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  1. Drugs

    I made this while high. It's a pretty dumb level.
  2. ZK1

    All of my sets have received minor updates (except ZK5). I'm posting this in the ZK1 thread as it has received the most notable changes, including edits to the end of level 47 and the whole of level 75, as well as reordering the "bonus" levels.
  3. Survival.dat Demo 1

  4. ZK1

  5. Biting Under the Skin

  6. ZK2

  7. 60 Minutes

  8. ZK3: Damnation

  9. ZK2: 1 Year Anniversary

  10. JoshL5 Preview

  11. CCLP4 submission

  12. 420

  13. ZK3: Damnation

    Nah, Split Path in CCLP4 is just the old version of the level (with the outer spaces filled with walls). I'd love to see that type of concept used more, though! Also thanks for taking the time to leave all the feedback on my sets by the way, I know I haven't responded too much, but it is much appreciated!
  14. ZK2

    Sorry about the problems with some of the levels by the way, over the years I've discovered that I'm really prone to leaving in little errors in my levels that go unnoticed Glad to see you enjoyed the set though!