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  1. Bloons Tower Defense 5 (it has "Deflation Mode" as an option)
  2. Well, congratulations, JB, you've swept the board clean (except for Ocean Currents, which BigOto2 got before you.) I wasn't expecting that to happen so soon, I must say.
  3. Hello Chipsters of CCZone and welcome to a new game show Michael and I came up with last night on Skype! It's a test of your knowledge of CC official and custom sets, as well as a test of your detective skills. This is Name That Sound!! In this game show, Michael and I will each post videos in which we play through CC levels in Tile World Lynx mode...but we won't show you the screen. It's up to you to guess which levels we are playing based on the sounds you hear. The levels all come from levelsets or custom packs that are available for download right here on CCZone, so you can play along (or look in your favorite level editor) to figure out what we're playing. To make your guess, please post in this topic. Be sure to indicate which puzzle(s) in which video your answer(s) pertain to. Also, do not post a second guess for the same puzzle until BOTH I have responded to your first guess AND at least one hour has passed since you posted your first guess. My Round 1 video (10 puzzles) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voh3s0dxEk8 Michael's Round 1 video : Coming soon! Postponed to Round 3! Michael will be making the Round 2 video. Who Got the Correct Answers: 1 - JBLewis 2 - JBLewis 3 - JBLewis 4 - JBLewis 5 - JBLewis 6 - JBLewis 7 - BigOto2 8 - JBLewis 9 - JBLewis 10 - JBLewis Have fun! In addition to answering, feel free to make more videos of this type of contest and post them here. If you win this contest (Round 1), you will be given the right to release an official "Round 2" video (if you want) or delegate it to someone else or to whoever wants to.
  4. Super Mario Bros. Deluxe!
  5. Whoops! That's the name of the file on my computer. I thought if I entered a different name on the upload page, it would change the filename people see for download. Guess not...I'll just fix that now.
  6. Hello everyone! I know it's been a long time since I put a new version of To100T on CCZone, but I've gotten back into level designing lately, and here are 30 new levels for you to play! As always, have fun and report any praise or criticisms (or bugs or busts) in this thread. This version introduces, alongside many original levels, some levels that are sequels to levels in Pit of 100 Tiles. It also adds as a use for the Secret Hints, so be sure to pay attention to them. The levels have also been reordered. Finally, two of the levels I added contain song lyrics in the titles since the songs were stuck in my head and made me think of the level concepts I would like to thank J.B. Lewis and Michael Warner for playtesting the new levels as I create them. Michael in particular found busts all over the place in Level 62.... The set can be downloaded here: http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/230-the-other-100-tiles/ Current version (as of 3:32 PM 9/6/2014): 0.630
  7. Version 1.101


    "The Other 100 Tiles" is the sequel to my first levelset, "Pit of 100 Tiles". This features 100 levels, a few of which are in CCLP1. I submit all levels in this set for CCLP4 consideration. However, Level 50 relies on hints in other levels, so I don't want it to be in CCLP4 unless a similar idea is implemented there. Some of these levels introduce new concepts I thought of, and some others are remakes of levels from some of my levelsets from before Pit of 100 Tiles, which were lost in computer failures. Still others feature highly unusual and experimental designs, and some revisit concepts from Pit of 100 Tiles in a more difficult way. Some things to note about this set: This is significantly harder than Pit of 100 Tiles, especially near the end. I recommend you play that set first along with either CCLP1 or CC1 before playing this set. As you are playing, you might come across some "secret hints." Make sure to remember or write down what they say! They'll help you a lot in Level 50! I would like to heartily thank Michael Warner, J. B. Lewis, Tyler Sontag, Ryan J., and Josh Lee for playtesting this set and providing feedback. Their efforts kept probably a dozen busts out of the final product. Also, thank you to Jeffrey Bardon for streaming the set and providing his feedback; in addition to being fun to watch, the stream helped me find a few minor issues and frustrating parts that I've now taken efforts to correct.
  8. Just updated the set again (to Version 1.008), by actually adding a "Chips Left" amount to Level 43. Somehow it took over 14 months for anyone me to notice that Level 43 had "0" Chips Left the whole time. Thank you, CCLP1 staff, for finding that bust and pointing it out to me!
  9. UV (because we used u and dv to represent the "parts" of the integrals in high school)
  10. Granted, you won because nobody else bothered to submit anything. I wish I knew more people in real life at my college who liked making Chip's Challenge levels. (No ambiguous abbreviations this time!)
  11. OK, the tournament has started, but how do I get to play my games? It says the tournament has not started even though it started 3 hours 15 minutes ago according to the scheduled start time.
  12. Granted. You are now allergic to dogs, wolves, foxes, raccoons, deer, bears, mice, hamsters, gerbils, rats, rabbits, groundhogs, gophers, moles, voles, bats, cows, horses, donkeys, mules, goats, yaks, zebras, monkeys, gorillas, lemurs, sloths, orangutans, chimpanzees, moose, elk, antelope, buffalo, wildebeest, elephants, platypuses, and kangaroos, along with all kinds of birds, lizards, snakes, turtles, tortoises, iguanas, Komodo dragons, alligators, crocodiles, frogs, toads, tadpoles, salamanders, newts, every imaginable species of fish, crabs, lobsters, clams, oysters, seals, dolphins, and whales but you are no longer allergic to cats. I wish I knew more people at my college who liked making CC levels.
  13. Ah, correspondence chess? Never played that before...I've played in lots of tournaments, all over the board games for me. I went ahead and joined the tourney just now, BTW.
  14. Ok, just signed up....my username on Chess.com is ajmiam (same as here) so it should be pretty easy to find me.
  15. "Notebook on Desk"? More like "Head on Desk"!
  16. I'd like to play! I don't have a Chess.com account yet, but that can be easily remedied!
  17. Metal, because he DIDN'T accidentally murder my favorite Robot Master when trying to fight Megaman. EDIT: Just realized I forgot to add a new question...well, let's just keep the last question before Sparkman's.
  18. The blocks need to go onto the traps so they can be released later. Just a simple matter of going behind each block, pressing "Up" to push the block, pressing "Down" to move Chip back to his original position and then moving onto the next block, right? Well, that's assuming there's nothing under the blocks. Obviously I should have expected there to be blue walls under them instead, but for some unimaginable reason I didn't, so quickly following the above sequence of moves resulted in this instead.
  19. Just made a VERY minor update, fixing a micro-bust in #24 and an unfair C/B related cook in #76. Edit: If it's not too late, will my CCLP1-submitted version of these levels be updated? Also, mini trivia quiz time! Everyone, try to name as many of the references in my set as you can! There's absolutely no prize, but I'm just curious as to what everyone's picked up on so far.
  20. "The Jumping Walls" sounds...intriguing. Where can I find EricS1? It's not in the Downloads section here, as far as I can tell. (Only EricS2.dat is there.)
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