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  1. GAP1

    I made some good progress with this set quite awhile back, but I was left stumped on a few so had to set them aside for awhile. I'm re-looking at them now that I have some free time, and I'm still baffled by Carousel. Most of the puzzles I've figured out the trick to, but still stuck on the blue button tank thing, the only solution I could think of would be if there were a blue button elsewhere to double-push (i.e. block-->chip) to get them to open up, but there isn't. Is someone willing to drop a hint on that bit? >_<
  2. Which CC game do you play?

    I'd be willing to give CC2 a go but I'm stuck on a Mac at the moment >_< and there's no port of it *yet*. If it was available, I think my vote would change to what's currently the majority.
  3. Other games with level editors

    It is indeed fun as all getout, but be forewarned there is a LOT of content - the box said over 1,000 levels and they weren't kidding, so if you want to 100% it it's a time investment. The help page that used to have clues as to where the hidden things were has since gone under, but can still be accessed with the Wayback machine, luckily I bookmarked it :-P http://web.archive.org/web/20070311174734/www.freewebs.com/suppremeplayersguide/
  4. Let me preface by saying I'm on an old version, 1.3, on Mac since the 2.x still feels kinda weird to me. Nothing critically broken, just something odd I noticed and I don't see any explanation or documentation anywhere: Verifying some old solutions in WoCCLP4, most shift-tabs will finish the level with a right arrow in the bottom right corner, signaling "go to next level", and indeed hitting enter proceeds to next level, but a couple levels finish the level with a solid circle, and hitting enter restarts the same level. It still shows as a valid solution, I'm just curious if that difference signifies something O.o
  5. Other games with level editors

    Dr. Lunatic: Supreme with Cheese https://hamumu.itch.io/dr-lunatic-supreme-with-cheese I remember playing it as a kid, I bought the CD, the box was a pizza box, the CD had a pepperoni pizza skin, I just pulled it out to try again, and when I went to the site to re-locate the hints & tips, I discovered that it's now available for free download :-O walls are walls, enemies are enemies, but the open-endedness of the "special action" tool in the editor allows for INCREDIBLE flexibility/creativity in conditions for how & when things happen.
  6. edit.png

    hopefully an acceptable edit to JoshL3_92's bottom left corner, to make the fireball path escapable
  7. Steering back to UC6 briefly, I've managed to crack all of them except #57 Mystery Caves, and I've managed to crack most of that except for the blasted block/ice square (ghosted later sections), I can't for the life of me even CONCEIVE of how to extract any of those besides the obvious one... are there any hints on technique that wouldn't spoil it entirely? My only guess was push one onto gravel walls and bounce others off of it, but I don't see how that helps, as you can't move fast enough to catch them mid-bounce
  8. bobdabaron's scores

    So apparently Ultimate Chip 5 wasn't *very* optimized, the old "perfect score" was 6,149,750, I managed to squeak by 6,153,840 very few of the runs are perfectly executed, there's minor mistakes in pretty much all of them, but I guess the "pro-tier" folks never got around to perfecting the stuff so come-from-behind sneak victory, woo! (undoubtedly temporary, this will probably spur the serious optimizers to reclaim the throne)
  9. bobdabaron's scores

    Sure? I'll have to find the time to sit down and compare with what's there, might be a bit before I can find the time ^^ Tyler C is fine. I doubt any are the absolute bold, but I remember some of the Ultimate Chip individual times being the best (not yet) reported. The solutions definitely had room for improvement, so any serious optimizer could easily annihilate them, hopefully they might push someone to stretch even farther! (and currently going back through the UC's and JoshL's in MS, that was the initial plan to have done before dumping the rest)
  10. bobdabaron's scores

    My weird OCD thing is "must get above a round number!" so if I was a bit sloppy and wound up with a 502 I'm okay with that, but if I was nearly perfect and wound up with a 498 that's NOT GOOD ENOUGH so I have to go back and make up at least 2 seconds, just because it's below 500 not because it's below whatever the bold is :-p
  11. bobdabaron's scores

    oh jeez, it was MikeL2-fix in Lynx rules, not MS, my bad D-: updating initial listing RIGHT now, sorry bout that! *I guess that means technically I'm #1 on the Lynx scoreboard, if for no other reason than no one else played it in Lynx? :-p
  12. bobdabaron's scores

    I... guess? I'd kinda had a plan in mind to have as much completed as possible (i.e. the joshL's and UC's in both rules) before sitting down and figuring all the score stuff out, but as long as somebody is willing to throw it up there, okay by me ^_^ name Tyler C (no relation to Tyler Sontag) Thanks! (and yay new scoreboards!) I'll have to check when I get home, it *might* be MikeL2-fix that was played in MS rather than MikeL2, hopefully that doesn't mess with anything too untowardly. I don't really consider myself an optimizer, just a "complete as much as possible with a reasonably efficient and not too sloppy time" person. I think any high places I get on boards for any of the above sets probably only came about because nobody else has yet bothered to optimize them, and once people decide to, I'll be left in the dust :-p
  13. bobdabaron's scores

    I got through the JoshL's and the Ultimate Chip's in Lynx, wanted to get through both in MS as well before I posted, but might as well start posting what I have now, as that will take awhile. So here's scores for completed sets: MS Mode: CC1 5,946,880 CC1 Blob Edition 5,892,490 CCLP1 5,945,940 CCLP2 5,999,280 CCLP3 5,977,960 CCLP4 6,084,690 JBLP1 5,963,350 JCCLP1 6,044,970 JCCLP2 6,064,110 JoshL1 (the 202 set) 10,892,930 TS0 538,790 TS1 536,440 TS2 194,290 Ultimate Chip 1 6,096,760 Ultimate Chip 2 6,083,950 Ultimate Chip 3 6,157,860 Ultimate Chip 4 6,140,070 Ultimate Chip 5 6,153,840 Lynx Mode: CC1 5,855,560 CCLP1 5,950,290 CCLP2 5,993,040 CCLP3 5,997,040 CCLP4 6,078,640 JBLP1 5,956,630 JCCLP1 6,017,790 JCCLP2 6,047,000 JoshB_Lynx 412,960 JoshL1 (117 levels) 3,822,560 JoshL2 5,917,200 JoshL3 2,793,430 JoshL4 1,912,340 JoshL5 6,093,650 JoshL6 6,042,130 MikeL2-fix 10,701,980 The Pit of 100 Tiles 2,802,000 The Other 100 Tiles 2,862,560 Ultimate Chip 2 6,061,760 Ultimate Chip 3 6,138,030 Ultimate Chip 4 6,106,670 Ultimate Chip 5 6,120,870 ~Tyler
  14. CCLP4 Complete!

    I'm only up to about 40 (I don't have nearly as much time as I would like to devote to this), but working in MS/Lynx in tandem, just because. It's interesting to compare/contrast "efficient" times (though not optimal), usually Lynx is much slower on account of splash/bomb delay.
  15. Tile World 2.2

    hoping there'll be a Mac version eventually? I'm always stuck several versions behind :-/ I think I'm on 1.3 right now...