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  1. Level ~60 so far (don't recall the exact number). Many levels that I've played in the differents packs, but in MS version. Now I replay them in Lynx for a different feel. A bit of nostalgia. Nice selection of levels but I think I'd personally have taken other ones for the very firsts. I like how (spoiler about a level in 1-60) you've thought of making level 51 ice-themed ----------------------- just like in the other packs.
  2. 2:30 hours remaining... like the clock on Majora's Mask but the other way around. It'll be a pleasure. And yet I've to finish CCLP3... not far from the end though !
  3. Yay ! Thank you for this trailer. I'm proud as I've probably beaten half of the levels shown in it. Now my thoughts about the release date : This will be July 14th, our National day in France, in only 3 weeks. I'll be able to play it on my day off. I didn't know we would be so close. (Starts singing "Allons enfants de la patrie...")------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (highlighting the text is a good idea) Anyway, from what I saw in this trailer, and from what I've played in the 26 packs (I didn't open all the packs, in fact, but some of them kept me long) I'm sure it'll be a great pack ! And I won't expect any of my levels to make it inside, because... well, I've still got a long way to go before publishing good levels.
  4. I've submitted my new version. I don't know how to fix Smoke on the Water, so maybe you'll disqualify it, with hopes that it won't affect the whole set.
  5. Version 2016-06-15


    My fixed version for CCLP4 (except for Smoke of the water). I hope you'll enjoy.
  6. Version 1.02


    These levels are designed to be homogenous. Except maybe Trial By Ice + Honeycomb Hustling. But if a single level of mine fits in the pack, then I'll be proud of myself enough. The "Look before you leap" philosophy may apply to pretty much every level in the set.
  7. Why not "Chip's Challenge 2's 1st/2nd/... level pack" -> "CC2's 1LP/CC2's 2LP" ...
  8. I haven't seen much of the judging. In fact, I want first to solve all the submitted levels by myself (or most of all... because I skipped a few) and I'm not done yet. Anyway, I already want to say GG and thank you to all the contestants, it was fun. Now, for my own levels : Stressful Maze (pattern 3) : I don't recall having a so busted version. The original ones had blocks instead of thin walls that wouldn't let the teeth go outside at all, so no bust. But nevermind. Smoke on the water (pattern 4) : (Spoiler on the whole level below !) so... much... bust. Using the bottom clone machine wasn't intended to succeed the level, but the intended solution was sort of cunning too, as you didn't have to use the path of bombs. However, I don't get how you managed to get the first yellow key (which originally required you to stop the toggling that you had to start first) ; and at the end I didn't mind at all the trick with pauses. This level was supposed to go you Oorto Geld (start toogling) -> Monster Lab (stop toggling) -> Oorto geld -> Monster Lab .
  9. Thank you ! Well, the fact there were "dot" and "at" in full words instead of . and @ made me miss it. I can't wait to see these levels.
  10. My levels are ready. I realised tonight we were allowed more than 1 submission per level, though I have only 1 idea per palette (I have a second idea for one of them but I'm a bit lazy to do it in 24 hours) How do submissions work ? Through a private message ?
  11. At least you tried, thank you. Maybe I can recall the levels I've lost and rebuild them.
  12. Okay, thank you. I'm glad my levelset comes partially from another set so I haven't lost everything.
  13. Hi ! I was making a levelset on Tile World, that already had ~10-15 levels and, after hours trying to beat one (that is really tight or I have no reflexes) I went back on the editor, pressed some combination of keys (I forgot which), which closed the editor and whenever I try to open that set again I can't, and I have a pop-up window with "Error loading levelset : read past end of stream" . Do you have any idea about how I could restore my set ? If not, then I can advise you : make regular copies of your level sets.
  14. I discovered this site yesterday, and I'm glad you extended the deadline. I didn't even have 1 month to participate but I'll try my best in some challenges. Also, are monsters allowed to face any direction at start, for palette 4 ?
  15. ChocophileBenj


    Hi people. I'm ChocophileBenj, from France. I'm 23. I like videogames, programming, and anything that requires calculation. I like a few fantasy novels, too (The Age of Fire + Eragon + Chronicles of the Emerged World... I can talk of the latter a long time if you want). Also, I used to play Hearthstone but I'm kinda terrible when comparing to my friends. I stopped at The Great Tournament. I'm looking for a community and some friends ; not that I don't have friends IRL, but I don't see them as often as I wish... plus I'm a little bit wild, too, but being social is... well... necessary, sometimes. I finished the 149 levels of the first CC set as I was 10 (and the level Pain was rightfully named ). I've always found this game very fun, and the possibilites of creating levels through some elements is something that I've liked in every video or board game I've met that allows such a thing. Namely Dominion (board game) and Candy Crush (a somewhat-gamish video thing that has enjoyable levels). I knew about an editor a few years ago (that's what I used to dream to as a child) but I played a bit, alone ... and now I'm kind of fed up being lonely and I want to share my levels with you. That's why you'll see soon some of my level ideas.
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