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  1. old cczone archive. PLUS ANNOUNCEMENT!

    Wow, I poke my head in and I'm assaulted by my terrible old skin design. Sorry for that CSS everyone. I have need to dig through some old hard drives soon, so I will keep an eye open for some old (Invisionfree) CCZone save files. I used to like to do that sort of thing, so I might just have something saved. (BTW, yes I still lurk on occasion.)
  2. How Should We Name CC2 Level Packs?

    In my opinion, community-wide packs should have a constant in the title. Packs that are made by those within the community will likely have a unique name and it could become confusing as to which packs are unofficial and which are less official.
  3. Initial reactions to CC2

    I have been quite enjoying it, overall. I purchased it Sunday night, but haven't really had a lot of time to play it. I am on level 85 currently, without any skips. It plays a lot easier than CC1. I like a lot of the new tiles, but I wish that Melinda came into play more often. The new tiles give me new ideas for levels, but I haven't really played with the editor yet. I agree that there's a huge diversity in the quality of levels, but that makes a lot of sense, given there's more than one developer. Overall, well worth the $5.
  4. CCLP4 submissions open today

    As always, any level of mine that fits the qualifications that's not already been placed in a set already, is submitted. I may cull though some of my old work soon for this.
  5. The original CC Zone

    I have the old CSS kicking around on my external hard drive, I think. I could dig that up and that could be an option.
  6. Version 3.1


    These are the levels from my series (The Last Few Chips) that are up for consideration. There are 25 levels total, and this set contains the most recent versions of all the levels (bug fixes, name changes, and ruleset adaptions). I was initially going to email this to the CCLP1 staff only, but I then realized that not sifting through 450 levels to find the 25 levels up for consideration would be easier.
  7. CC Designer stoped working

    I'll try to dig through old emails to find his address soon.
  8. CC Designer stoped working

    I'm a fan of CCDesign (partly because it's uploaded on my site, partly because I like some of the features more). But it's been a while since I used anything else, to be honest. If you want, I can try to contact the programmer. We haven't spoken since a little bit before CCZone Alpha collapsed.
  9. CraigV1

    I have completed the first five levels. Check it out and leave feedback here or send it to me privately. However you please. http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/228-%7B?%7D/
  10. CraigV1

    Version 1.0


    I completed the first five levels and have decided to upload it. This levelset is subject to new levels and fixes to problems with levels that other people find. The third level (Tricks & Traps) was first released for the March 2013 CCZone Create Competition. Well, enjoy.
  11. CraigV1

    It doesn't load CCL or DAT files, and it isn't mine. But thank you. I felt that my levels here before were sub-par and hope that the levels in this set will help people forget. I made a fourth level last night before bed. Once I have a fifth level, I will release it to the general public and then slowly add to it.
  12. I was not planning on it for another few months.
  13. Excellent. It will definitely appear in CraigV1, then.
  14. Proof I am working on new levels: I just submitted. Is it against the rules to keep the level in my CraigV1 for the release? Also, I have way more than 100 words. Is that okay?
  15. CraigV1

    I made a third this morning. Two more and I will release it and then re-release as I make more levels. This set is over halfway to it's initial release.