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  1. Anyone else agree that playing a level like Blue Ridge Corporate Center after having played levels like Cloners Maze actually makes the level harder than it is because you go around trying to save everything and not take anything before you absolutely should when you have no reason to worry about things like that at all? Haha, once you realize the level isn't that strict it becomes ten times easier and more fun, lol...
  2. I agree with what everyone else has said so far, lesson levels don't seem like they would really fit in for the beginning of the set, but some sort of opening level that pays homage to the previous sets while setting up this set (in terms of tricks/devices/methods/types of levels that have been used in the past and not necessarily actual levels themselves, though it could). One idea would be if there was a level that used a wall layout from a cc level with a combination of level parts from a cclp2, cclp3, and cclp1 level or something like that to tie them all together. And you could have a combination of levels that fit those sets earlier levels to start it off, for instance two levels that could have been in each set, and then if there are any levels with new/different/interesting concepts that weren't in any of those sets they could be nice bridge levels between the first ten levels and the rest of the set (provided they have the correct difficulty that is). You could also mix the difficulties around a bit too so that as the set gets harder there's a variety of levels in between, (for instance maybe there's a simpler level concept but it's a really long level, or a tricky concept that's super short, kind of like a breather level, every now and then to break up the other levels difficulties. (Not knowing the submission pool you are working from some of these ideas may or may not work)... Thanks and good luck!
  3. While attempting to finish solving cclp3 in wills world (something I thought I had already done, and found out by accident that I hadn't) I was rushing to the last room in old frog and accidentally went into the trap too early before the tooth monster could follow me...
  4. starfishgurl1984


    I finally officially beat cclp3 in its entirety, something I thought that I had already done, whoops! (I only had four unsolved levels left in wills world that I had figured out the solutions to but never actually made it to the exit in to call them officially solved because I kept making dumb mistakes on the way there and never went back to finish them, as for tileworld I have some here and there solved but I only had time to play cclp3 in wills world at the time that it came out because of my schedule)...
  5. starfishgurl1984


    How did stress fracture only take me three tries to solve, yet lazy hourglass took me 103 tries? Somehow I find that rather hilarious and sad... (though some of the attempts might have been accidental ones when I wasn't intending to play it but were counted as such anyways).
  6. starfishgurl1984


    while attempting to finish solving cclp3 in wills world (because I realized by accident that somehow I never quite had) I was in a rush for the ending of old frog and went down into the trap too fast... oops!
  7. starfishgurl1984


    How did lazy hourglass take me 103 tries to solve, yet stress fracture only took me 3? Somehow I find that rather hilarious and sad... (though some of the attempts might have been accidental ones when I wasn't intending to play it but were counted as such anyways).
  8. Ok, that's what I tried to do, but it wasn't working for me, it wasn't allowing me to hit the save button at all or press any other buttons except for writing the file name in the bar where it says .bmp and I couldn't even hit the cancel button either to get out of it so I had to close cc2 all together and open it back up to try again, that's why I thought that I wasn't doing the right thing at all. I'm glad to see it was just a computer/cc2 problem and not me going completely crazy after all, thanks!!!
  9. Hello, does anyone know how to access a picture/map/screenshot of an entire level? I swear I've done it before with a level from the main game (one of the two levels with all of the sokobans in them that you can either choose to solve or only solve the minimum required to reach the exit) but I do not remember how I did it, or if I'm only imagining things and think I did. I can't seem to find anything anywhere that tells you how but I feel like its a press of a simple button combo on the keyboard or something from my vague memory. Thanks!
  10. While playtesting my cclp4 submission set in lynx mode before submitting it to cczone I stupidly pushed a movable block at the wrong time in one of the levels causing the gliders to bounce off of each other instead of spin in a circle. It was a pretty funny cook at the time as I kept making silly mistakes with my timing and dying earlier on in the level, so I was so happy that I finally made it to the glider part that I completely forgot to pay attention to what I was doing. Whoops! (and it was my own level, which makes me feel even worse, because I already knew how to solve it, so it wasn't a blind cook)... https://youtu.be/dMauzgXxqpk
  11. 59 downloads

    This set is for CCLP4 consideration and has a word document to go along with it with notes/information/questions about the set and some of the levels in it. (At the time of uploading this I do not know where/how to attach said word file though, so I am attaching it as screenshots for now).
  12. Kind of a side note but still an epic win, while playing chips challenge and doing my homework at the same time I reached level 81 Writers Block at the same time that I had to start writing a paper... So every time I wrote a sentence I filled in a block, LOL!
  13. Swearing you saw someone post about liking "oorto geld" because you were scrolling though quickly, but it was just your brain playing tricks on you with the letters, lol, only in a cczone discussion board...
  14. Hands down I will always prefer the MSCC version of chips challenge along with its sounds and music, but tile world 2 with the MSCC graphics is not a bad compromise. I still have it on my old xp but because that is overloaded with crap and messed up I can't really use it. I would love to port my music and sounds though from it to tile world so at least it will feel more like the original, once I figure out where those files are so I can replace them. The only thing I do not miss about MSCC though is the new game button, that was like the Black Plague if it ever got pressed by an innocent player. Every time one of my cousins played the game when they came over I always got worried they would press it again, especially after finally beating "on the rocks" and "writers block", ugh, so frustrating... Those were the days!!!
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