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  1. I would have to say Dragon Wars (released in 2007). The film was pretty much one gigantic letdown, starting with the fact that there were no dragons (only two giant snakes) until the very last MINUTE of the film and there was only one battle involving a dragon (not "wars"). Also, they somewhat conspicuously recycled some shots of stuff blowing up during the big city-in-peril scene. The film was so bad that it made average/mediocre films I saw around the same time (like The Seeker) seem like masterpieces by comparison. I have yet to see a movie for which i can't say, "Well, at least it wasn't as bad as Dragon Wars!"
  2. The only reason I was bringing up all this about not reaching the exit was because I was concerned it wasn't possible to both collect the stash of 4 blue keys (worth 40 points) and make it to the exit (worth half as much) in only 60 seconds. I just managed to accomplish this with 1 second left, so getting a recording of a run that does not reach the exit probably won't be necessary (for this month's competition anyway) because a non-exiting run probably won't be optimal. I'm all in favor of making reaching the exit mandatory in future months for convenience of submitting solutions as long as levels are designed with this rule in mind (ie, no big point bonanzas that can't be collected because it takes too long to get them and then exit).
  3. The level has walls made entirely out of blocks. Foolish curiosity was followed by panicking and then death the first time I reached this point.
  4. All right! This level looks a lot more interesting than the last one due to the fact that it's impossible to collect everything in one go. I might as well throw my current score (which I'm planning to improve) out there as a baseline for others: 60. Shouldn't be too hard to beat. I just have a couple of questions, though... 1) Are multiple submissions allowed? I.e. if we submit a solution and then get a better score, are we allowed to then submit the better solution? 2) For those of us who don't have Chip's Challenge and therefore cannot use ChipCap, do you have any recommendations on how we should record AVIs of our Tile World solutions that do not reach the exit? (Because TWS files only save solutions that do reach the exit.)
  5. I've started finishing some of the levels in the 50s and above (not in any particular order). So far my new favorite level of the set is #75 Role Reversal, with its predecessor Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis (googled it, it means "lung disease caused by inhalation of silica dust," possibly a reference to Portal 2's mentions of moon dust, perhaps maybe ?) coming in at a close second. #88 LSoC was a fun concept though it seems to be busted because I can just use the first red key to get the yellow key, skipping about 1/3 of the level (and the chip socket). Of course, since this is a joke level, maybe that's intended....Another issue is that possibly due to odd/even step discrepancies, the block that is supposed to clone into the water and "catch" me at the end of the force floor slide before the bottom-left teleport sometimes cloned too late and crushed me. (I can solve this problem by resisting the force floor while sliding, though.) Also, #54 Deep Sea Diving is a bit of an enigma to me. The red button in the first room seems to have no use other than :glider: "Hah, DEATH TRAP!!" :glider: and I never needed to use the red buttons in the corner of the second room or behind the green door above the row of 4 bombs. I suppose they could be intentional distractions, though. #60 Aquarius Lake gets an honorable mention for being the only level I've ever seen requiring Chip to rebound into a sliding block. Don't worry, it was easy enough to execute and never killed me.
  6. I'm going to make 2 separate lists because I don't think I can fairly compare games I don't play that often anymore with ones I do. Games I primarily played within the last few years: 1) Super Mario Galaxy 2 -- Full of great scenery and music and varied, fun levels. Getting that 242nd star took may tries, but was so WORTH IT! I also enjoyed spending countless hours optimizing and finding dozens of shortcuts to improve my best times. 2) Mario Kart Wii -- I played this pretty regularly online for about a year after I got it. I also played it online with my friend when he moved to Germany for a year. 3) Tile World & CCEdit -- Of course! 4) Guitar Hero 3 -- Love the track list and the presentation more than any other GH game. 5) Donkey Kong Country Returns -- Challenging levels, great settings, AND a Time Trial mode?! Easily makes the list! 6) Super Smash Bros Brawl -- One of my friends is about perfectly matched with me in terms of skill level at this game, so we’ve had many epic battles. 7) Roller Coaster Tycoon -- Somehow building a theme park never gets old. I made it to the bottom of the Corkscrew Follies scenario list last summer--then my hard drive got wiped. 8) Mega Man Day in the Limelight 2 -- A fun (though still in development) fangame featuring an immensely simple yet gratifying core gameplay concept that, IMHO, should’ve been present in every single official Mega Man game from the start! 9) Zelda Skyward Sword -- I haven’t finished it yet and it’s not perfect, but it’s still a refreshing change to the series. 10) Yu-Gi-Oh World Championship Tournament 2010 -- I must’ve built and tested over 30 different decks. Coming up with new, unconventional strategies is something I enjoy. Honorable mentions: Kirby’s Epic Yarn, New Super Mario Bros Wii, Mega Man 2, 9 & 10, Portal 2, Tetris, Super Mario 3D Land Games I primarily played at least 4 years ago: 1) Crash Team Racing -- Each time one of my friends came over, we used to play this game for at least an hour. It was so fun we even spent hours playing the demo included in Spyro 2 until I got the actual game. 2) Super Mario Bros 3 -- Full of varied and memorable stages, not to mention all the powerups, this is the closest a Mario game has gotten to perfection IMO. 3) Spyro the Dragon -- As I described it to my friends in 1st grade, “It’s the game you just gotta have!” It was highly satisfying to explore the levels and improve from just starting out to reaching 120% through the years of my childhood. More recently, I’ve also found it fun to speedrun. (Best time starting from a new game to beat Gnasty: 1hr3min.) 4) Yoshi’s Island -- Another example of a game where finishing 100% was an exciting journey of many years. 5) Ratchet and Clank 2: Going Commando -- Even though I am not a fan of shooters for the most part, I found it incredibly satisfying to build up an arsenal and then find the right weapon to use for the right job. 6) Super Mario 64 DS -- I never owned an N64, so I only got tastes of Super Mario 64 and I could only imagine how awesome it would be to play. Then with this game I got my chance to play it myself. And it was just as good as I had imagined. 7) Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon -- Better than the original: fun minigames like skating. Worse than the original: frustrating minigames like whack-a-mole. 8) NES Zelda 1 -- Alas, I fear we may never again get a Zelda game with top-down, 2D, grid based, simple but challenging maze-like dungeons that don’t have to be completed in strict order 9) Heroes of Might and Magic III -- An old but somehow still very fun strategy classic 10) Super Mario Bros Deluxe -- This reincarnation of the original Super Mario meshed best with my love of strategizing and optimizing because of the individual level score challenges. Honorable mentions: Yoshi’s Island DS, Kirby’s Adventure, Pokémon Emerald, Super Mario Bros 2 (USA), Super Mario World, Paper Mario (original and 1000-Year Door)
  7. Good thing you did that, because level 27 was driving me bananas! Anyway, I'm really loving the set so far. I've completed levels 1-27 plus a few others. I found #30 (Nail Flipping) to be a really clever and unique concept and an aesthetically pleasing design. FINALLY 'd #39 On the Run (the level from the teaser trailer). It took me about 40 minutes and at least 20 tries, including 2 deaths after getting all the chips. (Surprisingly, I only died to walkers twice. I play in Lynx mode.) It's a fun level, though it requires a bit of trial and error and has some very unforgiving parts (including dodging the two side-by-side pink balls which allows absolutely [0] margin for error) so I don't think I'll vote for it for CCLP1, but I will for CCLP4! Also, I was able to #25 Block Teleportation without any chips/suction boots. I just shoved all 8 blocks into the teleporter (2 in each direction) so 4 bounced back into the blue key room, then I grabbed the keys and fire boots and exited. Was this an intentional alternate solution? Finally, DANGIT! I was going to make a level titled "Companion Block!" Oh well...
  8. If by "they" you mean the fireball clone machines in the bottom right, they're triggered by the two fireballs just to their left hitting the red buttons, which clone more fireballs that hit the same red buttons, etc. If you meant the desynchronization, well I made some test levels. It seems to only affect monsters that both A) are cloned by other monsters and B) run into water or bombs. It affects all monster types except teeth and blobs. Also, it takes a few seconds for desync to occur, and it only occurs if monsters are cloned very frequently. The stage shown in the video had 4 continuously running cloners at the time I pointed out the desynchronization. In a test stage with just two continuously running cloners, desync occcurred only when the red buttons were placed close to the machines (2 spaces away as opposed to 6 spaces away) to make cloning occur more frequently.
  9. I only really remember making up names for things when I was playing Lesson 5, which confused me. I didn't know why the red button kept changing back and forth into a "purple circle" (ball) which would also appear on the tiles next to the red button. Soon I figured out that with good timing on the green button I could stop all those "pizzas" (fireballs) from blocking the red key. Then I got to the last room, wandered into a trap, and told my dad "I think I got stuck because I got too close to the 'apples.' " On my next try I figured out that the "brown spot" was what got me stuck. On my try after that, I tried picking up an "apple" and got "Ooops! Don't touch the bombs!" "What's a bomb (which I pronounced as rhyming with "home")?" I asked my dad and he explained. So yeah, Lesson 5 taught me an actual lesson-a new word!
  10. Hello everyone! New here... Anyway, I was in the process of building and testing my first levelset when I saw something odd occur in one level as I tested it in Lynx mode. As you can see in video, two fireballs that are supposed to be cloned at the same time end up appearing at different times. This occurs consistently whenever I test the level; it is not a fluke. It occurs in both Tile World and Tile World 2. Does anyone know whether this a glitch, or just a faithfully emulated quirk of the original Lynx game? I'm posting this because I didn't find anything about it mentioned on the forums, newsgroup or Chip Wiki. Has anyone else seen anything like this?
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