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  1. Apparently there was something up with two of my replays so I took this opportunity to fix them along with making two minor changes to levels, one of which being a level with a wonky replay in question. So here's the link to my edited levels again
  2. Here we go, 21 levels for CC2LP1 (12 "old" + 9 new) MotekopasznyakuCC2LP1.zip
  3. Version 1.0.1


    21 Levels (12 "old" + 9 new) to submit for CC2LP1, enjoy !!
  4. Corrypt doesn't exactly have "levels," it's more of an open-world sort of thing. And honestly, I feel like the "sokobans & generic puzzle" parts only actually make up a relatively small part of the experience or so, where the game really breaks out & opens up into something different & unique after the checkpoint. I mean, if you're looking for something that has a large variety of both puzzle & action levels, then maybe Corrypt isn't quite what you're looking for, but I don't feel it's fair to compare it to games that only have sokoban puzzle levels either.
  5. Corrypt is a favorite of mine. It's very similar to Chips Challenge, being top-down tile based, focusing on stuff like puzzles with pushing blocks, but it has it's own neat twist as well that really gets interesting about halfway through. https://smestorp.itch.io/corrypt
  6. Oh thanks! I'm around...kind of. I've mostly been lurking the forums and have sort of been busy dealing with other things lately but I was planning on fixing up & expanding my CC2 level set over the next few months to submit them here myself
  7. Gonna try giving a few thoughts to a some levels here - 1. The Maze That Turned On and Off The "turning on and off" aspect of the maze felt like a fun little trick to use against the Teeth monsters here 14. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis What a name. Also, welp, I got fooled the first time I played through. Just personally though, I feel like this would've been nicer if the chip count weren't so rigid, where you could collect a few of the optional chips and still win. I dunno, that way, you could still complete the level without immediately understanding the gimmick right at the very beginning. Despite that though, by the time I realized I got tricked it would've surely still have been too late. 17. Adrenaline Rush While it wasn't exactly difficult, I don't really like how all movements in the route for this level feel very forced. Also, moving through the path "perfectly" with even-step in Lynx gets you killed, which doesn't feel very fair. 20. That Ticking Noise An alright little level, but I'm genuinely surprised there wasn't any actual ticking sound playing throughout the level. 22. Numeral Soup Wonderfully set up level, though while passing through the blue outer walls to reach some of the unreachable rooms was clever, I thought it Might have seemed a little too subtle...or maybe I'm just a little bitter at myself for taking so long to figure it out. Oh well, I still very much enjoyed this level. 24. Green Light District This concept seemed awfully simple, but I feel like it had the perfect length to not seem too short or too long for what it is and could maybe serve as a decent little breather level or something. 26. Rapids This level just seems like an odd, giant mess. I guess it could serve some challenge in optimization but other than that it just seemed very lacking in anything notable or challenging for normal play. 27. As Per the Mutations As mentioned in the skype chat, I found a pretty huge bust in this level, where you can just grab use the suction boots to grab a yellow key, use the blue key to grab a red key (exiting on the force floors both times), and then you can use the red & yellow key to grab the green key and essentially skip to the final part of the level. Personally though, I kinda like the level better with a bust, as otherwise it's just kind of tedious. The way I see it, sure you could do it the simple, long way...Or you could try to figure out a less obvious, but faster path to break the system. 31. Propaganda The way this level is so open, but still kind of tricky with it's setup gave it a rather odd feel in my opinion, not that that's a bad thing at all though. I liked it. 38. Count the Steps Nice unique puzzle idea, I enjoyed playing and solving this series of puzzles. 40. Nova Prospect I liked the idea of the push-up walls between the sort of randomly placed rooms that you'd probably need to go back and forth between, with the sort of comfort that it didn't matter which room you collected the last chip in. The actual layout of this Maybe seemed a little messy, and the amount of push-up walls was maybe too high to really serve as a proper challenge, but I still thought highly of this. 42. Deficit Neat, deceptively tricky little puzzle 43. Build-A-Bridge Workshop I thought it was interesting that two Build-a-Bridge Workshop levels both happened to be in this set, albeit in the wrong order. Personally though I thought this one was better than 2.0 though, as it felt nicer for it to be so much more open in terms of where you can take your paths, whereas 2.0 seemed to be very linear. 45. Blocked In Cool tricky level setup with the blocks. I do really feel like a higher time limit would really benefit this level though, for all the thinking involved & the option to explore and look around at how everything's connected. 46. Double Time Warehouse I thought this was a really great puzzle setup, but I felt like maybe the level went on for too long. The first three puzzles here were great, but when getting to the 4th one, I thought it seemed too reliant on guesswork due to being so big, and going through the first three each attempt felt a little tedious. I dunno, maybe I'm a little impatient, or could've physically drawn a map of the last area or something, but I feel like this level would've been much nicer with just the first three. Still really liked it though. 48. White Hole Man, this was difficult for me, but so satisfying to finally figure out. Some of the force floor movements required to get the chips afterwards though felt really stressful though. 49. Stress Reliever Waiting for the random monsters to die just felt more stressful than relieving to me.
  8. Alright, managed to improve my (MS) time to Oh and also, not really sure how to properly ask this or so but, even though I'm still a sort of relatively new user around here, could I possibly join the skype chat? If so, my skypename is gamebop.
  9. This was fun! I'm glad to see my first entry in one of these little competition things went as well as it did. I'm looking forward to seeing what all the different sorts of routes everyone else came up with in an open puzzle level like this
  10. Thank you very much Joshua, I really appreciate all of your feedback here! And while I'm very glad to see that several of the levels were quite enjoyable to you, I find your criticisms very important as well. I'll try to respond to each of those for now -- 05 FILLER Sorry to hear that you found this frustrating, I thought it was pretty fun myself to be honest. Admittedly I don't exactly have too much of a strategy for this other than hanging around the bottom-right exit and just kind of moving randomly at first to fill the place up, and then when it starts getting crowded I'd start to be a bit more careful about my steps, while always moving down any time there are any open spaces directly below the cloner. Though I'll also admit that I haven't managed to get both bonuses in it yet, but I figure it ought to be somewhat possible, just rather tricky. 07 COMPACT Bridging to the button was actually my original intended solution, but using the glider to hit it instead is indeed a possible alternate solution! 08 BLINDNESS Fair enough! I really liked the idea of keeping the players on their toes outside of what was visible, especially with the Red button psyche out, but perhaps I've been watching too many I Wanna Be The Guy fangames lately. Still, I will consider either moving the red button to a place that's easier for "checking" if a player's still alive, or simply removing it completely along with the rest of those extra distractions. 11 BLOB BLOCK II Oh no! Yeah, the perfection bonus here is definitely very difficult to snag, but I hoped it wouldn't be too difficult to multitask between the two activities enough to be left with a reasonable amount of blobs in the end area. Perhaps it would help if I were to add some gravel down there & make it a Chip level 12 LINEAR ACCESS Oh dear, I'm very sorry to hear that just the starting area gave you so much trouble here! I had actually figured out a strategy that worked consistently well for me, keeping the teeth 2 tiles from the buttons before making a run for the goal when the ball was around 2-3 spaces from it's button, but I guess that wasn't as obvious or usable as I had thought. Hmm, I definitely want to try to figure out a way to make this level more easily playable, though I'm not terribly sure what to do with making just the beginning seem easier or so. 13 PORCUPINE Hm...Again I did have a bit of fun in my testing of this level when originally playing around trying to figure out how to get it to work, but I think that may have involved a huge creator-bias in playing my own level. I definitely see how this can be frustrating. Maybe if I were to deal with the length a bit it could help seem less intimidating at least, as I did like the kind of trick involved with finishing the first third or so of the level, which I think could probably work well enough as a stand alone idea without the rest of the level. 14 MEMORY MACHINE Regarding your three points... #1) That's what that space in the canopy-filled bottom center of the Chip-collecting area was for, to show you which item you need to grab next! If you mean actually finding the proper path for each item after you have it though, I could maybe try placing the items on the walls next to the doors, but that might not exactly work as well on the corners that are next to two doors at a time. #2) Fair point, I'm guessing you're mostly referring to the Force-Floor & Ice areas. I tried making them seem a bit more doable than I originally had them actually, as well as slightly skewing the RNG to have those appear earlier, but now that I have a better idea of what kind of difficulty I should go for, I'll look into making them better to play, and maybe looking more into the Dirt, Ghost, and Speed-Boots areas as well with that in mind. #3) Also a good point - Originally the idea for the level involved the paths to each canopy to be long so as to serve as a punishment for any time you remember incorrectly, but that's probably an idea more worth scrapping. I'll definitely try figuring out a smaller layout for easier navigating when dropping tools. (Believe it or not, it used to be even worse with thin walls all around! I'm glad I got rid of those at least, but just that probably wasn't enough) 15 LAYERED DISPLACEMENT Now here's where I think I'm going to have to disagree -- I don't particularly think that the small view would be what hurts this level, but rather perhaps the concept is too difficult to figure out. The idea behind this level is that all four rooms essentially have identical layouts, with the only real difference is that Chip is replaced with Mirror Chips in the two adjacent rooms, and no one in the room diagonally away. I like to think of the rooms more like layers as the title might imply, as each of the buttons are wired so that when any one of them is pushed, it powers a circuit linked to each of the other buttons at that position in the other 3 rooms. To open the doors to the exit, you need to have the 8 main button circuits powered, which requires each of the blocks from each layer. However, the 9th button circuit (the button in the lower right corner of each room/layer), powers the doors to the other rooms/layers. I could try figuring out how to explain that better in a hint for the level, as I really love the concept here and wouldn't want to need to change things too much. 16 TEMPLE OF THE TOOTH ...Yeah, this is meant to be a very puzzle focused level for the big puzzle fans, but I might've gone a bit overboard with all the cryptic puzzles here. Perhaps things could seem more reasonable if I were to explain how the first one works to get things started - The first room on the left is solved with the clue centered in front of the entrance to the hint room on the right -- The hint shows the same letters from the room on the right, except the trapped tiles you don't want to touch are replaced with an X (An X will always represent death here). Meanwhile the letters you do want to step on are shown at the bottom, with the arrow showing the order to step on those three tiles. Many of the other puzzles were set up similarly in mind, where the idea is figuring out which tiles are trapped in which rooms, and also figuring out if there's also a series of tiles you need to step in order. I was kind of meaning for the first puzzle to serve as a kind of introduction on what's to be expected in the level anyway, so I could try finding a way to explicitly explain the point of it without diverging too far from the concept I had in mind, assuming that would be enough to give players a push in the right direction. ...Phew! This post wound up being quite a bit longer than I had planned, sorry about that! Thanks again for all the feedback Joshua, you've given me a lot to think about here; I'll try working on improving these levels to fix the issues you've pointed out soon!
  11. http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/490-motekopasznyaku/ Hi, this is my first real compilation of Chips Challenge levels. It's meant to hold a variety of different types of levels, and I do hope that they can make for a fun experience to play. In any case, please feel free to post any comments/questions/criticisms about the set here. A note, initially the download included a slightly incomplete version of stage 10. It should be fixed now, sorry about that.
  12. Version 1.0.1


    Hello! While I haven't had much experience in the way of making custom levels back with CC1, I decided I'd experiment a bit and create a few for CC2 when I saw it had come out. I have attempted to give a wide variety of level types used here with these 16 levels, and I do hope that they all can make for a fun experience to play!
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