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  1. Does anyone know how to fix this? I tried creating a level in the editor and this happened when I switched back to the game.
  2. It's the fantastic drowse of the afternoon Sundays

  3. It's always hit or miss so take your aim

  4. Soooo, I've been working on a set for what I believe has been a couple years, and I've just now decided it would be a good idea to say something about it. It's gonna have 149 levels and it currently has 117, which is where it's been for a while, but I'm working to end it with fantastic levels and some of them are in desperate need of revisions. There isn't really a difficulty curve to the set because the levels are arranged based on when they were added to the set (some I designed for competitions, but I still wanted them in the set) and show a trend in my growth as a level designer. Aside from a few aesthetic changes, I haven't updated any levels I made when I first started designing and I don't plan to because, even though they probably aren't very good, I felt a certain freedom when I began designing them and they would lose the disorder they have that appeals to me. If you've seen my create comp entries, then it's probably clear that I'm big on sokoban puzzles, which are prominent throughout my set. Insane levels also make appearances in the set, but I'm gonna update them after release with changes that make them Lynx-compatible. Until then, I've provided passwords for the next level on any insane levels, Lynx-incompatible levels, and nearly impossible levels that are only difficult through randomness. This set's been through good levels, bad levels, weird levels, concepts that went in a different direction, concepts that just plain didn't work, and even a loss of some of the original designs due to a fatal crash that caused the disappearance of a few levels, but this certainly is a set I'm proud of, and I hope y'all enjoy at least some of the levels in the set. So that's what you can expect from my set. I may upload previews of some levels if y'all want, but my CCLP4 submission set is a good place to start if you want an idea of what the set looks like, although it was made mostly Lynx-compatible and I've made better levels in the time since I uploaded it.
  5. RB3ProKeys


    Version 1


    Proof that I have completed CCLP2 in MS
  6. RB3ProKeys


    Version 1


    Proof that I have completed CCLXP2
  7. CCLP4 (MS): 91. (How to Retune Your Harp) - 402
  8. You have to jump in and grab the red key as soon as it's free. It can be pretty difficult at first, but it's easy once you have the timing memorized. Here's a video solution to show that it is indeed solvable.
  9. It's late, and it's driving me so mad

  10. Shouldn't it begin with a z since the one before ended with one
  11. 404 Update Not Found (Please subscribe to Chip's Challenge Gold to view status)

  12. Fill me up with the desire to carry on

  13. CCLP4 (MS): 120. (Construct-a-Sokoban) - 628
  14. CCLP4 (MS): 34. (Frozen Waffle) - 177
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