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  1. Chipit-or-Whiffit-bonus-levels.zip

    A pair of additional CC2 levels I designed that I haven't put in a set yet, but want to submit for CC2LP1 voting.  I don't plan to add more levels to this set, but might update these to fix bugs.



  2. 100 Tiles 2.0--Best of the Rest (Preview)

    A collection of CC2 ports of CC1 levels I made that never got into an official set.  Most of these play very similarly to their CC1 counterparts, with Parallels being the only level so far to have a section completely thrown out and replaced with something different.  I tried to allow boot dropping wherever possible, but a few levels don't allow it (indicated with a hint and a "down arrow + no-boot sign" tile pair as a visual indicator).  Unless something goes horribly wrong, I plan to add more levels to this set at least once before the CC2LP1 submission deadline.



  3. Chipit or Whiffit

    This is the full release of my first Chip's Challenge 2 custom levelset.  Are you smart enough, brave enough, persistent enough to persevere through all 40 of the challenges contained within?  Or will you whiff it and bail out?  Only one way to find out...
    There are 40 levels in this pack, as well as a .c2g file to make them playable as a set in Chip's Challenge 2.  33 of them are unique to this set, and the other 7 were submitted to various level design contests here on CCZone.  (4 of those are remakes of CC1 contest levels that didn't have a CC1 set to call a home.)  There are several casual levels, but due to the pack's small size the difficulty ramps up fairly quickly.  I recommend you have moderately good knowledge of CC2 mechanics before attempting this set.  (Playing the first half of CC2 should suffice.)  Also, after you play each level, feel free to load it in the editor and open the Properties dialog box--I left comments describing their history!
    I hereby submit all 40 levels in this set to be considered for all CC2 community level packs.  However, note that Level 23 (Sticky Controls) forbids boot dropping (and mentions this in the hint).  It can't really be redesigned to avoid this easily.  Depending on the rules of community level packs, this may disqualify it from consideration.
    I would like to give thanks to mobius and chipster1059 for playtesting parts of this set.  Their feedback helped me adjust some frustrating sections to be a bit easier.
    I have also included a "rejects" set of levels that were either unfinished, prototypes of actual levels, or just deemed not good enough to make the final 40.   Out of those, I submit "Roasted Apples" for CCLP consideration.  The others I'm not submitting, as they're either too simple, obviously incomplete, or too similar to levels in the actual set.



  4. ajmiam CC2 Preview

    This is the beginning of my first main CC2 custom level set.  So far it contains 20 levels, but I plan to make many more, perhaps as many as 100 like my CC1 levelsets.
    Many of these levels are new designs; however, some of them are submissions to previous contests involving CC2 level design, and some are ports of CC1 contest levels that I never put into any of my CC1 sets.
    Currently the levels are sorted by the order I made them, not by difficulty.  That will probably change in the next preview I make, once I get more levels made.
    I hereby submit all levels in this set for consideration in any community-made CC2 level packs, regardless of what they're called (CC2LP1 or any other name we come up with).
    Please let me know what you think of the levels, or if you find any busts or bugs!  (Not the crawly kind.)  Also if you could tell me which levels you found the easiest or the hardest, that'd be awesome.  As a designer it's hard to judge the difficulty of my own levels, especially CC2 levels because of all the new elements I'm still getting used to.  You can post your feedback here:  



  5. ajmiam-pit-of-100-tiles.dat

    This is my (ajmiam's) first levelset, which has been in the works for quite some time now. It contains 100 all-new levels which start out very easy but become harder over time, especially after level 70 (though there are still some easier levels mixed in after that).
    Some notes:
    Every level has been tested in Lynx and should be MS-compatible as well. Every 10th level (except #50) is an "action" level--that is, a short level where speed, reflexes, and timing play a larger role than puzzle-solving. Don't worry, there are some puzzles and action both mixed into the other 90! I submit every level in this set for all Chip's Challenge community level packs (CCLPs), except #50 (which is just a "break" level) and any levels that have appeared in a previous CCLP. Level 99 is completely, absolutely, totally unfair. This is done on purpose. Otherwise it wouldn't be a reference to the game it's referencing. It has no randomness, though, so once you figure out what to do, you should be able to solve it. The hint gives you the password to Level 100, though, if you want to skip it. Anyone and everyone may download this set, play it with Chip's Challenge and Tile World, and redistribute this set as-is with credit given to me. You may NOT, however, redistribute this set as your own, or edit any level(s) and redistribute the result without my permission.




  6. The Other 100 Tiles

    "The Other 100 Tiles" is the sequel to my first levelset, "Pit of 100 Tiles". This features 100 levels, a few of which are in CCLP1. I submit all levels in this set for CCLP4 consideration. However, Level 50 relies on hints in other levels, so I don't want it to be in CCLP4 unless a similar idea is implemented there.
    Some of these levels introduce new concepts I thought of, and some others are remakes of levels from some of my levelsets from before Pit of 100 Tiles, which were lost in computer failures. Still others feature highly unusual and experimental designs, and some revisit concepts from Pit of 100 Tiles in a more difficult way.
    Some things to note about this set:
    This is significantly harder than Pit of 100 Tiles, especially near the end. I recommend you play that set first along with either CCLP1 or CC1 before playing this set. As you are playing, you might come across some "secret hints." Make sure to remember or write down what they say! They'll help you a lot in Level 50! I would like to heartily thank Michael Warner, J. B. Lewis, Tyler Sontag, Ryan J., and Josh Lee for playtesting this set and providing feedback. Their efforts kept probably a dozen busts out of the final product. Also, thank you to Jeffrey Bardon for streaming the set and providing his feedback; in addition to being fun to watch, the stream helped me find a few minor issues and frustrating parts that I've now taken efforts to correct.


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  7. The Other 100 Tiles--CC2 Port

    Hello, fellow Chipsters! I decided to port my levelsets to CC2. To start, I'm porting The Other 100 Tiles. In the port, I fixed trap and clone connections so they work under CC2 (often requiring a lot of wires), added bonus flags where I feel they're appropriate, and changed a few level parts to use new CC2 elements where I think they work better than old mechanisms.
    Also, since "BLOX" is now the name of an official level (in CC2), I decided to rename level 52 to "X OUT".
    All ported levels are hereby submitted as candidates for all future Level Packs that involve CC2, except ports of levels that were already in a CC1 level pack.
    Thank you for any comments or bug reports you give!



  8. CCLP1 MS Solution

    Just an upload to show that I have completed every CCLP1 level in MS mode and therefore qualify for the CCLP1 Graduate award.




  9. ajmiam-the-other-100-tiles-cclp1-v013.dat

    Just in time for CCLP1 voting, here is a 13-level sneak peek at my second levelset in development--The Other 100 Tiles. I submit all of these levels as candidates for CCLP1. If you run into any issues, or have any comments or criticism, please let me know in this topic: http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/484-ajmiams-the-other-100-tiles-13-level-preview-and-cclp1-submission/
    NOTE: The final version of this set will probably not be out for quite a long time.




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