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  1. As there are more level players than level designers, I would encourage you to focus on the CCLP4 story and finish it in time for the anniversary, after which you can resume editor development. Personally, the lack of a storyline has reduced motivation to finish the harder levels in CCLP4.
  2. The one-year anniversary for CCLP4 is approaching. Where is the storyline?
  3. Chip's Challenge is the game that defined my childhood. I continue to enjoy it in my limited spare time, but have no plans to touch the second game (certainly not as long as it remains only available on Steam with no official community packs). There remains growth potential (and thus scope for official level packs) for the original game. Windows is no longer the dominant casual gaming platform (consoles are more for hardcore gamers). That title now belongs to the device that shaped the last decade: the iPhone. Releasing Chip's Challenge on iPhone and Android would increase the playerbase. However, the mobile version would require its own official level pack (many levels in existing official packs would be virtually unplayable with touchscreen controls) and slightly altered rules. (Of course, versions for major consoles would also help attract new players and retain existing ones, but not as much as mobile versions.) Among the existing official packs, I only consider CCLP1, CCLP3 and CCLP4 worth playing. The original 149 levels retain their nostalgic value but have been superseded by CCLP1. With too many mediocre levels and invalid tiles, CCLP2 is a warning that we should not rush with the first official community pack for CC2. To me, only a remake (worst levels replaced, no invalid tiles or major busts) would redeem CCLP2. I tried CCLXP2, which does not go far enough but shows that such a remake is possible.
  4. When will the storyline be released?
  5. Some levels, such as Everybody Get Dangerous, were named after said songs.
  6. The above information only applies to CHIPS.EXE which is no longer widely used. Tile World can handle four-digit time limits just fine.
  7. Playing CCLP4 in my spare time and completed 66 levels so far. CCLP4 has been...slightly underwhelming. Perhaps thoroughly enjoying CCLP3 and CCLP1 has set my expectations too high. Playing through a few voting packs (which I did not do for CCLP3 or CCLP1) may also have clouded by judgment, as a few favourites (like Exit Plan, The Day The World Was Supposed to End and Soko-Thief) did not make the cut. However, the most important and least subjective factor may be how CCLP4 was released. Without a storyline and took me half a day to realise that it was downloadable from CCZone as I was repeatedly refreshng http://jamesa7171.net/cclp4/. Any idea when the storyline would be released?
  8. hkn

    CCLP4 Leaks

    Dual (#104) immediately came to mind, though Stratagem (#142) is probably just as fun (I have yet to figure it out). Another candidate would be Water Bottle (#111). Although small, I doubt Bind Mender (#126) would be the highest-ranked fun level.
  9. Also forgot to mention #37 Forcing. The yellow-door guessing game at the very end is just mean and ruins an otherwise decent level. Any hints for #46 The Room Without Space? #6 Once you get past the blobs, the level is decent...until the bug cloning machine. #15 I lack the fingers for such precise timing, but can see why others would enjoy it. #18 Gave the level another try. The chip on the bottom-left was easy. The trick to the chip on the bottom-right is really neat. Yet to figure out how to get the third one. I think levels in official packs should avoid ruleset-specific mechanics, except under special circumstances, such as Construct-A-Sokoban in this pack and CCLP3 #16 Two Sets of Rules. Even for that level, the cross-checking generated much controversy (and the hint should have been placed in that room). #35 If the tank issue was fixed, I would not penalise the level for the blob and walker rooms, but the hidden wall section is still terrible and the level is not particularly amazing. #40 Will try the other Construct-A-Sokoban. Thanks for the heads-up! I am playing the packs in reverse order (starting with Expansion) so I did not know about it. Doubt I will have time to finish even five packs. No idea why ChipEdit marks them as invalid.
  10. #2 Dense Sokoban Sokobans should not solve themselves. #5 Exit Plan Block pushing with flippers on is nothing new. Past implementations tend to be repetitive, but expanding the theme into an entire level makes for a nice spatial puzzle. You must think about the relationship between each block and figure out where to build the bridge. Perhaps the time limit could be slightly longer, to be fair to non-editor players. #6 The Genvag After five blobs and an invisible-wall guessing game, I do not even want to try the rest of the level. #7 Inverted Sugar Relatively short and simple, but still quite fun to play. #9 Save the Bug! This appeared in the iPad port Will's World, where it was practically impossible with touchscreen controls. On a computer with a keyboard, it works very well. Similar to Bug Arranging (CCLP3 #141) but simpler in concept and execution, which increases its appeal to players less interested in melee levels (like me). #10 Mixing Cloning many blobs to explode bombs? Dodging fire on force floors? Luring a teeth onto a blue button when you can see neither? No. Just no. #12 The Day the World Was Supposed to End Starts with a cute hint and soon becomes addictive, with constant interaction with monsters that almost gets too close for comfort, but never feels luck-based and always requires (sometimes creative) thinking. The recessed wall under the block at [6, 6] is invalid, but this is a minor quibble that can easily be fixed if the level makes the final cut (and I hope it does). #15 Falling Interesting concept, but practically impossible. #18 Slapstick Tragedy That a level with unavoidable random force floors leading to fire made it into voting is indeed a tragedy. #21 Dept 42 Most Sokoban implementations allow the player to see the entire level at once (no matter how large it is) and undo their last few moves (in case they accidentally press the wrong key), to keep the focus on figuring out the puzzle. Without these two features, such large Sokoban levels in Chip's Challenge can be very tedious (even if the puzzle is easy). Although I enjoyed this, players who are less into Sokoban may not. #22 Escalators Such force floor levels just make me giddy. #26 Loading Crates This is better than #21 as it is less tedious and uses other tiles (such as force floors) to enhance the puzzle beyond a pure Sokoban. #27 Optical Delusion A failed attempt to copy Triple Maze (CCLP3 #115). Solved it on my first try. #28 Block Parking At first, I thought this level would be repetitive, but turns out that the nails and partial posting were fun to figure out. The blocks sliding on ice (especially the one after the thief) led to several annoying deaths, but Slide Delay (I think) made those not too difficult. #29 Under Pressure CCLP4 will need some short melee levels and this is among the better candidates. It certainly set my pulse racing! #31 Switch Side A real chore to play. #35 Lonely How to design a bad level: Eleven blue keys at the end, with ten unreachable due to hidden walls, making the player repeatedly guess (with a low time limit) or peek in the editor. Place three blobs and three walkers in a small open space. There was one time where pressing the blue button failed to reverse the tank because a walker or blob was in its way! #40 Construct-A-Sokoban A brilliantly-executed twist on the Sokoban theme. Really hope this level makes the cut for CCLP4. The difficulty is just right to interest both Sokoban lovers and haters. I guess the room on the right (with toggle walls) is for Lynx players? #41 Bugs on the Wing Figuring out how to use the first bug was fun. The rest was just tedious. #45 Soko-Thief Thieves as acting walls to blocks but not Chip, force floors that require nails to bypass and reusing the blocks in each room make for an innovative Sokoban level that was very satisfying to solve and deserves to be in CCLP4. Raising the time limit would make it even better. #46 The Room Without Space Could the clone machine be placed within visible distance? I am still trying to figure out how to push only one block to column 17. #47 Spin Cycle Almost as good as #12 except that stepping off the force floors in the recessed wall maze was a frustrating, luck-based exercise. (Trying to get the first chip is much less annoying, because if you fail, restarting only wastes a few seconds.) #48 Green Balls Teleports leading to death turn this from a mediocre level into a downright bad one. #49 Partial Post Me Baby Why must I do the same partial post (with the dirt and glider) five times? It ruins what could have been an excellent level (the partial post with the teeth was pure genius).
  11. #1 Earthly Expression: Another annoying melee level. #2 The Great Big Chip Heist: Similar to the many puzzle levels in CCLP3 that rekindled my love for this game after finishing CC1 and trying (but disliking) CCLP2. Only halfway through but figuring this out has been a blast so far. If I use my first blue key to free the ball and thus the tank, I can lure the trapped teeth onto the bomb guarding the two blue keys, but am unable to escape since the thief took away my tools. If I use my first blue key to release the trap guarding the suction shoes, pressing the brown button near the teeth fails to release it, even with Chip immediately to its left. Controller and Boss Glitch? #3 Racing: Very interesting concept that would be educational for less experienced players. #4 Chainloader: Less annoying than #1. #5 Continuum: Spend a few seconds watching Chip slide on ice before you can press the arrow key. Unavoidable collision with pink ball. Rinse and repeat. #6 The Trouble With Mirrors Finally, a melee level that is not annoying or repetitive. Nevertheless, nothing special apart from the partial post. #7 Lateral Thinker Yet to figure out the solution, but pretty sure it will be brilliant. #8 Merry-Go-Round II It does feel like a merry-go-round! #9 The Legendary Block Only fun for those who love Sokoban levels as much as I do. #10 Soko-Spiral Not fun even for those who love Sokoban levels. #11 Seeing Red Aesthetically pleasing but not so pleasing to play when you have to constantly count your red keys. #16 Skate Park Not a fan, but would choose this over #28, #29 and #36. #17 Wormhole Blockage Just a glorified Partial Post (as in CC1 #138) with a funny message only visible in a level editor. #20 Get the Chips Chips Move the exit one space to the right (to make the ball more dodgeable) and this may be good enough for CCLP4. #26 Round and Round the Garden Itemswapper levels are getting old. Having to go round and round the garden makes this itemswapper tedious. #28 Frozen Forethought How do others find such ice levels fun? #29 Blue Waffle No. Just no. #30 Pyro Technique The routes that the fireballs take are more creative than most levels that use this theme. #36 Block Skate Not again! NEVER! See #28 and #29. #45 Puzzling Remove the first room (which is not a puzzle) and this would deserve to be among the easier CCLP4 levels. #49 Honeycomb Hustling If I wanted such repetitive melee levels, I would play some other game that specialises in them. Other levels that look promising and I will try soon (after getting over my addiction to #2) include #14 War Paint, #15 Microprocessor, #21 Migration, #23 Judgment, #32 Fish in a Barrel and #50 Half of You, Half of Me.
  12. Download link? I used to play Tile World 1 on my MacBook but it will not run on El Capitan.
  13. Any hints for #20 (Death Box)? I figured that the first (or possibly second) step must be releasing the glider. Thought that the clone block at the bottom-left would be used to direct it to a bomb, but Chip cannot escape the block in time. Looks like a very interesting puzzle. #17 (Bothersome Ball) was very fun to solve.
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