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  1. CCLP1-MS

    #130 (Dynamite): [859] (+52, b-12)


    #47 (Bombs Away): [946] (+18, b-5)
    #130 (Dynamite): [854] (+138, b-14)
    #144 (The Ancient Temple): 415 (+2, b)

    139 bolds (120 timed, 19 untimed)


    #108 (Magic Trick): 395 (+13, bc)

    96 bolds

  2. What should the set be named? I'm fine with a recognizable name like CC2LP1.

    How many levels? No strong opinion on this, but somewhere between 149 and 200 sounds good.

    Allow levels with CC1 boot rules? I tend towards no, but exceptions could be made for levels that make good use of it.

    Consistent viewport size (9x9 or 10x10)? Using both in the same set is fine with me.

    Map size limit? Namely, should the 40x40 limit from the CC2 main game be retained? Allow levels up to 100x100. Levels that overstay their welcome by being too large will be voted out anyway.

    Should any tiles or techniques be banned? Some "unsupported" tiles are innocuous, like the zero-directional block or the blank "no" sign, but hex editing can lead to weird and wild tiles, as seen in TSAlpha's Enter the Void. Don't ban tiles that can be useful (this includes the zero-directional block and the blank "no" sign). Stuff that appears to be bugged or has very obtuse behaviour should probably be avoided. I haven't actually played any custom levels that have voodoo tiles, but they probably go in this category.

    There also are some non-obvious techniques, like block slapping and the gimmicks in TSAlpha's Great Job CC2! levels, that may not be well-suited for an official pack. Maybe we should stick to tradition and keep that no levels should require block slapping to be solvable. For bonuses and easter eggs, every sensible technique should be allowed. Levels that require blowing up clone machines and putting different things on them to be solvable should be allowed since CC2 has a couple of them. Maybe we should even allow splitscreen levels. I don't know enough about warp exits to comment on that. Multiple hints is fine.

    Any other standards that should be set in place? In general, I'm in favour of having fewer constraints so that people can be more creative.

  3. CC2

    #120 (FOURSOME): 280 (+1, b-4) | 62800 (+10, b-40)
    #138 (CONSTRUCTION ZONE): 227 (+1, b-1) | 71270 (+10, b-10)
    #169 (BOMBS QUAD): 776 (+2, b-1) | 92260 (+20, b-10)
    #177 (MINE CHALLENGE): 138 (+26, b-2) | -1 (no change)
    #185 (SLAMBAM): 387 (+63, bc) | 96370 (+630, bc)

    37620 seconds / 14,535,481 points
    347 bolds (175 time, 172 score)