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  1. IceyLava108


    Since this site is getting deleted soon and no one will see this, I'm gay
  2. A NEW ERA HAS BEGUN ONE ZERO ZERO ONE! have fun 1002 h*ck sharpeye
  3. 6+16+26+36+46+56+66+76+86+96+106+116+126+136 plus 2
  4. http://cczone.invisionzone.com/files/file/701-gold/ This is my third CC2 set, currently with 16 levels. I was originally going to release it at 20 levels, but my PC has been acting very strange lately and I'd rather release them now before an issue arises and I potentially lose them. This set is slated to be finished at 40 levels. Feedback welcome. Enjoy.
  5. IceyLava108


    Version 0.5


    This is my third CC2 levelset. It currently has 16 levels. Enjoy.
  6. I hereby promulgate the yielding of my formation(s) for the inaugural level assembly for Chip's Challenge 2, the "Work": Bronze Silver Gold Platinum (yet to be distributed) Diamond (yet to be distributed)
  7. I updated it to address the issue, let me know if it persists.
  8. Thanks for the feedback This set has now been updated. It is complete at 30 levels.
  9. CCLP1 #79 (Elevators): [958] (+1, b)
  10. 10:34 PM]My Wife Left Me: why the fuck did my roommate just sit down in front of my room [10:34 PM]My Wife Left Me: and start fucking vaping [10:34 PM]Dumas: anyway back from the do prison assignments channel [10:34 PM]My Wife Left Me: [10:34 PM]Dumas: thanks [10:36 PM]Smash Dumbfuck: i sense jealousy of the coolness of your roommate [10:37 PM]My Wife Left Me: I'm confused why he sat like [10:37 PM]My Wife Left Me: right in front of my room though [10:37 PM]My Wife Left Me: "oh well I'm blowing it that way" [10:37 PM]My Wife Left Me: Doesn't matter I can smell your burnt ass raspberry or whatever fucking flavour that is [10:37 PM]My Wife Left Me: fuck off [10:38 PM]Dumas: he's too cuul for schuul, so he'll hit a juul [10:38 PM]Smash Dumbfuck: shut up fuul [10:38 PM]Dumas: you're banned
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