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  1. I'm back to CC after over a month in which school and family took all my free time... I want to propose a challenge, which may also help me to prove that the most insane level I've ever created can be actually solved. Over a year ago I created a level called "MOMENTS OF INSANITY" with the intention of creating one of the hardest insane levels ever. After a few days I created this level school started and somehow I stopped playing CC and considering this level for months, with the result of forgetting the intended solution. I'm pretty sure this level can be solved, though. That's why I'm asking you to try to solve it and post every consideration or video here, so that I can improve this level and release the final version a.s.a.p.. Anyone who directly solves this level can be really considered a CC master! You can get the latest version of "MOMENTS OF INSANITY" here: http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/117-moments-of-insanity/. Thank you in advance! Have fun playing this level!
  2. Version 1.0


    Here's the most insane level I've ever created. Since over a year has passed since I created it I've completely forgotten the solution (just like an idiot I somehow stopped playing and considering this level for a lot of time) but I'm pretty sure it can be solved...
  3. Great time and fantastic timing ability! The intended solution is not IceyLava108's one, since it requires you to be chased by the exit and walk into it after you get the ice skates. However, when I designed this level, I decided to make some intersections which made the level solvable (if I remember well there are 2 or 3 spots where it is possibile to walk into the exit while you're sliding) with a slighly better time if you could time it correctly! So let's call this an... in-unintended solution!
  4. I just finished writing an easy to follow guide on how to setup up (wihtout installing any program on your PC) a full Windows 3.1 environment inside the portable version of the program DOSBox. This will let you run MSCC (and other BOWEP/WEP games) inside the old, but still great, Windows 3.1 system. This is not only an interesting experiment for nostalgics since the use of DOSBox emulating Windows 3.1 is also one of the best ways to run 16 bit games such as MSCC in 64 bit operative systems (I've tested it solving all the CC1 levels from 1 to 10 and the games seems to run perfectly with no lag). More details are available inside the guide, which can be found here: http://chiphome5.webs.com/MSCC_DosBox_HowTo.pdf Note: always verify that the commands you write into DOSBox (you'll find them in the guide) are correct, since commands like 'mount c c:' (never execute this command) can cause several damages to your PC if used without knowing what they do!
  5. I found that level on my HD half an hour ago and I've been trying to find a solution again in the past 20 minutes... Unluckily it's passed so many time since I've created it that I completely lost the intended solution. I'm still pretty sure it is solvable but, having not tested it and being the level still a prototype, I cannot assure you it can be really solved (that's why I didn't post it in the download section of CCZone). If anyone manage to find a valid solution he/she will have my eternal gratitude! Here's the link to download the level: http://chiphome5.web...OF_INSANITY.dat
  6. First of all you need to learn more about data resetting (and Chip's Wiki is the ideal place to do so... Hornblitz suggestions are perfect: you really should follow them!) and then you can start the creation of an insane level. The Multiple Tank Glitich is very tricky and sometimes you simply don't understand why something happened in a way and not in another... I think you can learn how it works only after lots of sperimentation and failed tries. If you need specific help you can contact me! I always end up with using data reset in a logical and linear way. However, if you want to create really insane levels like "The most insane level ever!" or "Just Some Bits" (which is not based on data reset but on some uninitialized data which is somewhat generated by multiple multi-tank glitches) you should try to make the level the most confusing as possibile, making the solution the less linearand consequently the hardest possibile. I have a prototype of a "really insane" level but, not being able to test it due to its very long and hard (both to find out and to perform) solution, I never published it. If I find it on my external HD I'll publish it here! Good luck!
  7. First of all thanks to TomP for creating this award and sorry for the very late reply (actually I'm being very busy with both personal work and school). Well... the name of this level was chosen only because it sounded good (I have never seen any Tintin movie)! I actually don't know how it came to my mind... I only remember the 'ship' idea came from 'Storage Ship' in Challengo which I was trying to solve (and I succeded) at the time.
  8. I've just seen it on YouTube! It's great! If you need any help about data resetting you can freely contact me. You can also learn more about data resetting at Chip's Challenge Wiki: http://chipschallenge.wikia.com/wiki/Data_Resetting
  9. Where I live (in the north-west of Italy) the weather is now sunny and there are less than 15 degrees Celsius, but we had two very hot days during the last weekend of May (we reached 30 degress Celsius).
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