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  1. There. The tws file I've attached is all of my CC1 MS scores as of today. I completed that set some time ago (not sure exactly when lol) and only found the tws file just yesterday, so obviously most of the scores are unoptimized I'd say, but I'll probably come back and post an update once I get around to try and improve my score. cc-ms.dac.tws
  2. I kinda liked the awards system. It's a shame that it doesn't really exist, but I'm sure there'd be someone who could do that.
  3. Hmph, can't seem to get it to work for me. I'm not sure exactly how you set it up in which it can run MSCC.
  4. Wow. That is a lot of players. Now we just have to find a way to bring them into the community.
  5. Alright, so you may or may not have heard of the longest levelset ever, known as Jacques.dat (986 levels to be exact). But what if there was something like a mega level pack that compiled all of the levels from all of the official level sets (CC1, CCLP1, CCLP2, CCLP3, and CCLP4) and assembled them all by difficulty? Well, it turns out that the amount of levels would add up to 745. The thing is though, is that the length of that would make it short compared to a full 999 levels. This brings me to my next question: Which levels/levelsets would you compile together (along with the 745 levels from official levelsets) to make it a full 999 level levelset? For me, I would probably add the Walls of CCLP4, maybe a few CCZone award levels, and possibly ZK1. What about you guys? What would you add?
  6. Yeah, it is rated a 3 star difficulty level according to the Chip Wiki. Sometimes you have to think outside the box.
  7. This looks good so far. I think it will turn out to be an awesome set to play when it's all finished. I was playing a little bit of the "demo version" (or whatever you want to call it) and I managed to find a bust in Exit Exaggeration. Apparently with perfect timing, you can guide the tooth monster into the bomb at the beginning and exit. If you choose not to go there, you can use the flippers provided to exit in the NW room under the same circumstances.
  8. I would think so. One time made a level that was inspired and based off the game of Minecraft, one of my all-time favorite games. The level is called "Chipcraft" and it turns out to be a bit of an interesting level to me.
  9. I've heard in one of Josh's videos (can't remember which one it was lol) that there was something like this where there are 149 levels that are only sokobans. I have to say that is pretty impressive. I haven't played it yet but I heard it's good.
  10. Version 1.2.0


    It's here. After a 3 year hiatus, TomB1.dat, known as Tom Brown's first official levelset, is finally receiving updates. It currently has 90 levels, which may be expanded at some point in the future. The levels start out with some beginner levels, and slowly gets harder as you go on. It has somewhat of a difficulty curve, so it is possible to come up on perhaps a challenging level later in the set. Some of the levels are levels that I originally created in my past, and have been modified to work in both rulesets. Most of the levels in this set are brand new and have never been created by me before 2015. All of the levels in this levelset are compatible in both rulesets, so you are able to choose which ruleset you would like to play for the levelset. Some of the levels in this levelset might be suitable for future official level packs. If you're interested in reporting scores for the set, the scoreboard can be found on pie guy's site. In other words, I guess that is all I have to say here. I hope you all enjoy it and if you have any suggestions or fixes that you want me to make, feel free to let me know on twitter, discord, and such.
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