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  1. wow i looked at this profile for the first time in years, yecch

    dunno if i'm gonna forget about this site or actually contribute

    1. random 8

      random 8

      Welcome back! (if you ever see this)

      Just FYI, most of the community activity has moved to Discord. You could come and say hi sometime.

  2. I think I could go ahead and submit the level DISKETTE for CCLP4. After all; what's more amazing out of all levels I've finished than a Windows logo? You got it. I'm gonna be finishing levels from time to time and you can check the planned levels section each day to see which ones I've finished. So anyways, how do you guys like the demo I published?
  3. Here's something that doesn't happen everyday. Turns out this is a cook of the first level of my levelpack. Ooops.
  4. zacharyz00

    Chip's Rewind is cooking

    I managed to cook the first level of my own levelpack. Ooops.
  5. Version 1.1


    It's here! It's here! It's finally here! Chip's Rewind Early Demo It happened. You waited. And here it is, the early demo of Chip's Rewind, containing the first 6 levels. We hope you have fun with this demo.
  6. Oh man, it's been pretty long since I've edited or seen this topic. Anyways, KEYS AND BLOCKS is finished and the level after it will be renamed, as it also has been finished. EDIT: Ooops, turns out I actually finished ONCE MORE. I guess ONCE MORE will replace level 13...
  7. Creating a resource pack for Minecraft called Chip's Craft.

  8. There will be 167 levels to be similar to that of Chip's Challenge (149 levels) And, the CC2 elements will not be included because of the name and that this is going to be ported to CC1 and TW. Also, the [DONE] tag indicates here that a level has been finished.
  9. Oh no. I just realized this belongs in Upcoming Levelpacks. Could a moderator please move this?
  10. Hi. This here will be a 167 level pack which will be first designed for Chip's Challenge 2 and will then be ported to CC1 and TW. Currently planned levels: Unorganized, later levels: Downloads: Early Demo News: A demo has been released, be sure to check it out.
  11. "Gladiols.mp3" from Chip's Challenge 2. EDIT: Better known to people who listen to ragtimes as "Gladiolus".
  12. Quite simply, the green lock block from the 1992 version of Chip's Challenge.
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