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Status Updates posted by RB3ProKeys

  1. It's the fantastic drowse of the afternoon Sundays

  2. It's always hit or miss so take your aim

  3. It's late, and it's driving me so mad

  4. 404 Update Not Found (Please subscribe to Chip's Challenge Gold to view status)

  5. Fill me up with the desire to carry on

  6. Down in the dungeon just Hoople and me

  7. I'm loving these leaks, or should I call them Chip slips

  8. Hot space let's go!

  9. You really know how to set the mood

  10. Last day for voting

  11. Don't take offense at my innuendo

    1. random 8

      random 8

      Don't make innuendos at my expense

  12. It's a kind of magic

  13. Into every life a little rain must fall

  14. Wear your real eyes

  15. I bless the rains down in Africa

  16. I feel so inarticulate

  17. Hot Space let's go!

  18. Chip causes slide delay

  19. Your hands and feet are mangoes; you're gonna be a genius anyway

  20. This should be heaven for everyone

  21. This could be heaven for everyone

    1. M11k4


      Or just a lucky few...