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  1. I'll also be voting and possibly streaming some, but I really do not have the time anymore to devote myself to a huge project.
  2. Version 1.5


    You are staring at rockdet's third level set, an unfinished piece of work where I pushed even farther my search for a perfect balance of concepts, made with exploration-based designs and aesthetics. Designed mostly to play without maps, for they would spoil a lot of the surprises. 40 levels in that release while I wanted 50, maybe I'll finish it eventually. Can't guarantee Lynx compatibility yet, and some levels have yet to be tested too, so some flaws may or may not be included. Have fun! rockdet signing out
  3. Pushy [11] Stress Fracture [13] +1 Lead Us Not into Temptation [8] Triple Maze [10] Mini Challenges [12] Mice Are Good for Something [5] Obstacle Course [12] Elite [10] Twisted Chambers [9] -2
  4. It's all suggestive at that point, I say. For example, I intentionally didn't submit levels that I thought were too hard for what I had in mind for CCLP1 (stuff like "Overlap" or "Dominion"), and it probably bit me in the behind, because some are actually super fitting in late CCLP1, but hey, I respect others and don't only think "Hey, I want 89 levels in the set! Let's submit all my stuff!" As for voting itself, one's idea is not gonna change, just like CCLP3 and CCLP1 voting phases. We all have our general preferences in terms of a single level, and that stood out in the voting. The difference was that we actually did split them levels into categories for CCLP1, which allowed for more variety. And as long as the staff in place keeps doing that, we're safe.
  5. Really, that's too bad you didn't think that back in the CCLP3 days! Also, I think some of my levels match late-CCLP3 difficulty, but I design so many different kinds of levels with so variable difficulty that I can't consider myself as "designing hard levels".
  6. I think that would inappropriately suggests people to play only official sets and would pretty much discard any possible view on custom sets, because hey, we got the official sets... Also, the motivation isn't that we don't want difficulty, we just don't want homogenous difficulty.
  7. That has always been an issue I was strongly fighting against, but hey, ultimately, biases can't be overturned, sadly. We generated them randomly, so yeah it was as good as what was there. That is true, there are some around but the global thing shouldn't be overwhelmed by their number, so we're good there.
  8. Mine is a duck taking flight. It used to frighten James so I decided to repeatedly use it everywhere
  9. Let's just go ahead and mention my own stuff, for the sake of self-promotion Alpha: The Inner Plague Overlap Mnemonic Ice Dominion Mind Cluster Judas' Last Move Voices Beta : Puuf Roll The Dice Talisman Boa Boa Boa Groenland Rain Cluster Two
  10. You have to use the fish

  11. Counter Clockwise [12] +1 CircleMaze [0] -2 High Security [17]
  12. #82 Automatic (Caution) Doors [13] -2 #85 Disappearing Mazes [12] +1 #87 (Ir)reversible [9] #88 Outwit [5] #89 Memory Test [2]
  13. Counter Clockwise [10] +1 CircleMaze [4] -2 High Security [18]
  14. I might as well write my most funny ones : "There's nothing more on this tile than on the tiles next to you..." (Rock-Alpha #10 : Cakewalk) "Here's your objective: Blah blah blah leave the factory." (Rock-Beta #2 : Factory) "You have found the secret message. Congratulations!" (Rock-Beta #5 : Barbecue Peanuts) "Hint: Hint" (Rock-Beta #13 : Milliardaire) But my ultimate favourite one is : "Translate anything initially not ice or water from SGA." (CCLP2 #8 : Use the Fish)
  15. You know what? I have an idea, I don't know if I'll be able to wedge it in time though. This might be called a comeback
  16. Yeah, you should try. That and breathing. Why are regular potato chips yellow?
  17. Oh yeah I remember seeing someone at my college playing Cookie Clicker, asking him why he was doing so didn't bring me any answer to convince myself to try it.
  18. 16. Monosynth├Ęse des tranches de baloney
  19. Obviously, this year, I have close to no time to devote to something like that, so if it's pushed forward this year (which I don't recommend for obvious reasons mentioned countless amounts of times before by several people), I won't be able to be an efficient part of said staff. But who knows next year?
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