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  1. Tyler's CC Scores

    CCLP4 MS #3 (lol bad score): 216 (+19, b-4) #14 (Poly-Gone): 335 (+11, b) #17 (The Three Trials): 254 (+5, b) #35 (Chasing Chips): 356 (+10, b) #80 (Monster Swapper): 292 (+10, b) #119 (Strandquist): 520 (+1, b)
  2. Tyler's CC Scores

    CCLP4 MS #87 (And the Walls Kept Crumbling Down): 526 (+2, b, tykl) #130 (Bam Thwok): 561 (+65, b)
  3. Call for CC2LP1* Level Pack Submissions

    Here is a link to the spreadsheet so far: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jpq1QdjhxQny_r9lvYiCEETONQ6_a0H39dRC8QMWHzc/edit?usp=sharing By the way, the best way to submit your levels for consideration is by uploading them to CCZone so that there's a permanent repository for them. That way you can make updates as you please without needing to notify me And for the two people wondering... yes I will be submitting my levels soon, but through a separate pack specifically for CC2LP1 consideration.
  4. Tyler's CC Scores

    CCLP1 MS #65 (Squared in a Circle): 428 (+9, b) #140 (ACD): 821 (+8, b-4) #141 (Flush): 269 (+3, b)
  5. Tyler's CC Scores

    CCLP1 MS #013 (The Monster Cages): 263 (+2, b) #090 (Bowling Alleys): 332 (+17, b-11) #115 (California): 430 (+10, b) #116 (Communism): 521 (+1, b)
  6. Tyler's CC Scores

    CCLP1 MS #38 (Up-Down Adventure): 482 (+8, b-1) #73 (Zzzzzz): 419 (+8, b)
  7. Count to 1,000

    ((3 + 2) ^ 2 * (2 + 2) + 3 + 3) * 3 ^ 2
  8. Tyler's CC Scores

    CCLP1 MS #10 (Graduation): 320 (+2, b) #127 (In the Pink): 422 (+36, b)
  9. Call for CC2LP1* Level Pack Submissions

    Everything I listed in the third paragraph is still up to further debate.
  10. *title not final Greetings Chipsters, In honor of CCLP4 submissions being opened three years ago today, I would like to semi-officially open level submissions for the first CC2 community pack. There have been conversations on the Discord about when submissions should open and who would like to be on the CC2LP1* staff and I've expressed my interest in leading the project and have received support from others. So, while the staff is not finalized, I would like to get the ball rolling by opening CC2 pack submissions, which I will maintain in a Google Doc and post here once it's more populated. You can submit your pack by letting me know here or on Discord, or letting someone know who will be sure to let me know Keep in mind the very few current restrictions on what you can submit. Levels that have appeared in an official CC1 pack that have been ported over will not be allowed. Blatant mods of any official CC1 or CC2 will not be allowed and it will be up to the discretion of the staff to decide which levels are too similar to the levels they were based on ("Walls Of" levels are still okay). Levels that are busted or unsolvable (obviously) are not allowed. The decisions for the questions I asked in the survey topic have not been officially made yet, but here are restrictions on levels themselves that will probably be in place based on the current responses, in case you want to plan ahead. CC1 boot levels will be banned, viewport size can be either 9x9 or 10x10, no limit on map size, zero directional blocks and blank no signs are allowed, other hex edited tiles are banned, submitted levels require a recorded solution, inaccessible bonuses are allowed, hide logic is allowed, and RNG setting can be any. Submissions will probably not close for a while (maybe 6 months from now?) so you can relax and focus on designing some fun levels! ~ Tyler Sontag
  11. Tyler's CC Scores

    CCLP2 MS #127 (Escape from Zartacla): 113 (+1, b, Bacorn is God)
  12. What song are you listening to right now?

  13. Tyler's CC Scores

    CCLP2 MS #37 (Can I Join Da Club): 324 (+2, b)
  14. CC2 Community Pack Survey

    What should the set be named? Please someone come up with a better name than CC2LPx. H2O is pretty good at naming sets. How many levels? I like 150. I felt the CC2 main game was too long, and a community pack will probably be more difficult in terms of abstract puzzle solving. Allow levels with CC1 boot rules? No. Consistent viewport size (9x9 or 10x10)? 10x10 for everything. CC2 maps are large enough to accommodate the larger viewport, and level sections like the end Oasis from CCLP4 could be redesigned since there is no 32x32 map size limit. Map size limit? Namely, should the 40x40 limit from the CC2 main game be retained? No. Map size does not have a 100% correlation to level length, and overly long levels will be weeded out by the voting process anyway. Should any tiles or techniques be banned? If there is a level that requires block slapping, there should be a tutorial involving it. I would be okay with most "glitches" as long as they're self-evident and don't cause the game to crash. So all sections in Great Job CC2 except for the bowling ball on turtle glitch, monster key inventory overflow, and force floor block climbing glitch would be fine by me, but I do not intend to submit those levels for pack consideration in their current form. For tiles, I approve of zero-directional blocks and blank no signs. I would probably ban empty railroad tracks and voodoo tiles because they seemingly have no use except for deception, except for the solid pink and solid blue tiles as they could probably have some good aesthetic use. Any other standards that should be set in place? RNG setting and hide logic should be chosen by the designer, even though I personally dislike the current implementation of hide logic. Music tracks should have the same cycle as the CC2 main game. Submitted levels should require solutions. Bonus flags should be able to be used in any way they wish.
  15. CC2 Community Pack Survey

    Sup Chipsterz, There have been some short conversations about the first CC2 community pack on the Chip's Challenge Discord, mostly involving me complaining about how lackluster the main game is and how a community pack would be 10 times better. But before we even begin opening submissions, there are a few opinions I'd like to get from the community about the structure of the set and what should and shouldn't be allowed. Here are my questions, I'll post my own thoughts in a reply soon. What should the set be named? How many levels? Allow levels with CC1 boot rules? Consistent viewport size (9x9 or 10x10)? Map size limit? Namely, should the 40x40 limit from the CC2 main game be retained? Should any tiles or techniques be banned? Some "unsupported" tiles are innocuous, like the zero-directional block or the blank "no" sign, but hex editing can lead to weird and wild tiles, as seen in TSAlpha's Enter the Void. There also are some non-obvious techniques, like block slapping and the gimmicks in TSAlpha's Great Job CC2! levels, that may not be well-suited for an official pack. Any other standards that should be set in place?