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  1. Stupid cooks.

    Well...never seen this one before! The tank was coming back after me...I needed to get out of its way. Unfortunately I picked this dead-end area with no blue buttons to do so....
  2. Andrew Menzies' scores

    #52 (It Suits the Purpose): 103 (bc)
  3. Andrew Menzies' scores

    #38 (Detonation Station): 208 (bc) Whew! That was a fun one to route.
  4. Andrew Menzies' scores

    #23 (Western Standards of Living): 349 (b) #29 (Flipper Departments): 312 (+1, b-1)
  5. CCLP4 Leaks

    That's correct! (It's already public knowledge on the CC wiki, in fact.)
  6. Andrew Menzies' scores

    #29 (Flipper Departments): 311 (b-2, good for 2nd place)
  7. CCLP4 Leaks

    Now that the set has been out for a bit, I figured I'd give a retrospective on the leaks, which of your guesses were correct, and what you missed: Beware! Here be spoilers if you are playing blind!
  8. CCLP4 Complete!

    Glad you got through 'em all and glad you liked the set! I'm looking forward to the review!
  9. Andrew Menzies' scores

    #17 (The Three Trials): 254 (+1, b+1) Yay, my first real new record that beats an actually established time (as opposed to sniping initial times)
  10. Andrew Menzies' scores

    #17 (The Three Trials): 253 (b)
  11. Andrew Menzies' scores

    #11 (Keyboard Malfunction): 350 (bold confirm) #19 (Conservation of Keys): 186 (b-1)
  12. Andrew Menzies' scores

    #66 (Anaconda): 264 (b, got it first attempt)
  13. Andrew Menzies' scores

    #15 (Cross Back): 260 (b)
  14. Andrew Menzies' scores

    #7 (In the Pool): 93 (b)
  15. Andrew Menzies' scores

    #33 (Tool Shed): 215 (first known score reported for this level)