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  1. Hello Chipsters! I am currently working on making a TASing emulator for CC! With this emulator hope to emulate Chips challenge accurately, and even improve on mouse emulation, as well as add many useful features for routing and even casual playing such as: Rewinding Savestates Frame-by-frame playing TWS Playback RNG manipulation And much, much more! Watch this video to see an early version in action Currently, 146/149 CC1 and 123/149 CCLP3 levels play correctly. There are still some simple things that need to be fixed. Version 1 will be released when nearly all solutions from the public tws's play back correctly. Github repository Feel free to request any features in this thread or by messaging markus#1180 on discord.
  2. MO0

    MO0 View File Levels I built when I was 8-9 years old. They're silly. The whole set will only take around 10 minutes to complete. Enjoy! Submitter Markus Submitted 08/01/2018 Category CC1 Levelsets  
  3. MO0

    Version 1.0.0


    Levels I built when I was 8-9 years old. They're silly. The whole set will only take around 10 minutes to complete. Enjoy!
  4. MO Navigation

    Hello all chipsters! For the last 3.5 years I haven't been very active in the CC community. I played only a couple of sets and joined few competitions. Nevertheless, I made some levels during that time and I feel it would be a shame if I didn't release them. So here they are! This set is short - only 5 levels, and none of them are especially difficult. I noticed that 4 of them had a monster guiding theme, so I decided to go with this name. I hope you enjoy them! Download Please leave your thoughts & feedback in this thread.
  5. MO Navigation

    MO Navigation View File 5 levels I made between MO3's release and now. Submitter Markus Submitted 05/04/2018 Category CC1 Levelsets  
  6. MO Navigation

    Version 1.0.1


    5 levels I made between MO3's release and now.
  7. May 2015 Mini Challenge - funfair0 puzzles

    Sorry for bumping this old thread, but I recently played through funfair. I have completed 23 of the first 25 levels, all except Monster Swap and My Blue Friend. A lot of the levels felt like they were non-CC puzzles implemented in CC. It's an interesting idea and not something I've seen before, but I found these levels were very hit-and-miss. Some levels were excellent, but sometimes I thought it took too long to understand the rules of the puzzle compared to actually solving it. Simple Swap - This level is interesting but gets kind of tedious. I think the short version is almost too long already, and that's why I didn't complete the long one. Chip Leak Watermelon - This level reminds me a lot of short circuit and, like in that level, you can think carefully about every desicion to avoid trapping yourself. It's a fun level. The flippers don't give you much opportunity to explore, since there aren't many paths left and it feels like you could easily cook the level, so I'm indifferent about the level's end. Busted Old Appliances - I love this level. I've seen the basic puzzle where you connect 6 points before, so I understood the hint immediately. But there's even more to the puzzle, since you can't just take any path. The limited space restricts you a lot. Figuring out the correct path was really fun. Heads and Tails - The hardest part of this level is figuring out how the mechanism works. It's pretty complicated when you don't know what the red buttons are connected to. Once you figure that out, the solution is trivial. I didn't like this level as there wasn't much of a puzzle, instead you just had to figure out all the rules. There is No Possible Way - I'm supposed to look online for the answer? That's pretty unusual. I guess the puzzle was cool, but I don't think it works well in this implementation. Dodecaphobia - It's a nice layout for a bug dodging level full of short corridors. This actually gave me a lot of trouble to beat, but that probably says more about me than the level! Seven Nine Thirteen - What is this? Unyielding Pyramid - This is one of my favourites. I just wish the layout was less confusing. For instance, I don't think there should be a one way path to the left side at the beginning of the level. It makes the rules of the puzzle more confusing but not the puzzle itself. The idea with the triangle in the middle was really good. The Hatfield Recalibration - Another great level. The confusing maze works really well here. Seven Queens - Sure, it's impressive, but does this really need to be a chip's challenge level? I didn't find playing it that fun. Bounce Paths - I only played the easier path - that was already hard enough for me. The room near the end with 4 pink balls all colliding with each other was really tough. I thought this was really good for a straightforward pink ball level. My Blue Friend - trying to sync up tank button hits while I can barely see the tank is really hard. I didn't get very far and I didn't enjoy this. Five by five - Please move the hint to the start! It's really important for to understanding what's happening, and right now it's hard to reach or even see. This level is... extremely difficult. I couldn't find any patterns, or any way to think about it differently to make it simpler. The solutions aren't symmetrical. If there's a trick to solving it, I really want to know it. In the end, I had to use computer assistance. Fun fact: there are exactly 96 solutions. I liked it a lot.
  8. KeyboardWielder.dat

  9. KWests

  10. tensorpudding-3

  11. The Let's Play Topic

    I've started recording a blind Let's Play of CCLP4 on my channel. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsXZonX_iyxSKdpNQZhT1qAuUq31lua3Y
  12. Spooks

    Hi. This is a little something I made to make spooks far more manageable. I hope 548 can be confirmed soon! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LL6iHWcWUQw Download
  13. Markus cclp1 tws



    149/149 levels complete.
  14. Markus cclp3 tws



    149/149 levels complete
  15. An Honest Review of CCLP1

    Hi, I guess I'm momentarily back. Recently I was hungry for a new puzzle game and decided to play through CCLP1. I was heavily active in the months before CCLP1, but burnt out too early to really play through it. I beat about 25 levels when the set was released, but quickly lost motivation and quit CC. So this was, for the most part, blind. I played the game on tile world lynx (as opposed to the awful, buggy and somehow popular 5fps port) and beat all but one level in 4 days. This isn't my return to the community, I simply felt like playing CC recently. I feel like I have somewhat of an outsiders perspective and haven't really been influenced by the hype. The set starts of exactly as you'd expect. However, after the well-picked lesson levels, CCLP1 presents a medley of about 80 levels which were all designed for the level 15 slot. No individual level was actually bad, however by level 100 I noticed that the set I was playing through hadn't reached Tossed Salad difficulty yet. Am I really not trusted to figure out how to dodge the enemies 2 seconds into Starry Night, or experiment on puzzles? I remembered back to the strategic dodging on Digger and Blobdance; the creative puzzles Four Square and Catacombs; and Blobdance and On The Rocks, which dared to be difficult. Due to an excessive focus on beginner-friendliness and "fair" design (can it be beaten it in 1 try), CCLP1 is simply boring. This is not a replacement for CC1. I understand that this game was targeted at beginners, not me, so please don't get too offended by anything I say. I know I'm being harsh. But this is just how I personally felt about the set. After the early-game snoozefest, however, the set becomes a lot better, and I enjoyed most of the triple digit levels. If only the set had reached this point sooner, and I see no reason why it didn't, I would've really like it overall. Thief, You've Taken All That Was Me was hands down my favourite level in the set. I guess that shows what kind of a game I was hoping for. Will I come back for CCLP4? Perhaps. Right now I'm even entertaining the idea of LPing it, but who knows how many times I'll change my mind in the decade before it gets released. One thing's for sure: if I ever play that Chips Challenge set, it's because I want a challenge. Something with a difficulty peak that puts CCLP3 to shame. But that seems unlikely, since certain members of the community will denounce anything that takes them more than one attempt to beat. At the very least, I want that feeling of being stumped by a puzzle. And that feeling of solving it after so much time and thought. I only weakly felt that twice in the four days it took me to finish this set.
  16. Markus CCLP4 submissions

    Version 1.4


    CCLP4 submissions! This is basically my CCLP1 set with newer levels added on. No original levels. Enjoy!
  17. MO3

    Hello again CCZone! MO3 is a level set I started a year ago. Since then, I've lost motivation for CC so I haven't worked on the set much. Now it's Christmas and I've finally decided to release the levels. The primary goal of MO3 was to make levels that look really nice. It is also probably my hardest set, since I used up my ideas for easier levels for CCLP1. The set includes 9 finished levels, which are all medium to hard, but greatly differ in length. I also included 3 levels which are close to being complete, but were never finished due to a lack of motivation. Download: http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/428-mo3/ Enjoy! Please post feedback in this thread. All levels have been tested in lynx only, so please report anything MS-exclusive. Screenshots:
  18. MO3

    Thanks, JB! I didn't know any progress had been made on CCLP4 until I saw this post. I talked to Michael over skype and he sent me a link to this thread, which is apparently the main CCLP4 discussion thread. IMO, there should be a more obvious CCLP4 discussion thread than this, or maybe the thread's title could be changed. Anyway, now that I know about it, I'll submit all 9 levels for CCLP4. I won't submit any of my older levels since my best older levels are already in CCLP1 and anyway, I feel that this set has far better levels than my first two. EDIT: Never mind, I just looked though the set and there are more good hard levels than I remembered. I'll think about CCLP4 submissions whenever the limitations on what designers can submit are decided on.
  19. MO3

    Version 1.0


    My third levelset, including 7 original levels!
  20. Hurt and Heal: CC1

  21. The Official CC Zone Level Up Thread!

    On the Rocks - A tedious long block pushing level I could never complete when I first played CC. My best time for this level is exactly 1000 seconds.
  22. My highest CASTLE MOAT time

    You could just call the set CamsLP. It should be obvious to anyone here that it's a CC levelset. CamsLPfCC is a bit long and hard to remember.
  23. JoshL4 [the real thing]

    I might be missing something, but can't you use the block to get one of the suction boots behind the blue button?
  24. The person below me

    True The person below me has played levels in at least one voting pack today.
  25. This or That

    A small river. The water in streams is cleaner than sea water and I like being able to see the other side of a river. Snow or Ice?