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  1. Successfully downloaded both of those to Will's World, thanks!! ????
  2. Oh, did you assemble that set just for me, chipster1059? That's so great! ???? I've added it to my Will's World now and it works. Isac will be so pleased. I'd really love to have Miikas set in there also, but I don't think Will's World can play it from CCZone.
  3. I have a little friend, Isac, of four years old, who likes to borrow my phone and play the only game that is there. The game is Will's World which is a CC clone for Iphone. But he can only complete a few of the levels and gets very frustrated when they are too hard. Plus, it's more difficult to race monsters etc with the touch pad than on a keyboard. So, does anyone have any suggestion of levelsets with child friendly levels? Either the whole set is simple or at least a bunch of the first levels in the set. Will's world will need an url pointing directly to the levelset. Many thanks in advance! (OT, what happened to the Newsgroup? Or is it only me that can't seem to find it anymore?)
  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! It was an interesting read. I think you're right about how people/kids today are harder to please because of all variety, not only in gamilng. In some ways I think it's sad.
  5. Ida

    Update profile picture

    No one? I seem not to be able to add photos to my blog entries either.
  6. Ida

    Nuts and Bolts

    With the upcoming CCLP1, I thought it suitable to reminisce over my first experiences of the levels of CC1. Well, this blog post will be too detailed and perhaps boring, but I'm not writing only for you but also for me. And, it will give me material for maaany blog posts... I've already told you about my first impressions of Lesson 1: sort of dull. But obviously I was intrigued enough to continue. Lesson 2 meant the first contact with monsters which was a bit scary (remember, my career of playing computer games had virtually no monsters involved. Snake hardly counts as the player controls that monster...) and at first, I didn't understand the rules of bug movements so I didn't quite see that there is only 1 square in the whole level where you have to cross their path. I also remember cooking this level by forgetting to step on the dirt before trying to push the second block... Lesson 3 seemed so advanced compared to the first two levels. Actually, I never thought of the Lesson levels as tutorials but they were real levels to me. I don't know when I learnt that there was a difference between Ice and FF's, but it wasn't from this level. In this level, they work pretty similarly. I must soon have noticed that the ice goes both ways and FF's only in their direction, but there was really an 'aha'-moment when I learnt that FF's can be overriden while ice cannot. Lesson 4 - oh, I liked this level. This is probably where I begun to really like this game. Obvious fails in this level: the hot block (though I think I was warned about it, but of course had to try for myself), and stepping on the green button on the way to an open door and thus closing it again *facepalm Why is there a flareon smiley? (looking for facepalm-smiley) Lesson 5 - now this was long my favourite level! Well, maybe not soooo long time but until I advanced to more challenging levels. I really didn't understand what the bear traps were or what they did, but I just tried stepping on the buttons which of course worked, after all, it is a lesson level. And I was so proud when figuring out on my own how to stop the fire balls from cloning! I played this level again and again and tried to improve my time. Lesson 6 was boring. They could have made more of that level. No need to have a whole level just to explain the invisible and fake walls. Plus, I only went to the left side so never had to encounter the appearing walls. Lesson 7. Well, I certainly didn't learn from this level where the teleports take you. It was only some ten years later when I started designing levels that I learnt about the reverse reading order and all that, back then I thought that the designer designated a destination for them. Of course, I stepped on the thief carrying both boots, who didn't make that mistake? So that was a good lesson. Lesson 8 - I actually beat this level at first try and was very proud of it. My friend must have explained to me, or if I read it in the help file, how the frogs move. Finally, Nuts and Bolts! I ctually think the FF section was the hardest to execute. I remember cooking the block section a couple of times, and of course dying a few times later on, and so having to play the FF section many times. Oh, the ice section. I could do that in my sleep. When playing this level after several years of playing only other levels, it's still there in the muscle memory. RDLULDRULD2RDLULU. You should try it. Next section - a bit cheeky that you close the first door if you don't step on the button twice. Also, the very first time I got this far, I was of course killed by the fire ball on the ice. I love sokobans so the bomb section was my favourite, and I remember being stumped for a while in the very last room with the beartrap and fireball. Now, I've been writing for too long. It's teatime and then bedtime. Over and out.
  7. Ida

    Lesson 1

    Thanks, Miika Hm, I don't remember doing any arm twisting?
  8. Ida

    Lesson 1

    Where was I? My friend came over to install Jezzball for me, and while he was at it, he also installed Chip's challenge. Then he opened it to teach us how to play, which probably was a good idea because I doubt I would have bothered to try it if I had never seen it played. (Oh, all the great computer games I might have missed because they look boring at first sight and I haven't bothered to try them! Just as well perhaps.) I'm sure all of my siblings where there to watch this new game. You're a guy named Chips and you collect chips. Yes, we thought his name was Chips. So what are chips? Who knows, they are something to do with computers and you need them to get passed that grey gate that guard the exit square. I remember that the game seemed quite dull. I mean, how much fun is Lesson 1 really? Still, I was a little bit proud after finishing it. I know that most of you guys beat a great deal of CC1 at the age of five or so, and here was I, 13 years old. But please bear in mind that my experience of computer or video games was (and still is) very limited. This was mainly due to two facts, general disinterest from my side, and lack of equipment in my home. We got a TV when I was four, VHS player when I was 12, and computer when I was 13. And my brother eventually saved enough money to buy an xbox360 long after I left home. Before CC, my computer game experience was limited to Free Cell, Solitaire, some other card games, Mine Sweeper, Pipe Dream, Jezzball and Snake. Plus some Super Mario on Nintendo 8 bit at a friend's place. Later on, I played quite a bit of Sim City 2000, and my boyfriend (now husband) taught me StarCraft (so that I would let him play with his brothers and cousins). Still today CC is virtually the only computer game I play. Anyway, my siblings and me fell in love big time with Chip's Challenge. I remember thinking that it was so perfect. It had everything it needed, neither more nor less. Four elements, four boots. Two elements that kill you if you don't have boots, two that don't. Water can be overcome with the help of blocks. Fire cannot. FFs can be forced through, ice cannot. One monster can walk in fire, one can swim. One monster turns left, one turns right, one turns randomly and one just bounces back. One follows the left wall, one follows the right wall and one follows you. And one is simply random. Another one is controlled by buttons. I could go on about everything that is perfect in this game, but you all already know it. I do think however that the ice block would have completed the tile set in a nice way, but back then I knew nothing about it. I did miss a key stealing thief, and in the beginning we thought he took both boots and keys. My one sister is just a year younger than me, the other & my brother came about ten years later so they were very young at that time. They would come and ask me or my sister to play "Chips" so they could watch. But we had to turn the sound off, because my youngest sister would start crying at the "bummer"-sound when Chip dies. We tried to teach her to play, but she wouldn't get longer than Lesson 1 as she refused to play any level with a monster in it. We also loved the music. Well, the happy one more than the scary one. My sister has it as her ringtone today, and "bummer" is her text message sound. Guess that means she's overcome her fear.
  9. Ida

    The beginning.

    I haven't spent so much time on CC stuff during the past year. This is mainly due to a little girl, my daughter Siv, being born on Valentine's Day last year. Suddenly, there wasn't much time to just sit down by the computer. Now, I'm thinking that perhaps blogging on CCZone is something I can do. This can be done from my phone, which is good. And I can write a little now and then in Notes and post once I have enough for a blog post. I have hesitated to start a CCZone blog before because I'm thinking perhaps you guys aren't very interesting in reading what a 29-year-old mum is writing. But I'll write more to satisfy my own desire to do something CC related, so it doesn't really matter how many will follow my posts. I'll start with how it all started. I've already written some of this in various threads in this and the old CCZone Forum, but this is a good place to collect it all, I think. My CC story started with Jezzball. It was at Christmas in 1996 and I was 11 years old. At this time, not too many people had computers at home. (Or at work for that matter, they had type writers.) But for the Christmas holidays of 1996 we went to a family that had a computer. And I spent too much time playing on it - mainly Snake and this fantastic game Jezzball that I immediately fell in love with. So, when we finally got our own computer, perhaps a year later or so, I started thinking of how to get Jezzball on it. I asked my computer geek friend, and he happened to have this game in his possession. He was happy to help. I later learned that he was in love with me. I didn't know it at the time, or maybe I sort of felt it and took advantage of it to have him help me... Anyway, he came over with a floppy disc with Jezzball for me. And he said, "I'll give you another game at the same time. I'ts called Chip's Challenge"... This seems like a good cliff hanger so that'll be it for now
  10. Ida

    Quick Guide for TWS-files

    Thanks for this guide!
  11. I'm having trouble changing my profile picture. The photo I want to use is a 29 kB JPEG and the error message I get is "Failed to set a new photo". Help?
  12. This is really a nice one. Are you sure you didn't just make this one up in the editor? I'm not sure one would have time to press Print Screen while Chip is still facing leftwards, unless using both hands but that would be awkward. I know it's a very old post I'm quoting, just being bored atm and reading some old stuff... Edit: Oh, maybe when playing in TW Chip is left faving the way he's headed? I still haven't gotten round to playing in TW...
  13. This is probably one of the main reasons why I don't want to play TW. I'm so used to this way of playing. Perhaps because CC is virtually the only computer game I ever play. When I was in 4th grade, about 18 years ago, my teacher brought a few old computers to the classroom for us to use. They were even old for that time and had black screens with only green print, and used those large thin floppy discs. We had two games on floppies that we played every break: snake and city bomb. In snake, the snake was a line of O's and the head was an Ö, and every time it ate a green square it expanded with a few O's in lenght. To play, we used only two buttons, A and Ä (on each side of the keyboard), one index finger on each. A to turn the snake clockwise and Ä for counterclockwise. So instead of thinking which direction you wanted to go (up, down, left, right), you needed to know if that meant moving clockwise or not. Long story short, I never got as good at the following generations of snake where I had to use the arrows, even if that really should be simpler.
  14. So when is the release date? Or is that yet to be decided?
  15. One of thelevel names is wrong, it's Cheap shots and dirty tricks. I have to try to list my top and bottom levels! But CC1 is the only set I've played through.
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