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  1. Vote here: https://hw0.eu/cc2lp1/ Quick rundown on how voting works this time. H2O's site above will take you to pieguy's site to login. This is for identification purposes and we decided to route it through pieguy's site since most people already have accounts there. To get a pack, press the "create a set" button and the server will generate a randomly shuffled pack for you to vote on. Your rating for a level is automatically saved after you make one. Continue this process til you've finished voting on all the packs! 😎 There is no end date for voting set. The end date will be announced likely around a month in advance when we have received a sufficient number of votes per level.
  2. Hello Chipsters, The submissions period of CC2LP1 has ended and we've received 1406 submissions. Here is the status of all the levels: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YgHynxwC24LhimJVfs9AvmTzuOB0vZOWc3OiNx1q0lQ/edit?usp=sharing Designers are allowed to update their submissions to fix replays, busts, or any other quality of life updates. If your levels replay is marked as unverified in that sheet, open your level, view the replay, then save the level. Also, you can attempt to submit the level as part of a Steam Workshop pack and CC2 will tell you if the level's replay is unverified. For Discord users, I hope to add a command where you can upload your level and Gliderbot give the verification status. The staff will also be going through levels to check for busts. Those will be added to the above sheet. The best way to send level updates is to use this uploader: https://tylersontag.com/cc2lp1/index.php/s/5jyNPt3kDaS9wxL You can also send me levels through Discord (quiznos00#3068) or through CCZone, put the above link is preferable as the whole staff will immediately be able to see the changes. Do not send updates through this thread or through the public Discord as we need to monitor submissions more closely. The period ends around July 12 on 11:59pm, but because there was confusion about the exact end time for the submissions period, we're using a countdown clock this time https://countingdownto.com/?c=2498084
  3. FROM OUT OF NOWHERE! Collab between random 8 and I submitted four minutes before the deadline rofl LeavingItAllBehind.c2m
  4. Indeed Jeffrey is correct, but if you want it straight from the staff, CC3D is an official level pack and adaptations from it will not be considered (even if CC3D adapted levels from CC2 lol)
  5. Version 1.0.1


    My submissions pack for CC2LP1. 50 levels with replays: 40 from TSAlpha. Monorail not submitted since it's in CCLP4. Two of Gimmick Isle Zero's sections were made into their own levels, both Great Job CC2 levels were shortened, and the transformer section of Enter the Void was made into its own level. 5 from TSBeta 4 from TSNull 1 unreleased port of a TS1 level
  6. Thanks for the work you've done over the years! There indeed has been discussion in the Discord about consolidation of some sites, and Cowman_113 (not on CCZone) and I have started work at https://bitbusters.club/. I'm definitely interested in the custom sets page and any static page that's informational (so list of links, program landing pages, 64 bit CC page). I will send you a message
  7. quiznos00


    Version Oct 30, 2019


    This is my second CC2 set. It has six levels now and will be updated until it reaches forty levels.
  8. quiznos00

    CC3 Wishlist

    Chip's Challenge 3 is apparently happening eventually. Here are some improvements from CC2 that I would like to see. Need-to-haves: A sand tile. This would block monsters and blocks but allow Chip and Melinda (with hiking boots?) to cross. There is no tile with these properties in CC2 while even Chuck's Challenge has one. Using fake green walls as a block blocker is awkward. A no-drop tile. An overlay tile that prevents boots from being dropped on it. Blank no signs and no signs with irrelevant tools technically do the job but they are unsightly and don't convey their intent as well as a dedicated tile would. Native support for zero-directional blocks. This is the most commonly used "hacked" tile and is a logical extension of the other directional blocks. Wiring on a separate layer. Wiring in CC2 is powerful, but still held back by their restriction to being placed on just floor and steel walls. The ideal solution is to combine the best of CC1's connection system and CC2's wiring system and allow wires to exist on a dedicated layer. Visibility while playing a level could be toggled by a key and they could appear as a transparent overlay. This would also fix the oddity of pink and black buttons not appearing when hide logic is on. More consistent monster behavior. Bugs and rovers should not avoid canopies. Fireballs and ghosts with flippers should not avoid turtles. Rovers with fire boots should not avoid fire. Support for bowling balls starting on clone machines. The ghost setup takes up an absurd amount of space for such a simple result. Allow blocked green teleports to be skipped over. Support for lowercase letters. Give teeth monsters north-facing tile, and give blue teeth the same number of animation frames as red teeth. Automatic recording while playing a level, like Tile World's. This should be easy to apply to normal play since it already exists in the editor. Higher res graphics, 64x64? No 3D graphics like Puzzle Studio or Chuck's Challenge please Extra green chip/bomb tiles. More diverse sound effects. CC2 has fewer sound effects than the original Lynx game despite the wealth of new elements. Important bug fixes: Disallow hooks from attempting to pull monsters. Disallow the player from being able to slap monsters. If blocks can be pushed consecutively on floor, allow them to be pushed consecutively on force floors. Trap logic fix, including multiple trap button problems and the issues with wired traps Consistent snatching and hook block slapping behavior (i.e. not monster order related) Flame jet max distance fix The two disappearing Chip glitches and the Waterbirth glitch Thin wall on closed side of railroad should not have any effect except when the RR sign is equipped Allow player to step off force floor if they start the level on them Allow key inventory to exceed 255. Want-to-have fun stuff: Allow blocks to be pushed at 2x speed when Chip has speed boots. Make blocks have no effect on recessed walls. This would revert their behavior back to CC1. Ice blocks and directional blocks would still be able to be pushed on them, and turtles could still retain the CC2 "flicking" behavior. More thin tiles: walls are the only tiles to have thin versions of them even though other tiles could be adapted to this concept. Puzzle Studio has thin toggle walls. Thin gravel, thin force floors, thin recessed walls, etc. have potential. Lasers: Puzzle Studio and Escape have these. A beam it shot in one (or more) directions until stopped by a wall and other elements like blocks and perhaps monsters. Chip dies when hit by the beam. Maybe a beam receiver that converts the beam to an electrical current. Reflectors: Chuck's Challenge has these, though they apply to the spitter enemy. Pushable block that reflects bowling balls and lasers 90 degrees. Could be rotated with train tracks. Logic gate enhancements: Add NOR and XNOR gate for completeness. Add diodes which allow current in only one direction, the ability to specify a delay in frames from 1-10, which will make synchronizing circuits easier and remove the need for chained OR gates (Circuit City contains an example of long OR gate chains) "Frictionless" blocks (don't have a better name): Copy of the yellow blocks from Escape. These are blocks, once pushed in some direction, that continue on a straight path until they hit an obstacle. Think of tanks but pushable in any direction by Chip. Score gate: Exists in Challengo, essentially a socket that the player can open if they have enough points but will deduct from their score.
  9. Hi Chipland, I have recently formed a staff for CC2LP1. It consists of The Architect, chipster1059, H2O, Zane Kuecks, random 8, Ruben Spaans, and Tyler Sontag (me). The submissions deadline has been decided to be 31 May, 2019 at 23:59 in whatever timezone you're in. Be sure to post in the call for submissions thread if you want your levels to be considered for voting! ~ Tyler
  10. Let’s revive this thread with pointless CC2 trivia. Pointless CCLP4 trivia will come soon. In the CC2 main game, no tile contains more than three train track pieces (maximum is six)
  11. CCLP1 MS #79 (lmao): [958] (+1, b)
  12. After various Discord discussions, here are the final level submission rules. I've mirrored this in the original post in this topic: Obvious criteria: no unsolvable levels, no busted levels, no levels that have appeared in any official level pack before, no blatant level mods Level content: It has been decided that no contents other than those listed above will restrict a level from being accepted into voting. CC1 boot levels, zero directional blocks, blank no signs, any misc hex edited tiles, hide logic, and inaccessible bonuses are allowed. Viewport, RNG setting, and map size can be anything. No preliminary bans were put it effect since these levels are in the minority and the voting results will better gauge community interest in these types of levels. Level solutions: MUST be provided. This is mostly to reduce time staff spends testing submitting levels (which, I know from CCLP1 and CCLP4, takes a while). If you are having technical troubles recording solutions to your levels, we can accommodate. What to submit: Your submissions need only be C2M files. C2G files are not required and are not even encouraged. Levels will be jumbled during the voting process and the final pack assembly so C2G files are unnecessary. This also means advanced scripting (level warps, inventory setting, etc.) are implicitly banned since they aren't contained within a C2M file.
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