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  1. CCLP4 Leaks

    Apartment Amsterdam
  2. CCLP4 Leaks

    A couple of more or less dubious guesses: I.C. You (CC1) All Full (CC1) Mistakes (CCLP3) The chambers (CCLP1) Mazes (CC2)
  3. CCLP4 Leaks

    Ravaged is based on Sapphire Cavern. I also don't know which level uses the walls of Floating Plaza.
  4. CCLP4 Leaks

    Mental Marvel Monastery uses the walls of Producing. I'll be back with more speculation later.
  5. Let's travel around the world

  6. CCLP4 Leaks

    My guess is that Eric Schmidt is designer #42 and thus has a level in every CCLP. (Though I can't help but think there's more to this video.)
  7. CCLP4 Leaks

    I think each number belongs to a specific designer. An opened red, yellow, green, blue door means that designer had a level in CCLP2, CCLP3, CCLP1, and will have a level in CCLP4, respectively. 41 and 42 are the only persons to have a level in CCLP1-3 (Mike Lask and Eric Schmidt). So it seems only one of them got a level in CCLP4. Maybe the mathematical constant e (2.71828...) has something to do with this person, maybe the first letter of the name? There are also 5 designers who got a level in CCLP4 who had no levels in previous CCLPs.
  8. CCLP4 Leaks

    More guessing: Four levels have been significantly renamed. The new titles are Inferno Dynamics, Detonation Station, Ruinous Plaza, and Blockpick. I think Blockpick is Block and Key (Waffle #2), since the name fits the level and the old name was used in CCLP3. Detonation Station could be How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, since the name is long (10 chars longer than the longest level name from an official set). I don't have good guesses for the others yet, but some levels that would need to change names include The Caves (essentially the same name as a CCLP3 level), Dual (if both levels with this name got in), Garbage Chute (if both got in), Construct-a-Sokoban (if both got in) and Four Corners (if at least 2 of the 3 levels with this name got in) (and I probably missed other duplicate names). Do we have to get all 10 clues right to get to the next stage?
  9. Let's travel around the world

  10. CCLP4 Leaks

    Guessing time again Two community-nominated levels will appear in the final set. I have nearly nothing to go on here, so I'm going with my favourites here: Temple of No Key and Caveat Emptor. I think Death Box is too busted to be fixed and included. The 131, 144, 147, and 149 spots are held by four different CCLP4 staff members 131: Jeffrey (no idea, I originally had The Illuminati and An Exit Too far (not by a staff member) as candidates here) 144: J.B. (Japanese Game Show or Color Coordination?) 147: Tyler (Gimmick Isle?) 149: Josh (Mental Marvel Monastery) The highest fun rating not included in CCLP4 was 4.35. The lowest fun rating included was 3.33. Double-time Warehouse, any level with blobs, walkers or invisible walls The highest and second highest rated level for "fun" in CCLP4 voting were ranked 152nd and 588th in CCLP1 voting, respectively. The 588th ranked one was probably one that was considered too difficult for CCLP1. I heard Repugnant Nonsense got very good ratings, I guess it's in top two. Two levels are in the same slot as the level their walls were originally from. I'm not very good at recognising walls, I only know of the ones that were entered in Create competitions. My guesses are Chilled to the bone (#136), The Salt Mines (#105).
  11. CCLP4 Leaks

    Guessing time, starting with the leak I got The lowest time limit is 60 and the highest time limit is 999. 2 of the 3 levels with a 999 time limit are by the same designer. Time limit 60: Shemozzle Time limit 999: Duplex, Repair the (Automatic) Caution Doors, One Tank's Adventure EDIT: The hint says nothing about there being just one level with time limit 60. So I think Blobs in a Tin Can also made it in, and possibly also Stratagem.
  12. CCLP4 Leaks

    I got this one: Your personalized leak: The lowest time limit is 60 and the highest time limit is 999. 2 of the 3 levels with a 999 time limit are by the same designer. (I didn't use spoiler tags since the entire thread is pretty spoiler-y now.)
  13. CCLP4 Leaks

    The 4 looks like Aquatic Ruins after getting some keys and chips, and opening some doors, with Chip standing on the teleport.
  14. CCLP4 Leaks

    The L looks like it could be from Lean Thinking after the walkers have started moving. The second C reminds me of Chip Controls.
  15. NOW CLOSED -- POLL: .dat, .ccl, or both?

    You can have several tws files for a given levelset, no matter if it uses .dat or .ccl, there's no need to go through the procedure you mentioned. Your setup with CHIPS.DAT doesn't sound entirely correct. The approach below is what I use, and it works equally fine with both .ccl and .dat files. Copy the levelset file (let's call it level.ccl) into the data/ directory. If you want to play the set in both MS and Lynx, two dac files should be created in sets/, one for each ruleset. They can for instance be called level-MS.dac and level-Lynx.dac. The contents of these files should be something like: file=level.ccl (enter levelset name here, with correct extension) ruleset=[MS or Lynx] When you play, two files will be created in the save/ directory, with .tws appended to the filename in sets/ (so level-MS.dac has a save file called level-MS.dac.tws). With this setup, there's no need to swap out files. Tile World (both 1 and 2) comes with a set called intro.dat that has this setup, with the files sets/intro-lynx.dac, sets/intro-ms.dac together with the set data/intro.dat. It might be useful to take a look at these files. It also comes with .dac files for chips.dat that works if data/chips.dat exists. EDIT: While I'm posting here I might as well say something about the poll. I think it's kind of unnecessary to have 2 extensions for the same file format. But it also feels a bit wrong to change the file names given by the designers, so I guess I like option #3 best, and defaulting to .DAT if nothing is known (I prefer .dat since it came before .ccl).
  16. Ruben's official set scores

    CCLP1-MS (no new records or confirms in here) #1 (Key Pyramid): 168 (b) #2 (Slip and Slide): 180 (b) #3 (Present Company): 183 (b) #4 (Block Party): 207 (b) #5 (Facades): 232 (b) #8 (Switcheroo): 230 (b) #9 (Swept Away): 228 (b) #10 (Graduation): 318 (b-2) #11 (Basketball): 226 (b) #12 (Leave No Stone Unturned): 289 (b) #13 (The Monster Cages): 260 (b-3) #14 (Wedges): 206 (b) #15 (Twister): 311 (b-4) #16 (Tetragons): 278 (b-3) #17 (Tiny): [990] (b) #19 (Feel the Static): 351 (b) #20 (Chip Suey): 378 (b-2) #21 (Generic Ice Level): 175 (b) #22 (Repair the Maze): 330 (b) #23 (Circles): 226 (b) #24 (Chip's Checkers): 342 (b-1) #25 (Mind Lock): 139 (b) #26 (Trafalgar Square): 173 (b) #27 (Teleport Depot): 283 (b) #28 (The Last Starfighter): 269 (b-7) #29 (Sky High or Deep Down): 326 (b) #30 (Button Brigade): 219 (b) #31 (Quincunx): 131 (b-13) #32 (Nitroglycerin): 263 (b) #33 (Spitting Image): [956] (b) #34 (Just a Bunch of Letters): 289 (b) #35 (Mystery Wall): 379 (b) #36 (Rhombus): 219 (b) #37 (Habitat): 332 (b) #38 (Heat Conductor): 479 (b-4) #39 (Dig and Dig): 237 (b) #40 (Sea Side): [962] (b) #41 (Descending Ceiling): 166 (b) #42 (Mughfe): 416 (b-3) #43 (Gears): 206 (b) #44 (Frozen Labyrinth): 360 (b-5) #45 (Who's the Boss?): 279 (b) #46 (Sapphire Cavern): 286 (b) #47 (Bombs Away): [919] (b-37) #48 (Sundance): 180 (b) #49 (49 Cell): 421 (b-9) #50 (The Grass Is Greener on the Other Side): 167 (b) #51 (H2O Below 273 K): 254 (b-20) #52 (The Bone): 309 (b) #53 (Start at the End): 405 (b-5) #54 (Mini Pyramid): 230 (b-6) #55 (The Chambers): 322 (b) #56 (Connect the Chips): [963] (b) #57 (Key Farming): 290 (b-6) #58 (Corral): 319 (b-8) #59 (Asterisk): [970] (b) #60 (Guard): 263 (b) #61 (Highways): 421 (b-3) #62 (Design Swap): 346 (b) #63 (New Block in Town): 174 (b) #64 (Chip Kart 64): 43 (b-2) #65 (Squared in a Circle): 428 (b) #66 (Klausswergner): 285 (b-5) #67 (Booster Shots): 292 (b-12) #68 (Flames and Ashes): [947] (b) #69 (Double Diversion): 288 (b) #70 (Juxtaposition): 422 (b-4) #71 (Tree): 292 (b-10) #72 (Breathing Room): 183 (b) #73 (Occupied): 417 (b-2) #74 (Traveler): 346 (b-7) #75 (ToggleTank): 243 (b) #76 (Funfair): 374 (b-9) #77 (Shuttle Run): 8 (b) #78 (Secret Passages): 533 (b) #79 (Elevators): [957] (b) #80 (Flipside): 390 (b) #81 (Colors for Extreme): [865] (b-35) #82 (Launch ): 94 (b-2) #83 (Ruined World): [970] (b-1) #84 (Mining for Gold Keys): 474 (b) #85 (Black Hole): 971 (b) #86 (Starry Night): 306 (b-3) #87 (Pluto): 555 (b-5) #88 (Chip Block Galaxy): [905] (b-5) #89 (Chip Grove City): 337 (b-8) #90 (Bowling Alleys): 325 (b-18) #91 (Roundabout): 349 (b-1) #92 (The Shifting Maze): 820 (b-17) #94 (Slime Forest): 475 (b-4) #95 (Courtyard): 308 (b-1) #96 (Going Underground): 405 (b-3) #97 (Gate Keeper): 363 (b-2) #98 (Rat Race): 323 (b-6) #99 (Deserted Battlefield): [983] (b) #100 (Loose Pocket): 332 (b) #101 (Time Suspension): [819] (b-30) #102 (Frozen in Time): [944] (b) #103 (Portcullis): [977] (b) #104 (Hotel Chip): 597 (b-5) #105 (Tunnel Clearance): 255 (b-2) #106 (Jailbird): 369 (b) #107 (Paramecium Palace): 329 (b-3) #108 (Exhibit Hall): 292 (b-4) #109 (Green Clear): 430 (b-3) #110 (Badlands): [804] (b-40) #111 (Alternate Universe): [953] (b-6) #112 (Carousel): 481 (b-24) #113 (Teleport Trouble): [967] (b-5) #114 (Comfort Zone): 313 (b) #115 (California): 414 (b-16) #116 (Communism): 518 (b-2) #117 (Blobs on a Plane): 241 (b-14) #118 (Runaway Train): 97 (b-7) #119 (The Sewers): 318 (b-4) #120 (Metal Harbor): [775] (b-26) #121 (Chip Plank Galleon): 280 (b-5) #122 (Jeepers Creepers): 650 (b) #123 (The Very Hungry Caterpillar): 60 (b) #124 (Utter Clutter): 531 (b-12) #125 (Blockade): 210 (b) #126 (Peek-a-Boo): 354 (b) #127 (In the Pink): 415 (b-5) #128 (Elemental Park): 566 (b-30) #129 (Frogger): 271 (b-1) #130 (Dynamite): [807] (b-64) #131 (Easier Than It Looks): 105 (b-1) #132 (Spumoni): 441 (b-5) #133 (Steam Cleaner Simulator): 466 (b-6) #134 ((Ir)reversible): 332 (b-1) #135 (Culprit): 365 (b-17) #136 (Whirlpool): [850] (b-34) #137 (Thief Street): 179 (b) #138 (Chip Alone): 513 (b-7) #139 (Assassin): 258 (b) #140 (Automatic (Caution) Doors): 811 (b-14) #141 (Flush): 249 (b-20) #142 (Bummbua Banubauabgv): 383 (b) #143 (Amphibia): [788] (b-56) #144 (The Ancient Temple): 414 (b-17) #145 (Chance Time!): 235 (b) #146 (Cineworld): 379 (b-8) #147 (Thief, You've Taken All That Was Me): 834 (b-19) #148 (The Snipers): 370 (b-3) #149 (Clubhouse): 418 (b-12) 6,001,010 69 bolds (59 timed, 10 untimed) CCLXP2 #110 (It's a Kind of Magic): 443 (+2, b) 6,041,740 (original 2,992,680, modified 3,049,060) 130 bolds
  17. May 2017 Time Trial

    Will I still get this bonus if I submit before this date and send improvements after the date?
  18. Let's travel around the world

  19. May 2017 Time Trial

    As someone who mainly plays Lynx I'm very happy to see this.
  20. Top 10 favourite video games of all-time

    I haven't noticed this thread before until it got bumped. It's difficult to pick only 10 games, so here's a top 20-something. The games are not ranked (it's hard to compare games of different genres against each other), but in general I like the games near the top better. Chip's Challenge (PC) Rock Band 3 (Xbox 360) Emerald Mine (Amiga) Bricks (PC) Spacechem (PC) Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen (PC) Stepmania (PC) Burnout 3 (Xbox) Grand Theft Auto 3 (PC) Hitman (PC) DROD RPG: Tendry's Tale (PC) DROD (the entire series) (PC) Long Live the Queen (PC) Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (Xbox 360) Crypt of the Necrodancer (PC) Deus Ex: Human Revolution (PC) We Love Katamari (PS2) Gemcraft - Chasing Shadows (PC) Mafia 1 (PC) Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (PC) Civilization 1 (PC) Zak McKracken (Commodore 64) Bomb Jack (Arcade) Burger Time (Intellivision)
  21. Ruben's official set scores

    CC1 (CC2 ruleset) #24 (OORTO GELD): 427 (+35, b-1) #27 (GO WITH THE FLOW): 145 (+50, bc?) CC2 #131 (JETLINE): 262 (+1, b) | 69990 (+10, bc) 37479 seconds / 14,534,291 points 334 bolds (170 time, 164 score)
  22. Mike's official set scores

    I ran your score reports from the newsgroup through my cc2.txt generator one post at a time and found out that the discrepacy probably is between level 162 and 179. Your score on level 168 was reported as 86340 with time 243, is your correct score 86430?
  23. March 2017 Time Trial + Mini Time Trial

    I tried a couple of combinations in Lynx 354 351 351 (improved from 347) 345 344
  24. March 2017 Time Trial + Mini Time Trial

    347 (Lynx) using (first try just to report something, can be improved)
  25. Pineapple Pack - Discussion

    To solve the level you should go back instead of going through the room with bugs. If the block room is entered from the top it's not possible to extract all blocks, so you'd have to go back anyway.