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  1. Joe's CCLP1 Entries

  2. Version


    Just the same set, but with changes made to Funhouse Pinball and Wild Mouse. The other levels, imo, aren't all that. I'm really hopeful that these will make it though. The pink ball "display" lasts around 21 seconds.
  3. PIctures of Attractive People

    know both of em :o
  4. Acronym Challenge

    Really Annoying Tank Swapping GOBJG
  5. PIctures of Attractive People

    It was a 'When you see it....' picture, but I couldn't see it.
  6. CC Level Title Conversations

    I'm on a HUNT for a VOTING BOOTH(manipulator.dat) in this strange JAPANESE GAME SHOW (heard the title somewhere)
  7. What song are you listening to right now?

    Cascada - Everytime We Touch was a tuuuune back in't days
  8. I would remove the red door for teh luls.
  9. The Wannabe Longest Thread

    ^Sounds similar to the Maltese (I'm half Maltese) Pastizzi, which was meat, or sometimes a form of pea, inside pastry. They were literally sold EVERYWHERE for 20c, but now they've got the Euro they're more expensive.
  10. Who's sexier?

    Cole. Hmm... The girl in Tom's display picture, or Holly Willoughby?
  11. Not_CCLP1.dat

    Can't see where to place the block in Pangea (the one by the blue door)
  12. The Wannabe Longest Thread

    ^Dang, if I took it out of your hands I apologize Just ate a Greggs Steak Bake, it was amazing. EDIT: v Yes, I do.
  13. What are your fears/phobias?

    Cynophobiac right here.
  14. Suggestions for Super Tile World!

    Playing a level in 32x32. End of.