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  1. The suspense is killing me...is there a specific time the set is going to be released today? I'm getting flashbacks to childhood Christmases, waiting for my parents to wake up so I could open my presents...I know patience is needed here, but I'm really looking forward to playing this set!
  2. Red is 18 (1-16, 42, 41), yellow is 37 (15-51), green is 26 (41-66)...but we already knew all that. Blue is 21 (38-40, 42, 49-51, 58-71). The number 42 (the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything...Pit of 100 Tiles much?) and the mathematical constant e are somehow important. My guess is that red, yellow, and green correspond to CCLP2, CCLP3, and CCLP1, in either that order or 1-2-3. Blue represents CCLP4. Beyond that, I'm stuck. Just thought I'd leave my notes here. EDIT: The maximum number possible in this little code thingy is 71; that's probably significant somehow.
  3. Just starting this set. It makes me sad that no music files are set for the levels. I think I'll use a script to modify my copy of the c2g to cycle through the tracks. Also, level 38, Jungle Fever, doesn't have Chip in it, which causes the game to crash. Easy enough fix. Anyway, this seems mainly like a condensed version of J.B.'s absolutely fantastic JBLP1, with the noted additions of bonus flags and decorative tiles. As far as I can tell, the only levels here that weren't in JBLP1 are 1-6, 8, and 10 (tutorial levels), as well as 66 and 95 (normal levels). The latter two were fun, but anyone who's already played JBLP1 that doesn't want to replay levels is only going to have 2 real challenges. I look forward to Centennium 2 with great enthusiasm!
  4. Yeah, I have to say I've considered this possibility before. With a proper mod, I'm sure it's doable. However, with Chip's Challenge being a tile-based game with "real-time turn-based" movement, it would be tricky to emulate the gameplay very accurately. That is to say, Minecraft has fluid, continuous movement while Chip's movement is discrete. He can't stop between tiles. I guess if you could give the camera a bird's-eye view, it could look down upon a moving entity that's controlled by buttons or keys on the keyboard. Can't say I have much knowledge of modding Minecraft, or I'd be all for this project!
  5. Interesting. I managed to go to "Levelset Properties" within CCEdit and change the Internal Format to MSCC. Now it works fine! Thanks!
  6. This set looks like a lot of fun, but sadly, I'm getting a "Corrupt or inaccessible CHIPS.DAT file" message. EDIT: 1.007 is the latest version that works for me, so I guess I'll at least start playing in that version.
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