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  1. Endy

    Tell us a joke

    I liked the rabbit one, however, I don't know how the guy would get into his neighboor's house to put the rabbit back into the cage. There were three crazy guys on a plane, so the pilot says "man, they're starting to make a lot of noise, they're sooo annoying!" And the co-pilot says "I got this." So he leaves, and after five minutes he comes back. The pilot was like "wow, how did you get them to shut up?" and the co-pilot said "I told them that we were playing school, so I gave them homework to maintain them distracted." and the pilot said "man, you're incredible!" After 20 minutes, they start to shout and be annoying again. Before the pilot could say anything, the co-pilot got up again. After five more minutes, he comes back and the pilot said "wow, what did you do this time!?" and the co-pilot finally said "well, I checked their homework, and since they did a good job, I opened the door for them so they could go out to recess!"
  2. I have played the first one, but was never really good at it (probably I was too little), I have played underground and beat it, it was quite fun!
  3. Ice blue? not just the light blue, I mean the ice's thin stipes included.
  4. I got a few Ideas: -Make a levelset with at least 30 levels, each levels has to include monsters. However, here's the catch: choose a monster (for example: gliders) and in every level, at least 1 glider has to appear, no other monsters appear (and the glider(s) has/have to be effective, as just having them as decoration, or unreachable in each level). Oh, and (probably) no choosing teeth (as everyone will choose it). And blocks count as long as they can crush you somehow. -Make at least 3 tilesets, 3 INFOWNDs, 3 EXE backrounds, etc. ( at least three of each). -Tell one of your silly secrets about you (as long as it stays appropriate). -Make a level (at least medium difficulty with 3 boots, 8 keys, walls, floor, fire, force floor, ice, water, 4 chips, 6 bombs, 3 blocks, 3 paramecias, at least 1 thief, 8 doors, 1 glider, 1 walker, 2 bugs, and strictly nothing else (combination may vary, but should remain challenging).
  5. HHHmmmm, I already have an idea of something to put in the shop. Oh, and everybody who puts the things could put their own prices, as long as they don't put a ridiculously high price.
  6. Endy

    Leveling Up?

    It's good to have this system again, I missed it in the "chip's portal" times, the worst part, though, is starting over. I remember being one of the "top posters". Speaking of which, this post is the one that makes me get to LESSON 2.
  7. That seems a good idea to me .
  8. How about the red and yellow bug?
  9. Hmmm... I'm thinking of a christmas themed tileset, by the way, where is the place to upload/download the BMP on here?
  10. Endy


    Hello everyone! My name is Andy, as in Andy Baker, however, sometimes people call me "Endy" because of pronunciation, I was kind of tired of having "Hash" (or Hash1 in this case) as a nickname, but it was not because I didn't like it. I am 16 years old right now. I was born in Spain and have lived in the US, now I live in Spain. About me And Chips, I first played when I was five, I had it with the BOWEP, then almost forgotten about it until I was 12, I later also found out about making your own levels. I first heard about CCZone (the old one) on Mike L's site two years ago. I like making Chip's Challenge levels, well, sometimes it's hard for me to make a good one, but I try, I also like making custom tilesets, oh, and I'm (still) working on my first set, it's not released because I'm not spending as much time as I'd like to on Chip's Challenge either because of daily routine, laziness, or lack of inspiration, but I'll see what I can do. Interests? I like rap, rock, heavy metal, pop, and house music. I also like games besides CC, such as old school mario, sonic, some nintendo games, challengo, monopoly, some playstation 2 games, and some computer games.
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