabic because I learnt a litterature language which is very different from what people are speaking in the streets here so it makes it harder and harder !!!
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