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  1. Juicy jazz medley of some Mario Kart Rainbow Road courses.
  2. That was the problem. Thanks!
  3. Thanks! I've run into a problem though. I followed those steps and the game crashes when I load the set unless I copy "save.c2h" into the new folder as well. Copying the file though seems to carry over the score from my CC2 playthrough while I hope to keep the two scores separate. Am I missing something?
  4. When you save a level it is saved as a .c2m map file, but I can't find a way to create a set of multiple levels and manage them as with Chip Edit for CC1. Is this possible at the moment?
  5. It would presuppose that, yes. Now, if you have your internally consistent system of logic, you can see how it compares with the world we observe. Perhaps it will accurately describe reality in some cases and not in others. There is evidence that multiple authors wrote not just Deueteronomy, but all of the books. The bible seems to me to be a big game of telephone. Or, knowing that floods happen (and cause destruction), all it could have taken to start this story is the imagination of not just any ordinary flood, but a great floor that covered the whole world. No grand catastrophy required. It's not like that. If you know an approximate age, which you must first determine using other means, you can choose the best radiometeric clock to use to find a more accurate date. I don't find number patterns to be very convincing, considering the affinity of our brains for patterns. You could find a number of other patterns and numbers in a barcode, or in anything really. You only see it as significant because the number 666 means something to you. What else could you find that number in?
  6. We need to proove that the logic is inconsistent to show that it's flawed, right?
  7. $100,000? What? That explains why I haven't played CC2 yet, but I can't believe the cost, I really don't understand how these things work. If somehow I ever become rich (yeah right) I'll keep this in mind. Also interesting how Unity is being used to create the Chuck's Challenge, if I understood correctly.
  8. It may be hard to call an evil diety "Father" and put faith in him, but that wouldn't make one less likely to exist. It would be figure out why this diety would create us in the first place, yes, but this seems to me to be true whether or not the diety is evil. Would a good diety create us so that we could enjoy life? Why not an evil diety so we could suffer? Atheism itself isn't a belief system, though atheists could still have belief systems. It seems to me that most atheists consider a-theist to mean not-theist (not a believer in god(s)). In that case, atheism couldn't be logically inconsistent. Also, there are atheists out there who are angry at religion or something events in their lives related to religion, but definitely not all of them.
  9. Very interesting. I was thinking that it was more of an arbitrary decision not to include base 1, but I didn't notice the differences between base 1 and the rest of them. You started it.
  10. If evil was the absence of good, would that mean we had to classify all actions as good or evil? If so, would sitting idly be evil? If not, what exactly do you mean by evil being the absence of good, if not in the context of behavior? Yeah, I agree with you here. Anyway, I think statements can be shown to be consistent with observation and evidence, in which we may call them 'true', and statements can be shown to be consistent with a given some set of axioms, in which we could say they're true, given the axioms are true somehow.
  11. Right, I agree with you there. I was just clarifying the meaning of the word "theory" in science. I think it's very important that more people understand that, since most people I talk to outside of science don't realize the difference between a scientific theory and an ordinary explanation about something. Interesting question, but it seems... malformed/meaningless to me. I think a better question might be, can statements be shown to be true, in which I would answer, yes. Maybe you meant something else?
  12. Phazite

    Lamest topic EVAH

    I may or may not be posting in this topic in order to get +1 post, but let's just say I am not, to be safe.
  13. Isn't rock weak against ice? Quarks don't really have color. We say they have color charge only to describe their strange three way interaction, hence red, green, and blue.
  14. I'm mostly just reading rather than discussing, but I wanted to point something out. Theories actually consist of collections of facts, laws, models and explain them as well as make predictions, so theories are actually the highest level of... I'll just call it "scientific truth", since I can't think of a good word.
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