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    Alright, so, I know it's been nearly eleven months since I posted the first and *only* entry in my blog. That was probably for the blog award, right? Yeah, sort of. I never really had anything to write about other than CC1 experiences when I was younger, and that's the first thing that came to my mind when I wrote that first entry last March. So, I said I would continue this blog, so... I'm gonna continue it all these months later!
    So, what's there to write about? One of my favorite things that I remember from playing the original Chip's Challenge in MSCC on a Windows 98 OS was probably.. well, the levels I admired the most. I never had a level editor at that time, as I didn't even know they existed and thought that the 149 levels at my disposal (in which I accidentally discovered the ctrl+k shortcut, and that's how I had access to all the levels..) were the only ones ever made for that game.. I was wrong! At this time, CCLP2 had been out for a good four and something years, and I never found out about it until around the time of CCLP3's release. Wow, I sure did miss a lot when I lost access to CC for a good 3 to 4 years, between 2007 and 2010-2011.
    My favorite two levels in CC1 at that time were probably ALL FULL and ICEHOUSE. ICEHOUSE is definitely on that list, as I dedicated some of my time to drawing maps of the ice corner ring structure that the majority of that level is made of. I liked racing and racing-type video games when I played CC back then, and ICEHOUSE was a great way to implement the fun of racing with the monsters sliding around in the circular pattern on Icehouse. I had a lot of fun on that level.
    ALL FULL was namely for design, as that's why I enjoyed it the most. I loved the upper section that was full of chips - when looted, I felt like I had accomplished something by gathering all of those collectible chips. The force floor ring and fire section in the southeast was also a signature location in that level for me, as it attracted my attention as I experimented with it from time to time. All in all, it was just a fun, nice-looking enjoyable and comfortable level that I could play almost endlessly (before going back to Icehouse) without ever knowing that the C/B glitch had any effect.. I didn't know what it was, of course.
    Honorable mentions must go to UP THE BLOCK, as it puzzled me as to how to get the gliders exactly down in the bombs - of course I knew how, but at first I couldn't grasp the concept. Once I got to the lower sections, the open areas felt like a nice touch as I could practically free-roam through the two or three rooms that those areas provide. The level itself when I play it or think about it instantly makes me feel some nostalgia, although not as much as I used to experience. I definitely felt the same way about FOUR PLEX, as it was probably my third or fourth favorite level in the set. I loved the aesthetics of the water and fire in some areas, and it presented a nice challenge (the glider room, specifically). Overall, I love the design of the level and hopefully I can revisit it one day whether it be in the CC1 level or a recreation that I might make of it that the original level itself inspired me to make. Overall, both of these levels deserve the mention and are for sure in my top 5 CC1 levels, if I have a list.. of top 5 CC1 levels.
    Other than that, there are definitely a few more experiences from the past that I could dream up and remember, but for now, that's all I mainly wanted to get out of my head and express. Hopefully it doesn't take me another ten to eleven months to post another blog entry, but I don't know. Hopefully my CC interest rises as it's been in a state of decline lately as I've had a large lack of level ideas for my second ZK3 levelset. Anyways, that's all for now. Stay tuned for (hopefully) another entry in three or so years!
  2. IceyLava108
    With the addition of blogs on CCZone and all, I thought this would be a good way to discuss my first experiences with CC, CC1 in particular, since I did not have much knowledge of the different extensions, the level editors, or any of that complex (well, for me as a five to seven year old, I'd say it would have been pretty complex.) stuff. I'll start, in this first entry, by talking about some of the earliest CC moments I ever had, the first ever computer video game I had ever played, and is still my favorite video game on PC to date. So let's go back to 2004.
    My grandpa had an old computer, a Windows 98, that he didn't want anymore, so I asked my mother if we could keep it, and of course the response was yes. The entire BOWEP (Best of Windows Entertainment Pack, for those who haven't heard of it) had been installed on that '98, and I had fun playing all the different games, some of my favorites being SkiFree, Rodent's Revenge, and, of course, Chip's Challenge. The first time I ever played it, I figured out how to play pretty quickly, and sped through the first nine levels on my first day. I think after that was when I quit playing that day. I remember later that night I had a dream about a teeth monster in a factory-like building with thin walls try to eat me along with a pink ball somewhere. I'll remind you I don't really remember much of that dream, mainly because that was nearly eight or nine years ago. I spent five minutes admiring the first level of CC.. LESSON 1. I went on to complete the lesson levels and, either completed or gave up on Nuts and Bolts, the infamous first real level of the game. Without realizing it, at one point during that day, I had enabled Ignore Passwords with Ctrl+K (I think I used +K, not one of the other... two?). The next day, or, my second day of Chip's Challenge-ism, I figured out that all the levels had suddenly been unlocked! So I spent my time playing the ones that looked pretty cool, like Cityblock (you gotta admit, that's kinda colorful) Four Plex (my favorite CC1 level ever), and especially All Full.
    I can't remember that much of the early days of my CC childhood, but from what I do remember I'll try to explain in best detail in the next entry of this blog, which I could probably write a series of novels on. Let's just say I loved Chip's Challenge as a five, six, and seven year old.
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