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  1. TSα Discussion

    [10:44:44 PM] Tyler Sontag: i should make a topic tbh Here's a topic where you can leave feedback for my CC2 set, TSα. It currently has 12 levels, and I'll post here when I make major updates. Enjoy!
  2. TSα Discussion

    TSAlpha has received its three level update. ALSO now included is replays for every level, every hint text being vertically centered, a slight fix to Give Up the Ghost, and "Oh Dam!" being slightly renamed to "Oh Dam".
  3. TSα Discussion

    I don't have any new levels for TSAlpha yet, but I just released my rejects set called TSNull. Get it here: TSAlpha should receive a 3-level update soon. One of the levels will be from the create comp I entered last month.
  4. TSNull

    Version 1.0.0


    This is my CC2 rejects set. It has 12 levels.
  5. Count to 1,000

    2 * (21^2 + 21 - 1/2)
  6. Sup guys, it's Tyler. I don't think I've run a Create Competition before so I am proud to present my first! For this competition, I wanted to celebrate the upcoming Chip's Challenge 2 three year release anniversary (on May 28th) with this month's theme: Chip's Challenge 2 - Back to Basics The CC2 editor was originally tiny, so many of the original CC2 levels are 10x10. It's been 20 years since those levels were designed and making huge levels is enticing, but for this competition I want you to make a 10x10 CC2 level to show how far level design has come and what neat concepts you can pack into a small space Guidelines: 1. The level must be your own and not already be publicly released. 2. The size of the level map MUST be 10x10. The level contents can of course be smaller, but CC2 cannot handle smaller map sizes than 10x10. 3. It should be a CC2 level. If you do not own or cannot run CC2, I will allow CC1 levels to be submitted, given that it could be theoretically ported to CC2 (e.g. no taking advantage of CC1's trap connections! ) 4. The deadline is May 31st, 11:59 PM EDT (GMT-4). PM me on CCZone or Discord (quiznos00#3068) to submit your level(s). You can submit up to 5 levels for consideration. Have fun!
  7. Revamping my level set pages

    Glad to see this addition Be aware that Flareon1 is no longer online. I assume you're the only one who is about to hide level sets.
  8. TSα Discussion

    TSAlpha has finally received an update! Three new levels! One is just the larger (and original) version of a create comp level I made a while back.
  9. Count to 1,000

  10. Ida4

  11. Chip56.ccl

  12. JoshL5 Preview

  13. CCLP4 submission

  14. Extreme Hold Right Adventure

  15. Walls of Chip's Challenge

  16. TSAlpha

  17. Motekopasznyaku

  18. AndrewR1

  19. Pointless CC Trivia Thread

    Post facts about the games that no one would ever need to know HERE! I'll start. In CC1, Chip's starting direction is north in 0 levels, east in 1 level, west in 3 levels, and south in 145 levels. In CC1 for Lynx, Chip always starts south.
  20. CC Ultimate Music Playlist

    [7:52:22 PM] Tyler Sontag: i'm trying to make a thread [7:52:30 PM] Tyler Sontag: where people post songs that have the same titles as official cc levels [7:52:32 PM] Tyler Sontag: and s*** Know any songs that have the same title as a CC level? Post 'em here! I'll update the list in this first post as more people post, so we can construct the ultimate CC music playlist (or something idk) CC1 #49 - Problems (Sex Pistols) #105 - Short Circuit (Daft Punk) #134 - Pain (Jimmy Eat World) CCLP1 #81 - Colors (For Extreme) (dj TAKA) #87 - Pluto (Björk) #120 - Metal Harbor (Sonic Adventure 2 soundtrack) #139 - Assassin (Muse) #147 - Thief, You've Taken All That Was Me (Weezer) CCLP2 #110 - A Kind of Magic (Queen) CCLP3 #129 - Everybody Get Dangerous (Weezer) #147 - Avalanche (New Order)
  21. Tyler's CC Scores

    CCLP2 MS #85 (Follow Some Stuff): 301 (+3, b-5) #94 (Checkerboard II): 686 (+119, b-102) #114 (Joyride II): 78 (+1, b-3) #146 (Run-a-Muck): 301 (+128, b-18) Total score: 6,037,770