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    I've played through the first 5 levels so far. Looks pretty interesting! I'll let you know what I thought of each individual level:


    #1 Let the Game Begin! This was a very nice starting level, with some interesting dodging patterns, some backtracking, and some itemswapping. It would make a good CCLP1 candidate. Fun: **** Difficulty: ***


    #2 Glider Glace Race Took me quite a few tries. At first, I didn't know where to go. When I finally figured that out, it took many more tries to win because I kept boosting into the water, running into the glider BEFORE the end, or just plain not being fast enough. It took almost flawless boosting to succeed in MS; I don't even know how you could beat this level in Lynx. (Though since you've played in Lynx, I'm sure it's possible.)

    Fun: ** Difficulty: ****


    #3 Teleport Time This level was simple enough; I just kept making stupid mistakes. Like teleporting up from the room on the right---directly into the water---or stepping in to the water when I had all the chips and was 5 steps from the exit. The decoy flippers also fooled me. Fun: *** Difficulty: **


    #4 Puzzled Blocks This made me stop and think at every turn, and was quite fun to figure out. You made brilliant use of toggle walls here! I failed twice--once due to trapping in the red key (couldn't see w; hat I had to do from the entrance to the room...) and once due to picking up 2 pairs of suction boots at once. At the end, I couldn't get the last block out of the right-hand section and up to above the brown button, so I had to just spam-clone fireballs until I heard the "boom." Then I rushed through, dodging them, and made it. Maybe there was a safer solution that I missed, but my way was pretty exciting, I think! Fun: **** Difficulty: ****


    #5 Eagle Eyes The first time through I was like, um, what? I ended up having to take notes in MS Paint to pass this level, and even then, I failed twice because the objects on the ice path were a bit misleading. (I thought the toggle wall and tank meant that I had to press each of their buttons once, but actually, I didn't.) Fun: *' (that's 1 and a half) Difficulty: ****


    I'll hold off on rating your file until I am done with all the levels.

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