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  1. CCLP4: Voting and Community Nominations!

    I really wish I could play chips challenge. It's one of very rare 2d games that make me dizzy if I play. Bah. I guess it also means I will not be able to create new levels, I loved making levels.
  2. Doh wrong url. http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/578-newrolflevels2016ccl-and-newrolflevels-evlmirror2016ccl/
  3. Doh. I missed the deadline. Been so busy at work. Anyway http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?app=downloads&module=display&section=screenshot&record=9888&id=578&full=1 If anyone is curious. Mostly very small changes, with exception of #12 on both cases, no play changes but changes to handle fireball death so lynx and ms plays same, likely.
  4. Version 2016


    Two similar sets of levels, only one is EVIL version, in generally meaner levels but not always. Some had been included in previous CCLPs, so you might recognize some levels.
  5. I submit Both NewRolfLevels and its evil mirror version, Especially "Many Left". Note in evil mirror version of Power of 4 (or something named like that, forgot name) is broken, few thiefs has to be removed so ice boots is not lost.
  6. Steam TileWorld Android and Ubuntu

    Oh darn too bad. Tab;lets that charge from port besides usb is nice in way you can attach controller and still can keep tablet charged while playing, but it loses ability to charge off any usb port.
  7. Steam TileWorld Android and Ubuntu

    Just leave it plugged in to computer. It will slowly charge, but make sure tablet is off.
  8. NewRolfLevels Review

    The evil mirror level 18 glider room can be fixed just by removing thieves directly on way to exit. Otherwise solvable I think.
  9. Levels you want to see in CCLP4

    I haven't kept up in cc community for quite a while, but what about my most favorite level I ever made, Many Left from NewRolfLevels, or its evil mirror version?
  10. NewRolfLevels Review

    That was fun read, thanks! Man I need to view my old maps again, I forgot about some of those maps. Yeah Many Left is my most favorite level I ever made, too bad it didn't make it in CCLP3.