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  1. I've uploaded a couple more collections of levels that I'd like to be considered: ^ A collection of two levels ("Telenet Mining" and "Bringin' Down the House") that I designed after completing Chipit or Whiffit, but won't have time to make a full-fledged set for before CC2LP1 submissions. This file won't be updated with new levels, but might be updated to fix the existing ones if there are problems. ^ A collection of ports of levels from Pit of 100 Tiles and The Other 100 Tiles (my CC1 sets) that I want to be considered for CC2 voting. I will probably add more levels to this at least once before the submission deadline. (I just wanted to get these out there to ensure that I don't miss out on submitting them if something goes horribly wrong right before the deadline.) However, there's no guarantee that I'll finish all 100 that I had originally planned.
  2. Version 0.410


    A collection of CC2 ports of CC1 levels I made that never got into an official set. Most of these play very similarly to their CC1 counterparts, with Parallels being the only level so far to have a section completely thrown out and replaced with something different. I tried to allow boot dropping wherever possible, but a few levels don't allow it (indicated with a hint and a "down arrow + no-boot sign" tile pair as a visual indicator). Unless something goes horribly wrong, I plan to add more levels to this set at least once before the CC2LP1 submission deadline.
  3. Version 1.0.1


    A pair of additional CC2 levels I designed that I haven't put in a set yet, but want to submit for CC2LP1 voting. I don't plan to add more levels to this set, but might update these to fix bugs.
  4. The file linked in the original post has now been updated for the following reasons: 1) The replay for "Tetromino Trek" was broken, so I rerecorded it and this one should work. 2) I took Tyler's suggestion and added copies of Melinda to "Hamilton Rolls in his Grave" so that you can view the map as Chip is navigating the cells. (This will break your existing replays for this level, but my replay has been updated to solve this new version.)
  5. My first CC2 levelset is here! A 40-level installment called "Chipit or Whiffit"! Check the download page here for more details: Feel free to leave any feedback in this thread, on the download page, or by pinging me (@ajm-i-am) in the Chip's Challenge Bit Busters Club Discord server. Also, note that all 40 of these levels are being submitted for CCLP consideration, and all 40 of them have notes under the Comments box in CC2's editor, so check those out if you're curious. Enjoy!
  6. Version 1.001R


    This is the full release of my first Chip's Challenge 2 custom levelset. Are you smart enough, brave enough, persistent enough to persevere through all 40 of the challenges contained within? Or will you whiff it and bail out? Only one way to find out... There are 40 levels in this pack, as well as a .c2g file to make them playable as a set in Chip's Challenge 2. 33 of them are unique to this set, and the other 7 were submitted to various level design contests here on CCZone. (4 of those are remakes of CC1 contest levels that didn't have a CC1 set to call a home.) There are several casual levels, but due to the pack's small size the difficulty ramps up fairly quickly. I recommend you have moderately good knowledge of CC2 mechanics before attempting this set. (Playing the first half of CC2 should suffice.) Also, after you play each level, feel free to load it in the editor and open the Properties dialog box--I left comments describing their history! I hereby submit all 40 levels in this set to be considered for all CC2 community level packs. However, note that Level 23 (Sticky Controls) forbids boot dropping (and mentions this in the hint). It can't really be redesigned to avoid this easily. Depending on the rules of community level packs, this may disqualify it from consideration. I would like to give thanks to mobius and chipster1059 for playtesting parts of this set. Their feedback helped me adjust some frustrating sections to be a bit easier. I have also included a "rejects" set of levels that were either unfinished, prototypes of actual levels, or just deemed not good enough to make the final 40. Out of those, I submit "Roasted Apples" for CCLP consideration. The others I'm not submitting, as they're either too simple, obviously incomplete, or too similar to levels in the actual set.
  7. You blundered, chipster! I also blundered while testing this new level I just made:
  8. I added a 21st level to the preview, named "Pushing the Boundaries". The new version is in the download linked in the first post.
  9. Secret exits that skip ahead a number of levels could be a substitute for secret hints, since there's no password system. I like it! We'd just need to come up with a way for the staff to know that one of the exits in a level is intended to be a secret exit...or the staff could add them where they feel they're appropriate, like for some of the secret hints in CCLP4. NOTE: I don't know all the details about how secret/warp exits actually work...in any case, if we include one, we might want to place a hint next to it explaining that the player has found a secret exit so they aren't surprised when it does something unusual. It's not too hard to make and the CC2 main game did it, so sure, why not? Probably for some of the more complicated elements. Unnecessary if we go with secret exits. And passwords don't exist anyway, so any "cypher" we could try to include would have to be less about unlocking a future level and more about a hint towards solving a future level, I think.
  10. 1) I think the set should be named CC2LP1 or CC2LP2, since either name is simple and communicates what it means (A level pack for Chip's Challenge 2!) I slightly prefer CC2LP2 to make it clear that it's a "sequel" to CC2's main game and not a "replacement" like CCLP1 was (unless we intend it to be!) 2) 149 (or close to it) makes sense to me. As much as I wouldn't complain about more levels, I don't think it makes sense to build a set that's larger than a CC1 community level pack from a pool of levels that's much smaller than the CC1 level pool. 120 might be a good number. 3) Only if there's a good reason, and if there's an indication of this in each level that forbids boot dropping (perhaps a hint, or an agreed-upon symbol like a "no boot" tile surrounded by walls near the start of the level) 4) I'd prefer 10x10, but would be willing to make exceptions if there's a good reason. Still, most levels that would want the 9x9 view for whatever reason could probably be redesigned to use 10x10, so I'm not sure if there is such a "good reason". 5) I think I'd like the longest levels in the set to be about the length of the longest levels in official CC1 sets. Map size is not always a perfect indicator of map length, so there might be levels larger than 40x40 that still fit the expected length. (Especially levels with lots of offscreen logic.) I think we should let the voting process sort out the "good" large levels (the ones that do something creative with the space) from the "unnecessary" large levels (the ones that just exist to pack multiple levels' worth of content into one). 6) I'd prefer to ban any tile that can't be produced by the official CC2 editor without glitches. Just to ensure people who use the official tools have the same capabilities as everyone else, and aren't confused by glitch tiles. (The game has enough complex interactions without taking into account glitch tiles.) Further, I think unintuitive "nice job CC2" interactions should be at least frowned upon, unless explained in the level that uses them. (I realize that "unintuitive" is kind of subjective. I'm thinking of things like pushing a block against a force floor slide to "nail" yourself up the slide, or using an equipped hook to somehow redirect a monster.) 7) Try to make some easier levels and some harder levels using as many different new tile types as possible so that the staff can build a "difficulty curve" for each? (Not limited to exploring one new tile type per level, of course.) Borders on all levels unless it makes thematic sense not to use them? (Thin walls can go with everything now, so there's no excuse for skimping on them due to lack of space. ) I think ports of CC1 levels in general should be valid candidates for this level pack, but NOT ports of levels that have gotten into a CC1 level pack. I'd encourage recorded solutions on all submitted levels, but we shouldn't require them to include the max bonus. (Especially since some levels may be designed to have an extremely difficult to obtain max bonus that's even beyond the designer's capabilities.)
  11. I just updated the download to fix a few problems that some Chipsters discovered upon release... The hint in Feeling Green? said that blocks remove slime, which is true for dirt and ice blocks, but not "glass" (directional) blocks, which fall into it. I reworded the hint to account for that exception. CC2 Teeth monsters are a bit dumber than their CC1 brethren, and it is possible to slip past them horizontally in 2x2 areas. A few areas in Chateau Crunch have been constrained so you can't skip steps this way. Also, I messed up with the gray button and it was flipping the force floor southwest of it, which I didn't want, so now it's a pink button wired to the floors it's supposed to flip. It should no longer be possible to cheat the house and empty the slot machines in Casino Royale by throwing 2 bowling balls in such a way that the 2 buttons are pressed at the same time, resulting in 3 force floor switches. Thank you, Jeffrey and Ryan, for bringing up these issues and helping me fix them!
  12. Hello, Bit Busters! I've been working on some CC2 levels for a while, and decided I'd show off what I've assembled so far (20 levels) to see what people think. Several of these levels are based around exploring concepts with specific new design elements. This will be the start of my first main CC2 custom level set, which will probably end up containing at least 50, and hopefully 100, total levels. Some of these levels are brand-new, never-before-seen designs, and others are submissions for CC2 level design contests or ports of submissions for CC1 level design contests that I never put in any of my other sets. The levels are sequenced in the order I built them, not by difficulty. All of these levels are to be considered submitted for any and all CC2 community level packs we make in the future. Please let me know what you think of the levels, which ones are easiest/hardest, and if you discover any busts or problems. Happy Chipping! EDIT: Jeffrey already found a bust in Casino Royale, so I'll work on fixing that and upload a new version, possibly tomorrow. EDIT 2: Updated! Now at Version 0.201.
  13. Version 0.210


    This is the beginning of my first main CC2 custom level set. So far it contains 20 levels, but I plan to make many more, perhaps as many as 100 like my CC1 levelsets. Many of these levels are new designs; however, some of them are submissions to previous contests involving CC2 level design, and some are ports of CC1 contest levels that I never put into any of my CC1 sets. Currently the levels are sorted by the order I made them, not by difficulty. That will probably change in the next preview I make, once I get more levels made. I hereby submit all levels in this set for consideration in any community-made CC2 level packs, regardless of what they're called (CC2LP1 or any other name we come up with). Please let me know what you think of the levels, or if you find any busts or bugs! (Not the crawly kind.) Also if you could tell me which levels you found the easiest or the hardest, that'd be awesome. As a designer it's hard to judge the difficulty of my own levels, especially CC2 levels because of all the new elements I'm still getting used to. You can post your feedback here:
  14. Reporting some improvements so I don't forget about them: #4 (Oasis): 225 (b-2) #6 (Proving Grounds): 299 (b-11) #19 (Conservation of Keys): 187 (+1, b) #35 (Chasing Chips): 323 (+14, b-32) #44 (Blobfield): 405 (b-8) #111 (Water Bottle): 174 (+13, b) Total score now over 5.99K (5,990,030)
  15. CCLP4 #3 (Fossilized Snow): 220 (b)
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